Brandy Norwood has a new album, titled Two Eleven, set to debut October 16, 2012. The singer and actress recently stopped by MajicAtl to talk about her ventures, and brought along the one and only Sy’rai Smith,10, to cheer mommy on during the interview.

When asked about the significance of her new album, Brandy said, “It’s the day I was born, it’s also the day that Whitney [Houston] passed away. So it’s just my way of paying homage to her because of what she told me right before she died, stay true to myself and just do what I do because you can’t be anybody but yourself. I just felt like that’s a responsibility that I have going forward in my career and as a person as well. So that was tough for me, but I’m excited about the new album. It’s rooted in R&B and I think the fans, they’ve been waiting for so long. It’s been about four years, so I’m happy to be back and putting out music that means a lot to me.”

As a multi-talented entertainer, Brandy has no favorites when it comes to singing and acting. “I like them both, they give me a different feeling. [With] acting, I get a chance to be free and play somebody completely different than myself. [With] singing, I get a chance to express myself through music; it’s therapeutic so it gives me a different satisfaction.”

Although she currently portrays Chardonnay on BET’s ‘The Game,’ she plans to debut her own sitcom in the near future. “[I’m] developing my own sitcom, it’s so much fun,” said the star. “It’s very special because when you do a show like ‘Moesha’ people fall in love with you, [and] want to make sure whatever you do after that is special. So we trying to make it very very special.”

So how has motherhood been treating the ‘Marriage Counselor’ actress? “It’s great. [Sy’rai] keeps me on my toes. She’s cute. She can’t get into the entertainment industry until she’s grown. We need her to self develop.”

Lastly, what’s on Brandy’s bucket list? “I want to travel a little bit more. I want to take my daughter around the world. I would love to have more children, I would love to get married. I would love to do Broadway in terms of my career. I would like to go on tour, like a tour around the world. I’m grinding to get to that point.”

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  1. That was a cool interview. You can see how mature Brandy is in front of her daughter. When she’s alone, she can be funny. But Brandy is def. one of my favorite singers all of time. Such an inspiration. And her daughter Sy’rai is too cute. I don’t see where she was “acting grown” or “opening her mouth”. Leave her alone

    • Read THOROUGHLY before commenting on someone else’s response. If you would take your time and read it, you would see that Iridescent Me didn’t say anything that you are interpreting she said. “Close her Mouth” not from talking, but bc she hangs her mouth open and Brandy is keeping her out of the industry until she is grown. – Sorry just a pet peeve of mine

  2. Good interview. Sy’rai, close your mouth mama. Lol..She looks just like Robert, with a touch of Ray J and and splash of Brandy. Beautiful little chocolate girl. I’m glad she’s keeping Sy’rai out of the industry until she’s grown. Good job!!

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