Monroe and Moroccan are techno-savvy toddlers who love to play with iPads and laptops. Proud father Nick Cannon recently told PEOPLE magazine that the twins always reach for his gadgets and even broke the button on his laptop.

“My son was playing with it and he broke it,” said the actor. “My kids are already attracted to technology. They want to touch it; they’re always reaching for it. They love my iPad. That’s their generation; they love computers. So it’ll be important as they grow older to know what they’re doing online, to keep them safe.”

Nick has, on several occasions, advocated for children’s safety on the web. He recently visited Capital Hill to speak on behalf of a Bill that would prohibit websites from storing personal information about children without parental consent.

The actor is also big on charity, wanting his kids to appreciate the opportunities they’ve been given. “I want my kids to understand that every child isn’t as fortunate as they are. I want [them] to grow up helping others. I was raised by my grandmother. We were low-income, but she was always taking in foster kids. She would help anyone, and it was a good lesson for me growing up.”

Monroe and Moroccan are Nick and wife Mariah Carey’s only children together.

Photo: Dembabies.com

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  1. Yes, both of the parents are black so the twins are African American as well. Mariah never said anything about Venezuelan, in fact, she told Geroge Lopez she didn’t need to take some dumb test because she knows who she is. Mariah’s great great grandmother was black and from that country but that was so long ago it doesn’t count and all of her relatives on her father’s side are Afircan American. Mariah is black and white but her children are like a lot of African Americans with some European ancestry.

  2. In response to the person below the kids r biracial cuz Mariah Carey is biracial DUHHH. Just she part black does not make her only black. My reference was more to the idea they said the babies are not biracial. their grandmother the one who Mariah was raised by was Irish. Period. Im biracial so my child and husband. Never would I deny any thing I am. It all makes me who I am a human at the end of the day. Thank you. Public Announcement over.

  3. He broke your laptop cause he’s a baby, SMH, he doesn’t want to create world peace electronically he wants to bang on it.

  4. @ Cuz I Kno obviously you dont know because Mariah Carey’s dad was African American and Venezuelan making him AFRO VENEZUELAN soooooo with that being said Mariah Carey is black google it.

    But anyways where are little Miss Monroe’s glasses? She looks so cute with them on

  5. Mariah Carey is White and Venezuelan NOT Black. FYI Mom is white dad is Venezuelan.= biracial but kids r cute!

    • Mariah herself has said her father is a Black Venezuelan. There are blacks in Venezuela. I don’t know why people confuse Geography with Ethnicity.

  6. I’m all for children being super tech savvy now a days. However, at that age, they aren’t using the things. They are fascinated with the colors & what the thing does. Age two & above, it’s plausible.

    I don’t see anything ‘wrong’ with Monroe’s eyes in this pic. Anywho, these children are adorable & loved.

  7. My 4 year old niece works a IPHONE better than I do and then she looks at me like I’m crazy when I dont know how to do something with it.LOL!! Kids today are way too smart!!!

  8. I know a two year old who works an ipad like a pro. They need to know how to work technology because it’s our future. Everything is about technology nowdays.

  9. Stores sell toy laptops and computers in the educational toy section for infants and toddlers.. I saw them at a Target store. These two are so cute. It’s great that Mariah had them before it became too late for her to do so. She and Nick are blessed.

    • I bought my niece one of those toy laptops, and she looked at me and said this is not real like the other ones..LOL!! She has not touched it all since I gave it to her.

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