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Yandy Smith is one mom who believes in celebrating every moment of her child’s life. The reality television star recently shared the joy of son Omere’s two-month birthday with Twitter fans. “This is me singing happy birthday to my pookabear. He hated it! (is it my voice or my breath Omere)?!” tweeted the star.

Omere was born on July 16, 2012 at a healthy 7lb 9oz. Smith was ecstatic about the birth of her son saying, “My greatest accomplishment in life was my most difficult task in life. With God and my family we did it. I will forever remember this day 7/16/12. It was written in cursive for this king to exist.”

Omere is Yandy and boyfriend Mandeecees’ first child together.

Check out more pictures of Yandy’s blue-eyed beauty below.

Photos: Twitter

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  2. marriage is a good thing. but look at the divorce rate its depressing. As far as the bible its someones interpretation, its kings james version.

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  4. I agree I am pro marriage aswell but I will not criticise and try to tear down others who haven’t all I was trying to say is that the same ones preaching should follow and live there life accordingly we leave in a society where ppl dnt practice what they preach then have the right to critique others which is hyprocrisy

  5. I have to agree with the folks who are FOR marriage – Everytime we lay down poorly or un-protected we are saying “yes” to every possible consequence including a disease from a man, yet he hasn’t made any commitment to us besides insertion or breaking a condom…O_o

    IT STILL HAPPENS – My husband was 1st a Husband, then a Dad too. : )

  6. There are countless ammount of sins for example sex outside of marriage just cos some of u didn’t have children when u had sex Outside marriage dnt criticise others cue the I’m a virgin comments below (yeah right) some of you are some real hypocrites practice what u preach

  7. People on here are so negative focus on your own lives yes yandy isn’t married but make sure you are when you have a child. Lots of people on here comment on here go on like there without sin and feel that they can act righteous about celebrities who are in the public eye whilst there doing the same and there own homes are far from roses. Those without sin cast the first stone.

  8. He is tooooooo doggone handsome. Looking like Yandy. His eyes look like marbles. Yandy’s eyes are gray. I think Omere’s eyes are here to stay. If he had specs of brown in the blue, then they might change, but his eyes are all the way blue. Lol.. If they were to change color, then they’ll probably end up being gray like his mom’s.

  9. “With God and my family we did it”….yes I’m pretty sure God is thrilledwith you having sex and a baby outside of marriage SMH.

    • Forgive me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you say in the Heidi Klum post that you are a single momne? Does that mean you don’t care about marriage either or did you have a monetary lapse in God’s commandments as well? I’m simply asking.

  10. He is adorable with his head of curly hair and those pretty eyes. Yandy has beautiful eyes and maybe it runs in her family. Little man might just keep this color….

  11. He’s 2 months already?! Geeze time is flying. He’s a cutie. W/ his grown man facial expressions haha.

    He has beautiful eyes.

    • She’s been the manager of a number of hip hop artist. She’s not known for nothing. The reality show just put her name out there more. No one knows all these artist managers

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