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Viola Davis is gearing up for the premiere of her new movie, ‘Won’t Back Down,’ and she’s telling all. ‘The Help’ actress recently sat down with Anderson Cooper to talk about family life with husband Julius Tennon and little Genesis, and her decision to stop wearing wigs.

Motherhood and its effects.

“It changes your life because it opens your heart to so much joy and love but also you die to yourself and we are essentially selfish people. I like taking naps, I like listening to music. I like having time with my husband and literally taking him in and having space in my brain and a lot of that is gone. You mourn the loss of that.”

How does she juggle work and home life?

“I have no idea, I mean with the grace of God. I prioritize, I try to prioritize as much as I can is what I do and I fail miserably at it. My daughter is just newly adopted, I am a woman of a certain age who has been single and lazy and living for herself her entire life and all of a sudden this human being enters it and I am frantic every single day but you know what I do it with forgiveness, knowing that I am not going to do it perfectly. Maggie gave me the best advice and I can see this on national TV. She looked at me when I was in the process of adoption and she said, ‘Do you think you’re going to be a perfect mother Viola because you know it’s not going to happen. There’s no way to even do it beautifully.’ And I heard you.”

The wig thing.

“I took off my wig because I wanted to step into who I was. I felt like, listen I love wigs, I do. I still will wear a wig every once in a while. For me, what I felt like every time I put on a wig that I was apologizing for who I was being a dark skin woman, very curly hair, I felt like I was hiding it. I felt like I was saying, ‘Okay, my characters aren’t very glamorous but look at me. See me. Aren’t I pretty? And I felt like I didn’t want to do that anymore and I felt like the Oscars was the perfect time to do that. So I stepped into who I was.

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  1. Genesis is so adorable! And Viola is such a beautiful woman and a great actress. I love here natural hair it suits her so well. I too am a natural ;)

    • Her hair looks horrible in this picture imo. There is natural and then there is orange uncombed hair that doesn’t go with her skin tone. Again, just my opinion. The little girl looks lovely, natural hair and all.

  2. Awwwh! Little mama is too cute! Every time I see Viola, I say, “DARE TO READ, SPEAK AND WRITE. DARE TO THINK!” – Her line from the commercials in the new movie “Won’t Back Down”. Lol..

  3. I am still shocked at how folks are still talking about the wig. It is a hair accessory and all races have adorned a wig – get over it and move on. Why do people get plastic surgery and other things that make them look nice because they can… Geez!

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