Singer Beyonce Knowles celebrated her 31st birthday on Tuesday(9/4/12) by cruising on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, South of France with her husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy. The birthday girl relaxed at sea while dad Jay-Z doted on baby Blue.

PHOTOS: More Pictures of Beyonce and Jay-Z Sailing In The South Of France

In several candid shots, proud papa Jay-Z can be seen playing around with his little girl on deck. The seven-month-old especially took interest in some blue and white balloons that were used to decorate the boat. Mom Beyonce was later seen holding her precious baby girl.

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Check out more pictures below!

Photos: FameFlynet

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  1. Beyonce was on Star Search in 1993 not 1983!!! She was 12 years old. Come on ya’ll. Do you really think that girl is 41?? She was around 18 when Destiny’s Child made it big and that was in the late late 90’s.

  2. It’s funny how people are saying how “comfortable” Jay looks with baby Blue….Bey looks just as “comfortable” on her boat when the PAPS ain’t in her face!! She is sheilding her baby from those animals…and I don’t blame her one bit

  3. Awww blue is jay’s twin wow it doesn’t get any closer than she is adorable with those chubby cheeks cute little girl jay sure spat her out lol

  4. The baby is beautiful and healthy! Last I checked that is all that is necessary. Don’t understand how people just pick apart a babies features. Jay is handsome and have unique features. It is ashame that so many African American dislike their African features. Big nose and broad lips is beautiful! God don’t make any mistakes! I love Jay and Beyonce couldn’t have made a better choice for a husband.

    • Agree, she has her Dad’s hairline and jawline. Well, the bones in her face are not fully formed yet so she has his cheeks it looks like. Jay-Z’s swag must be very appealing in private life.

  5. I love Beyonce posts. It’s the only place I can come in, make a statement about her and see how many of her puppets jump. It was the best way to pass time while stuck in the airport during a layover. Thanks guys..Beyonce ‘s fans never fail to deliver amusement.

  6. lol at beyonce being 41…all i have to say is: she looks HOT for someone who is 41 lol…but i truly believe she is 31… blue ivy is too cute, fuzzy pictures and all

  7. Okay from what I can see Blue is a precious baby but even if she was not that cute it doesnt matter for two reasons first off she is still a baby she will keep changing for a while until she grow into who ever she is going to end up looking like and two i mean who really care abut looks when you got money she’s rich and if you think money can not help looks look at Oprah from the 80’s and Oprah now go head I dare you.

  8. She’s a cutie!! I believe she looks like both of her parents. There’s nothing wrong with her looking like daddy even though he may not be too appealing to look at to some people. My niece looks like her dad and he’s far from what I consider cute but my niece is adorable and we always joke that she’s a better looking version of her dad lol

  9. Awww! Look at those puffy cheeks! While I think these pics are too blurry to pick apart her features, she does appear to be be a solid mix of both of them. Cute!

  10. Sherley beyonce was born sept. 4th 1981 so she’s clearly 31. Lol juss stop w/ the non-sense smh lol.

  11. The baby face looks like JayZ …. look at the first picture… that baby does not look like B yet… she won’t for a while I suppose… but she is very cute… I see she is going to be wearing blue all the time… uggg

  12. LOL at these comments. Sometimes the comments are more entertaining than the post, I swear. Anywho Blue Ivy seems to be a BEAUTIFUL mix of her parents, fuzzy pics and all.

  13. Blue is a cutie! She favors both of her parents from what I can see. Now “certain” people on here can stop complaining about her being featured on this site because they couldn’t see her face. :rolls eyes:

  14. Laughin at the days when haters swore this baby was mexican or even a doll. This is clearly their child and shes beautiful



  16. Why is it that when a person has a difference of opinion, it’s called shade? Everybody is not going to have the same opinion. We are all different and will have different opinions. It’s not shade.

    • Throwing shade just means you’re trying to insult someone… An insult is an insult even if it is your opinion.

      • BCK holding my response captive, but it wasn’t a nasty one. I’ll check later while I’m changing planes.

    • Either way, I wasn’t throwing shade or insulting her. Saying someone is older or younger than they are stating they are is not insulting them. People are always thrown off about my age & weight & nationality. My son’s school teachers think I’m a young single mom who has no idea what she’s doing with her son, until they see otherwise & apologize to me. I don’t consider it to be an insult, it’s their perspective..even if it’s incorrect.

      • I didn’t accuse you of trying to insult anyone. It’s usually obvious when someone is trying to insult. If I’m going to “hint” that a baby isn’t attractive, it’s my opinion but it’s still obviously an insult/shade.

        • See, in my attempt to express my opinion and insult Truthly for the Stan comment, I forgot to change my name back to PlainMean. Lol. Fail.

        • Considering you weren’t one of the two above (Trisha & PlainMean), my comment wasn’t geared towards you however I hear ya.

  17. Hey Blue!!!! Look at those chubby cheeks. She looks like Beyonce, but she got Jay features.

    I love the pic where Jay’s holding her & it looks like she’s smiling or talking. She’s so cute. jay looks like a natural holding her. I wanna see a pic of her not so zoomed in & grainy lol

  18. Some people seem to think saying she looks like her dad is an insult. She can be extremely adorable (which she is!) AND still look like her dad.

    • I agree Nessa. I know the majority of pictures we’ve seen of her have been grainy, but I think she still looks like her baby pictures. In those she had Beyonce’s face shape and skin color but she had Jay-Z’s facial features: eyes, nose, mouth, and she still does. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Besides there have plenty of not-so-good looking men have kids that look like them but better.

  19. Can’t believe Bey is 31! I remember when she was 15/16 and fresh on the scene. Blue is a beautiful baby and she is definitely living the life.

  20. Awwww..pics of BIC! Love wide lenses across the sea. IDC who she resembles, I’m just smiling to see her cute face & not the back of her head. She’s adorable!

    If y’all don’t stop with Beyonce being 31. She’s 41. She looks good for her age but if she’s 31 then I’m 29.

      • When she came on Star Search in 1983, she said she was 12. 1983-12=1971. 2012-1971=41. Either someone lied on Star Search or someone lying now. On the positive, it makes her & Jay-Z closer in age range.

        • Even you know that you sound ridiculous. TMZ would have pulled Beyonce’s birth certificate by now if she was older than 31.

          • I agree, even on star search competition performer list it says Beyonce-1993…smh please have accurate info before trying to speak, clearly you have no idea how old she is!!!!

      • I explained it but BCK holding it captive. I’ll try again. Star Search in 1983 she said she was 12. 1983 minus 12 equals 1971. 2012 minus 1971 equals 41. Either someone was misleading us on SS or they are misleading us now. I’m just doing the math.

        • It cracks me up that you are so serious with your “facts”, There is no way star search was 1983. Those outfits the girls were wearing was cross colors era, and that’s 1993, not 83. Stop it. And why is inly Beyonce that lies about her age? How can Bey be 41 and Kelly be in her early 30’s? She’s older than Beyonce. And if Beyonce is 41 does that mean solange is 36 not 26, we watched her grow up. It’s time to let it go. She’s 31.

          • Wait. Folks are still on the “Beyonce’s lying about her age but not Kelly, Latavia, Letoya, and Solange when they all grew up together” junk? That was the “surrogate” rumor before the “surrogate” rumor. LOL. Cut it out. Solange definitely was a teenage mother so if she you believe she’s 26 and gave birth to Julez at 18 then these two kids in this picture definitely aren’t the 15 years apart they would have to be for B to be 41 while Solo’s 26 :

            Also you can clearly google a pic of a very young Solange and Beyonce giving you early 90s tea with it girl group of the time EnVogue and T-boz has talked about meeting all of the original DC girls as youngings, while working with producer known TLC Darryl Simmons in 1994, but I digress.

          • “I have a limited vocabulary so all I could think of was the overused term Stan!”

            o_O Try again!

        • Oh yeah, I’ve heard that before. If you look up that video of their performance on star search you’ll see that Kelly Rowland is in the group. It’s well known that Kelly didn’t join Girl’s Tyme until 1992, which is around the same time they lost on Star Search. I don’t understand why people love to hate this woman.

          • I don’t hate Beyonce, I don’t love nor like her either, she just is. Coworker told me this & sent me the SS link. I saw it & was like ok she’s older than she says she is. I don’t get why she’d say otherwise but that’s her. I am always told I look 28 & I’m in my late 30s. To me that’s a compliment & never understood why people lie about their age. I saw the link & it’s dated 1983. So doing the math, makes her 41. No hate there PlainMean.

          • That video doesn’t have a date. Even if you google the band that beat them, Skeleton Crew, they list on their website that one of their milestones was in 1993 beating the group Girls Tyme later known as Destiny’s Child.

          • B is 31 Isnt it funny how they never claim Kelly,LeToya orLatavia are lying about their age So I guess B was 22 in a group with 12 &13 y.o.girls and they were all the same size GMAB

          • That was cute. I like the DC:Before The Fame clip too. Kelly was working those Poetic Justice braids! Ha!

        • You obviously can’t see too well. That Star Search video is from 1993. It’s always funny to me how people always try make BeyoncĂ© older than what she is, but not the other members of the same group. It’s pretty clear from old video footage and photos that Beyonce is not 10 years older than the other chicks. Common sense would tell anyone that, but when you’re stuck on believing something common sense goes out the windows.

          • For all I know & all everyone on here knows, they are all in the same age group being 40 & above. No one, including me, has seen a birth certificate. Shoot, we haven’t seen one for Jay Z either. What lacks common sense is how people will die defending a celebrity. Because we know celebrities never lie *major eye roll*. Blue Cantrell lied about having a child. Please! I’m sticking to my original statement, the link my coworker sent said 1983. Now that link may have had the wrong date, but it’s what I’m going by. But you guys may continue with your comments thou..I’m rather amused by them.

          • Anyone in the music industry knows that it is common practice to lie about an artists age. The label heads & publicists typically handle this task. It is a strategy to make sure they continue to appeal to a certain age demographic, so that the artist can continue to sell records. It’s a proven fact that artists sales dropped drastically once their key demographic feels they’ve gotten “too old.” I happen to work directly with the music industry as AR & have personally witnessed many close friends who are muscians that have actually had to do this. This is not my opinion, this is fact. So, with that said, it is very possible that BeyoncĂ© is in fact 41. It’s not hate, because I do not hate that woman. Nor am I jealous, envious or really care either way. I’m just simply relaying some factual information.

          • Oh and before anyone tries to attack me, I said it was “possible” BeyoncĂ© is 41, based on what I know. I never said she IS 41. I don’t know one way or the other for a fact about BeyoncĂ©’s actual age & honestly, I don’t care either. I could easily find out, if it meant that much to me, but…it doesn’t. I’m just offering some useful information, so that the next time you possibly come across another “Sherley” you’ll get all of the FACTS before verbally attacking her or him. That is all.

    • Let me get this right. There is a mass conspiricy by Beyonce, her managers, the producers of Star Search, the network that aired Star Search, and all of the masses who watched Star Search in the 90’s to fool the public into thinking they saw Girls Tyme in 93 when they were really watching footage from the 80’s. Gotcha. That doesn’t sound ridiculous at all. Funny thing about reality is that internet conspiricy can’t change it. This has nothing to do with Beyonce fans “defending” her. It has everything to do with nearly psychotic ideas of a person not really appearing on a show millions of people witnessed. Sorry but your link isn’t nearly as reliable a source as Star Search’s producers and staff.

      • Remind me to care tomorrow right after you provide me with the only factual item that would solve all this..a verifiable birth certificate. My president had to provide one.

        • Shirley, you need to calm the flip down! Sitting here getting all defensive about something you yourself aren’t even sure of. Dzang! You’re actually rather forceful and need to realise you won’t always be right about everything. Like the one reader said, common sense just needs to be applied.

          But you know what they say; common sense aint so common! SMH.

          • @Miss_A..you seem very forceful about something you don’t know about either. You need to realize I can question anyone if I choose. It’s our God given right. Use some common sense & realize that.

            @Keke, my mother tried to put install a chill button on me when I was 5, but she wasn’t able to catch me. She’s still trying but I’m rather satisfied with the way I am :). I have the ability to get people to become melodramatic with 5 simple words..sad & amazing. The only person I get that way about is my son.

        • Actually, the president didn’t “have to” provide a birth certificate. His birthplace had been established before he was eligible to even run for office since it would have been unconstitutional for a non-American to run for or hold the office of the presidency. He did it to appease nutjobs who sound exactly like your posts, but I digress. The point is, something isn’t true just because you want it to be. Neither you nor your silly link can undo the fact that the girl was on Star Search as a child in the 90’s. You can’t make millions of people “unsee” that episode. You can’t adequately dispute the producers of the show who proudly brag that the girls were on it before they blew up. Your link doesn’t suddenly make the Star Search footage fake. It’s weird that you’re so adamant about it. Disturbing actually.

          • you are still on this topic? My silly link is more important than everyone’s word that Beyonce is 31. You do have a birth certificate proving she is right or where you actually the one who cut the umbilical cord? I’m going to defend my link as long as Beyonce has wild, crazy, hypnotized fans. The situation really isn’t that serious..she’s a normal person just like everyone else & she’s allowed to be questioned on everything. So relax ma & check her out in the gallery.

          • You’re totally right. Star Search aired a video of Girls Tyme in the 90’s that was really from the 80’s because they were part of a plan decades in the making to mask Beyonce’s real age. The plan started in ’83, when they really shot the episode. A decade after that, Star Search and the rest of Team Beyonce agreed on a multi-million dollar deal to re-air that footage with a ’93 episode of Star Search so that they could trick us all into believing she was ten years younger than she is in 2012. I’m not a Beyonce fan. I’m just sane. Even if I was, fandom wouldn’t negate the validity of my statements. I enjoy poking fun at absurdity. Sue me. You still sound as crazy as those Obama Birthers.

          • WoW. Sane isn’t a word Beyonce fans knows too well. I listen to her songs & I don’t get hypnotized like y’all do. Is it buying the cd that does it? Who the hell cares how old she is? Who cares if she’s purple or blue? This was funny, but now it’s dawning on me how sad it truly is. If someone were to show her birth certificate showing her real age & it’s not 41 but older than 31, I may smile but wouldn’t care less; but I truly believe you all would die.

          • You know your argument is silly when your best comeback is “you’re a crazy Beyonce fan”. You’re right. I’m crazy because I don’t believe in an unbelievable conspiracy that has spanned over three decades and counting. The Beyonce Birthers have shown me the light. You win :)

          • Is that what you thought this was? Me trying to win a statement I made? What is there to win? At the end of all this I’m still sticking by my Beyonce isn’t 31 statement. And where did you read I called you a crazy Beyonce fan? You stated you weren’t even a fan of hers yet that was what you saw? Now you’re talking just so you can have the last word. So have it..I’m done. Catch me when I’m bored on the next Beyonce post.

          • You responded to my comment by saying Beyonce fans are crazy and that you listen to her songs but don’t get “hypnotized like ya’ll do”, so yeah you were basically calling me a crazy Beyonce fan. It’s one thing to say a celebrity is a lil older than they claim to be. That’s always possible, but you went on to tell people that she was not only a full decade older but a show that aired in the ’90’s really aired in the early ’80’s. That’s a crazy conspiracy theory if there ever was one. You can’t tell people that your link proves they didn’t see what they saw in the 90’s, or that the folks at Star Search and every other network that has aired the footage is part of the plan to fool us or all these decades. Not for something this trivial. I’m sorry, this is so ridiculous I can’t stop laughing at it.

  21. I still don’t understand anyone saying they think she looks like Jay Z. That child is Beyonce’s twin.

    • At birth she strongly resembles Jay but in the pics above she strongly resembles Beyonce. She’s so cute.

    • Shirley is right…not sure if she’s 41 but she’s definitely older than 31…before DC made it big they were late teens back in the early 90’s

  22. She is going to be the most published and watched child as she gets older.. Having people follow you everywhere just to get a shot has to be hectic and annoying. All I hope is that Beyonce and Jay raised their pretty lil girl to be humble & grounded. All the money and fame can corrupt anyone being bought up in that lifestyle. oh & happy birthday b, u still got it lol

  23. Awwwwwww, she looks just like Tina and Bey when she was a baby, and all that hair ♄

    Beautiful Baby :)

    Also, Happy Belated Birthday Bey!!!!

    • Geeeesh!!! Everybody is going nuts over this fuzzy blurry picture of Blue Ivy. You barely tell who she really look like. I just took a wild guess and side Bey. I wish they would feature on a magazine cover so you fans can get up close and personal.

        • TO EVELINA RAE: from what I have been reading about little Blue, the blurring is done ONE PURPOSE, lol!You can fool SOME of the people ALL of the time, ALL of the people SOME of the time but you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time. Me thinks you fall into the ALL all of the time!

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