Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, may be a major celeb, but he doesn’t raise his children to be that way. The rapper recently told Access Hollywood that he and the mothers of his four children strive to ensure that their children have a normal life without the cameras and gossip. “That’s one of the things that I think that raising my kids – myself and the mothers of my children – we don’t raise them as celebrity children,” said Diddy.

Although often recognized as a hip hop mogul by fellow parents at meetings and events, Diddy makes every effort to make school moments about the kids. “We don’t allow taking pictures at their recitals and things like that. We don’t wanna be rude or nothing, but it’s their time, it’s their moment. I’m there to support them as a parent. So even the tailgating situation, I just go there as a parent. tell people like, ‘I’m off today. I’m really here to support my son.’ It’s about my son,” Combs explains.

Sean is father to five children in all. His oldest son, Justin, attends the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) on an athletic scholarship for football.  He also has a bonus son named Quincy Brown(mom is Kim Porter).

Photo: Twins D’Lila and Jessie Combs are pictured above.

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  1. Lol, he is delusional. A list celebrity, Denzel Washington, I dont know if I am living in the clouds, but if I recall, I have never seen his kids and if I have, its so rare that I forgot, and thats true. I never hear anything about his kids, why? because thats his personal life and if you are really trying to raise your child as not being “celebrity kids” then you have it wrong diddy. And so called “celeb” lauren london. I have never seen her child and thats because she made it that way. And for real, this year is the first time I have seen spike lee’s kids. And don’t get me talking about the Wayans family. How many times have you seen their kids. any of them. Need I go on lol.
    So diddy can squash that mess. He just like hearing himself talk.

  2. There are some A-list celebrities out there who I’d say are raising their children completely out of the limelight & Hollywood lifestyles, but I don’t think Diddy’s one of them. If he was, there would be almost no pictures of his children anywhere. And some celebrities have pulled if it off, so it’s possible, but the parties, blog pictures, carpet events, etc. that Diddy’s kids appear in automatically knocks them out of that category.

    I’ve got to agree with Terra & Sherley here: You’ve got Hollywood kids, Diddy.

  3. Yes sherley i agree w/ u. He doesn’t want 2 raise his children in the spotlight. But non the less his children r gonna b known wherever they go ! S/B : the twins r getting so big n mature 2 cute :)

  4. Um, note to Diddy, most children don’t have Stunner 16 B-Day parties where Nicki Minaj performs, receive 2 cars for their 16th, have several childhood pics posted on urban blogs continuously (even bathtime in bubbles shots), nor model for major clothing lines before they’re 12…

    I say celebrity-rearing &&& in the spotlight! Final answer!!! O_o

  5. He means he’s not raising his children in the spotlight, away from the public eye, but he most certainly raising Hollywood children.

    • How so? Posting pictures of you kids everyday on twitter is in the public eye. If he wasnt raising Hollywood kids, we wouldn’t know who they were.

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