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Reality star Kimbella Vanderhee has shared a picture of her five-week old daughter: “Welcome the newest angel to our beautiful family.. Bella Monroe James[sic].”

Kimbella and rapper Juelz welcomed their baby girl into the world on July 21, 2012. The precious bundle of joy weighed in at 7 pounds 3oz. The couple are already parents to son Juelz Jr.

Check out a few pictures of Juelz Jr. below.

Photos: Twitter

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  1. I love her name! It’s so girly. I’ve heard the name Monroe as a middle name for little girls way before Mariah gave her daughter the 1st name Monroe.

    She looks like she had a long day lol

    Her big brother is a cutie. I wanna see a pic of the 3 brothers together!

    • First, Middle, whatever, the fact still remains that trends exist. Whether it be names, clothing, restaurants, diets, cars, jewelry, tattoos, etc. Once a celebrity of a high profile names their kid something, depending on the name, the popularity of it will skyrocket and it will trend. It doesn’t mean it’s new, it just means it’s a trend. So though we don’t know if they took inspiration from Mariah, it’s not a far fetched thought.

  2. Did Mariah ever think of naming her girl Marilyn instead ??? & yeah Bella is a cute name, kimbella and Bella and Juelz and Juelz Jr.

  3. The name Bella…not a fan…Monroe…absolutely love (blame mariah lol). But none of that mattets because she is a beautiful baby. Congrats to them and many blessings.

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