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Monroe and Moroccan share a candid moment above the city walk. Little Monroe leans in to kiss her brother while Moroccan sits near the window. Mariah Carey thought the moment to be truly Kodak, tweeting, “‘You love me & don’t u forget it!’- A lil kiss from Ms. Monroe to Rocstarr[sic].”

Mariah recently talked about her experience with judging the upcoming season of ‘American Idol’ thus far. The pop star told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s been very interesting. I try to be honest and I try to be constructive. I don’t know if that means that I’m nice or mean or whatever. I’m a producer and I’m a songwriter, and I look at myself as a singer as kind of third. But I look at these kids as though we’re in the studio producing a record. And if I feel they should have done something a certain way, I’ll say, ‘you can try this, you can try this,’ only in a constructive way, to sort of be a guide and someone to give them guidance rather than, like, judging somebody.The main thing is seeing how many diverse voices there are out there, and how much untapped talent there really is and we’re only in the first two shows so far.”

Season 12 of ‘American Idol’ will premiere in January 2013.

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  1. Awww how cute those are some cute twins. I wonder which one is the oldest. If I had to guess I would sa Monroe she looks like she could be a couple minutes older than Morrocco.

      • I agree I think they are baby glasses.. I’ve seen other babies with eye problems wear them and they all look the same. Very durable and can withstand a mac truck lol..lol..

      • I went on their website & saw that Roe is wearing the glasses in two pictures. Once in the most recent pics of her wearing a red dress walking w/ Roc. & Another time w/ Mariah in the pool but the glasses are around her neck. From the style of them, they do look like baby prescribed glasses since it has the rubber rims & go around the head. They are just tinted, which is probably to help w/ the sun

        • Ok. So maybe the stories about Monroe having an eye issue are true. That would explain why they don’t photograph Monroe as often..as we all know how cruel people can be.

          • I agree.

            We always questioned why we saw Roc more. I think that may be the reason and I do not blame Nick or Mariah you know people are evil; especially to children, they have no shame. I wouldn’t make fun of Monroe, but I have said some not so nice things about some celebrity children :/

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