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Gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Wednesday, September 12, 2012. Caelington Forrest Walker was born at a healthy weight of 6lbs, 14ozs, and is the fourth child of the ‘Sunday Best’ Season Three winner. “It’s a healthy baby boy! Thanks for your prayers and support!” Le’Andria tells her fans.

Johnson is planning to release her fourth album entitled Le’Andria Johnson: The Experience this month. The hit singles ‘My Story Continues’ and ‘Complicated’ will be featured on the album along with other contemporary songs.

Le’Andria Johnson: The Experience is set to be released on September 18, 2012. Caelington is Le’Andria and long time boyfriend Forrest Walker’s first child together.

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  1. I like his name but pls, how do you pronounce it???? Caelington look like it might be a girl name. Pls help me out on this.lol congrats to her. I find it odd that she is a gospel singer but not living by the Word.

    • How do you like a name but can’t pronounce it?!?! o_O All of your comments have seemed ditzy, but this one took the cake.

    • Who said she isnt living by the word, You? Judging people period is wrong. No sin is greater than the next so yeah she can sing & has been titled a Gospel Artist, Yes she can preach & is anointed, but she is number one a Human Being. No human is perfect. She sinned & got pregnant had a baby instead of aborting the baby, but look at your life; what have you done and you still hold a title (whether it be christian, pastor, minsiter, choir singer, usher, or human being) we all sin and God loves us still & He doesnt take our anointing because we committed a sin. He gives us a chance to get back up so why dont you give her a chance to get back up. Look at yourself judge yourself & your walk instead of everyone else. Stop being a faultfinder! Thats in the word too. IJS!

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