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The OMG Girlz are dedicated to making sure that they stay true to themselves and true to their fans with their upbeat music and their unique sense of style. The ladies, Bahja “Beauty” Rodriguez, Breaunna “Baby Doll” W. and Zonnique “Star” Pullins recently sat down with TykiariHype.com to talk about the Scream Tour, upcoming album, style and much more. Check out the interview highlights below:

On the Scream Tour:

It was a great line-up from beginning to end. There was an opening act in each city, each person had a chance to display their talents presenting and opening the show. After the opening act Jungle Boogie came on and did a great theatrical piece, which was appreciated. Then Torion from YMBC, great singer and performer. Jawan Harris, is a great friend he has great music. OMG Girlz painted the stage pink, purple and blue, worked our hair, and we had a lot of crowd participation. Closed with Diggy Simmons, which was a really good way to end the show. Diggy is so inspirational and very serious at what he does [with the] great music he makes.

On upcoming album release date:

We decided to push the release date back. It’s not just our album we share it with our fans. We want to give our best and make it next to perfect. Not sure when we will release the album, but maybe by the beginning of the year.

On working with Saving Our Daughters:

Beauty we talk to young girls about their worth, how special they are, and how they can do anything they want if they put their minds to it. We work to send a positive message to teenagers. If people want to get involved they can go to www.savingourdaughters.org and sign up and volunteer.

On their favorite Gucci item:

Beauty I love a nice wallet. Star likes Gucci purses. Baby Doll likes to keep it simple. So a nice shirt, something she wear more than once.

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