Young, rising star Tiffany Boone’s love for the arts is apparent in everything that she does. The up and coming starlet is making waves in the entertainment world with a passion, drive, and professional demeanor that will make the industry stand in line to work with her. Although her roots are in the world of the stage, Tiffany is ready to jump onto the big screen in the upcoming film, “Beautiful Creatures,” which is based on the best-selling young adult novel. In the film, Tiffany plays a bad girl, which seems a far cry from her sweet, real-life, personality. Tiffany recently chatted with Blackcelebkids.com[BCK] about her new film, upcoming projects, top 5 influences and more.

Check out the exclusive interview with Tiffany Boone below:

BCK: What made you become interested in acting?

Tiffany: Ever since I was little, I’ve loved everything artistic. I love the performing arts. When I was 8, I did my first play and when I was 11 I started training and going to acting classes every week. I think that, for me, acting was an outlet from all of the things that were going on in my life. It helped me to heal a lot of things in my life. Being able to escape into someone else and play in their role for a little bit is what really got me addicted to acting and I haven’t looked back since.

BCK: I’m sure that acting is amazing. Do you have any other dreams that you’d like to pursue?

Tiffany: I’ve always wanted to start a foundation or school for kids to be introduced to the arts that come from difficult home situations to get healing through the arts. My plan is to get my Masters in Arts Therapy, start a school and create the curriculum. I was really helped by the arts. My father past away when I was 3 and my mom kept me active in these things. If I could share that with another child, that would be the best in the world. That’s my ultimate goal.

BCK: I know that you just wrapped filming on a new film “Beautiful Creatures,” can you tell me a little about the film and your character?

Tiffany: “Beautiful Creatures” is based in a series of Young Adult novels, a best selling series. It’s a supernatural love story where a boy named Ethan falls in love with a girl named Lena and she has special powers. It’s all about the challenges they overcome to be together. My character, Savannah Snow, is one of those challenges they have to overcome. She’s apart of this mean girls crew at the high school called the “Cliches”. She’s apart of the campaign to make Lena’s life miserable and to get her out of the town.

BCK: How was it working with the other cast members during filming?

Tiffany: There was small group of us that were the younger kids, up and coming actors, and it didn’t matter if we were all against each other in the film, we all got along really well. We all bonded. Zoe Deutch who plays my best friend in the film, Emily Asher, and I just had lunch last week. We all stay in touch. It was like a little family that we created, so it was great.

BCK: Are you currently working on any other projects?

Tiffany: My friend wrote a web series pilot called “Unmatchable” and I was in that. We are working on turning that into a series so that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Still auditioning and looking for the next project and of course doing everything I can to make sure “Beautiful Creatures” is a success.

BCK: Who would you say most influenced your career?

Tiffany: I’d definitely have to say my mom. Like I said, when I was small she always had me doing something. My first love is actually dance. I would dance. I would sing. I would act. She’s always supportive. You hear these horror stories of these parents who don’t support what you want to do because it’s artistic or they push you too much. She was neither of those. She was just up for whatever I wanted to do and let me be a kid and let me explore. To this day she texts me before every audition and says, “Break a leg.” She’s definitely the biggest role model in my life and she’s the reason why I do everything I do.

BCK: Who in the entertainment world would you like to work with?

Tiffany: Working with Viola was one of my big goals. I actually set a goal of working with her right before I booked this film. So that was a dream come true because she is just so incredibly talented. She came from the theater world like I did so that was obviously great. I would love to work with Jeffrey Wright. I think his career is really interesting because he’s not one of those big stars but he does the greatest work. Every single thing I’ve ever seen him in has been amazing from “Basquiat” to “Cadillac Records.” Everything he does is incredible and I think he’s a real craftsman and I would love to work with him and learn how he does the small interesting things he does.

BCK: If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing?

Tiffany: I might be dancing. The only reason I stopped was because I was training in theater. Still, if I hear a piece of music I still see choreography in my head. I might be a choreographer. I might be a teacher, just because I love kids so much. Maybe working with kids, teaching kids dance. Something with kids for sure.

BCK: Who are your top 5 acting influences?

Tiffany: I would say, Viola, Jeffrey Wright, Meryl Streep (of course). Halle Berry has incredible star quality, which is not something that you can necessarily work on. Along with Halle Berry would be Dorothy Dandridge. Before she came out with “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge,” I used to watch “Carmen” all the time and thought she was so beautiful and so graceful. Those 5 people definitely inspire me a lot.

BCK: Where can our readers find you? Facebook, Twitter? Website?

Tiffany: You can follow me on Twitter (@tiffboone). You can follow me on Instagram (@tiffmone) and I have a tumblr. It’s www.tiffanyboone.tumblr.com. There, you can find a lot of stuff about “Beautiful Creatures” and the rest of my work and you can find links to my Twitter and my Instagram so that’s a great place to go to find out a lot about me.

BCK: Is there anything else that you’d like to tell the readers?

Tiffany: Train in what you’re doing. Athletes train. They use their bodies as their instruments and they are constantly working. Anything you do, you need to be training like an athlete. I really value that. I also think, just be true to yourself. We all have goals. We all have things we want to accomplish but don’t compromise who you are to get to that place.

Mark your calendars! “Beautiful Creatures” is set to release in theaters on February 13, 2013.




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