Philanthropist, Grammy Award winner, and role model to young girls. What else is Alicia Keys going to add to her life’s resume? How about dedicated mother of one who’s enjoying every minute of family living. Alicia recently sat down with Ebony magazine to share her family joys, telling the media outlet that marriage to producer Swizz Beatz has made her a free woman. “Finding my soul-mate, finding the love of my life has been a freeing experience because of the way we identify [with] each other and understand each other. It’s so rare that you feel like you can be your whole self [with someone],” said Keys. “I can be my whole self, he can be his whole self. I don’t have to be half of myself, he doesn’t have to be half of himself. We can just be ourselves and so that alone [is a different feeling]. He’s actually taught me so much… He has that kind of a carefree easy-going spirit that has definitely taught me to be a little bit a little more [easy-going], which is great,” the singer explained.

Keys also gushed about her little man Egypt,1, saying, “Having a baby, it’s like ‘Oh my gosh!’ It makes every — the smallest thing amazing. Like the first time he’s discovering how to say the word ‘light.’ Like ‘light’ is the most exciting thing. (She imitates Egypt) And it’s kind of true! The light is amazing. Like, ‘Look! You turn it off and then you turn it on and it’s beautiful!’ But for (adults) things become so routine, so mundane and for him he’s discovering things for the first time so it makes me see things in a new place. So, I think all of those things together has brought me to a place that’s like just a fresh, new start. And I really like this new start.”

Alicia’s new album, ‘Girl On Fire,’ will be available for purchase on November 27, 2012.

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  1. Alicia Keys is a role mole to many young girls. She is one of the most postive women in the business. She has found true love with Swizz Beatz and he loves the hell out of her.

    They don’t require anyones permission regarding their relationship. They are happily married and God bless them and their family. All the children are happy.

    • @ elizabeth : alicia is not a good role model. She was knowingly dating a married man, Then got pregnant by him. when she was ASKED BY HIS WIFE to back down and let them try marital counseling she didnt. She travelled with this man to get dna test for the child he denied with his mistress!

      How will she teach her son to respect ladies when her actions didnt?

  2. There is no way in H*ll that this woman is a role model to my teenage daughters! Unless it’s a role mode on how NOT to go about getting a man. Smh.

    • @beatrice AMEN! I am so disappointed in AK. I really loved and related to her heartfelt music. Fallin, Girlfriend, A Woman’s Worth,. Well KARMA will get her. Now she is in theh lovey dovery stage. In 2 years when Swizz cheats on her like he cheated on Mashonda with Jahna and cheated on Jahna with Alicia, she will understand how Mashonda feels.

  3. I love Alicia and Swizz together! I love the way they speak about each other and their love. No matter how unpopular they’re love may be it actually seems like a strong relationship. oh and I love that little Egypt ( and all the Dean kids), too darn cute. I hope this family stays happy forever!

    • So do I!! Sometimes, it takes going through a few people before the right one for you, crosses your path. In his case, he had kids along the way. There are no mistakes. Those kids are supposed to be here. He loves each of his children equally and spends equal time with all of them, I respect him for that.

      • @ iridescent ME: u sure about that? Swizz DENIED his daughter Nicole, even thought she looks JUST like him especially in his nose. Nicole lives in London with her mother and Swizz lives in NY so exactly HOW is he spending equal time with Nicole ?

  4. @ Nolookatya (Sounds like some African ish, LOL!) If you had to type all that, then you shouldn’t have said ANYTHING AT ALL!! And you can thumbs down this, if you want to. I see that people are even hitting the thumbs down for the positive posts.

    Any who, I keep thinking that Egy is older than he is. Lol. He’s still One. Ha! I want her and Swizz to have one more. A little girl preferably.That way Nicole will have someone to play with and they’ll be able to wear Minnie ears together. 😀

  5. my mom always said if you cant say anything nice then dont say nothing at all….crickets..crickets….crickets….

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