Usher Raymond returned to his hometown of Chattanooga this past weekend with his sons Naviyd and Cinco, girlfriend Grace Miguel, and Grace’s sons in tow.

Meanwhile, the bitter custody battle between the singer and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond continues despite a recent ruling that awarded Usher primary custody.

Last week, Tameka filed a motion for a new trial on the account that Superior Court Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane was biased against her. Tameka claims that “the judge has a strong tie to Usher’s lawyer, claiming the attorney was personally responsible for nearly half of the contributions to the judge’s re-election campaign in 2008,” reports TMZ.

Usher has since filed a response claiming that the motion “constitutes a continuum of [Tameka’s] vile and unsupported claims that every person who dared testify against her … is biased and tainted.”

To be continued…

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  1. I don’t think Usher’s know what he was doing taking such small kids from their mother.He is very much in love with himself. A child need a steady hand and solid grounds.I wonder what did his mother said or did in such a childish task.Allways on the road with strangers around such young children is a problem for a healty mind.I wish he would think on the kids and not himself.By the way blackwomen was known to bringing up CHILDREN on thier own without a frighten man who can aford to be selfish ,eating Caviare and drinking Champagne.

  2. Usher is divorced and he can date whom ever he feels like dating. Usher has always liked older women, Chilli was like 13 years older then Usher and she had a son too. I think he like women with kids because they are more settled vs young single ladies that love being up in the club.

  3. Say that Sherley and I’ve been saying all along that Tameka is reaping what she sowed! She has lost one son, she better wake up and start living right!

  4. @Sherley u better speak it!!!!!! I couldn’t have agreed with u more! Tameka is no victim karma is a b!

  5. Timing all wrong to post this kind of pic….damn let the ink dry & some hurt subside.
    Still luv me sum Usher but this move is not the move!

    • Tameka not accepting Usher’s offer to postpone the custody hearing so she may grieve for Kile wasn’t a good look either but Tameka did it & noone complained about that. Grace has been around for a hot minute. Tameka & Usher have been divorced for 3 yrs..I’m sure they know who Grace is before he gained custody. How long do you guys think Tameka waited before introducing her 3 other sons to Usher? Oh wait..she didn’t have custody of them either.

  6. If it was the other way around, it’ll be get that money girl! Jay Z & his wife have same age difference as Usher & Grace but everyone loves them together. Double standard doesn’t work for me.

  7. why are people judging Usher for the fact that he likes older women? it does not mean that he is looking for a mother- he simply loves mature women.

    • They’re not mature… They’re just old… And married… And have lots of kids… Not judging, just stating facts.

      • Chilling & Grace appear a lot mature than Tameka..thank goodness. Unfortunately he married the crazy, immature one.

        • Them being more or less mature isn’t really the point – its that he likes older women with certain issues and baggage.

  8. ew, he gone try to come and duck off and hide back here in chatt when things gettin heated, sneaky lol, but he does seem to always get with females with kids, but he has always said that he like older women and there’s nothing wrong with that and alot of older women come with baggage, which is what he has now as well. And I dont think it is messed up he is pictured with her, they have been together for a while now. I can see if it was some random woman he is trying to use to get back at the ex, but I dont think thats the case. And the boys are getting big, sometimes the youngest one look older than cinco.

  9. cute, but why does usher keep dating women with children and who are or look much older than himself….just wondering..***KANYE SHRUG***

    • I reserve judgment and just hope they’re both great parents to their kids. If these photos are new that’s pretty messed up. It’s only days after they switched custody, that seems to me kind of mocking to post your kids up with another woman, so soon. I hope I’m wrong about his intentions because that would be cruel.

      • I agree with you Da. He could have waited or not posted the pics at all. I know that he is free to do whatever and whomever he chooses but thats just wrong. Grace should take heed to his behavior.

      • Grace was the woman tameka cursed out in her driveway when Usher dropped the boys off. Grace isn’t a new girlfriend. If you are no longer dating someone, do you have to wait till they die before taking pictures with them & your children?

  10. Cinco looking like “my mama is not gonna like this!” lmao

    The boys are getting so big

    Is Grace the bridesmaid that Tameka kept talking about?

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