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Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett took Hank Jr. to the premiere of Frankenweenie in Hollywood, California yesterday. Kendra looked stunning in her black printed dress, and Hank Jr. stole the spotlight with his blue eyes and curly hair.

Little Hank has been receiving much publicity for his beautiful hair as Kendra states, “It’s awesome that he has his trademark hair! We definitely appreciate the love for our son.” While paparazzi admire mom and dad, they love to snap pics of Hank Jr. rocking his natural curls and beautifully highlighted hair.

Hank Sr. doesn’t get angry at all of the attention that his son receives. In fact, he thinks it’s pretty comical for a 2-year-old to have thousands of fans. “Definitely never expected this when I thought of having children,” says Big Hank. “But it’s been good. What’s funny is he doesn’t mind the paparazzi at all. In fact there are times where he will notice them even before we do.”

Hank Jr. is Kendra and Hank Sr.’s first child together.

Photos: MoovieBoy

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  1. Was that really necessary to insult Trisha? I’m just saying!!! You seemed to have a lot of hostility built up inside of you. Why does it bother you when people express their opinion and use the word “gorgeous” to describe this child? He is a beautiful little boy, biracial or not! You come off as a person who has complexion issues, as well as a few others in the black community! Ridiculous!!! Was it necessary to mention your son has hair straighter than Hank Jr’s? I don’t believe you even have a son and if you do, you know the texture can change dramatically before he reaches the age of 2. Try spreading a little love to your fellow hu-man….You will feel better and be happier in the long run! Peace and Blessings to you! One more thingy…I expect you to hurl insults at me but they won’t hurt me, at all!

  2. MY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

    BCK, I think you’ve been looking out for me ’cause I just asked about my boy Hank and my girl Wynter and HERE THEY ARE!

    Where’s Tyger Turremtine?

  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If some thinks he’s gorgeous then why is it bugging you so much? Some may call you beautiful, while others could beg to differ. The word ‘gorgeous’ is mentioned a lot on this site, no matter the skin color of the child. You do as you please w/ your straight haired son & let them do as they please w/ the curly haired son

  4. 1 of my fav fams. Im always for little boys getting their hair cut, but he look so cute with his hair. I know that cuteness, with that hair is not going to last long. So she should let him keep it for as long as she can. And she said she wasn’t going to cut it anytime soon because when she was young she had the same exact hair and she wanted him to have something from her.

  5. Being that black folk are already biracial/multiracial it doesnt really matter if he’s overrated 4 being biracial or not. He’s striking, so people will comment

  6. He’s so cute. I hope they never cut his hair. his hair makes him look so sweet & innocent, i think a hair cut will make him look older

  7. Wow! Look at the baby! I’ve been wondering how much he’s grown! He’s so big now and beautiful!
    He still has his hair too. Kendra said she didn’t want to cut it. =]

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