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Victoria Rowell and son Jasper are on a mission of inspiration with the Caribbean Foundation’s Project ASPIRE. Designed to empower and nurture children within the foster care system, Project ASPIRE promotes athletic and artistic skills that help children express themselves on a daily basis.

“Our goal is to promote community service and leadership in educational experiences through cross-cultural exchange,” says Rowell. “This program will give our children from the United States a greater exposure and understanding of different cultures and encourage them to take part in community service. It will improve the self-confidence and interpersonal skills of our Caribbean children while raising their awareness and understanding of the diversity of communities.  By taking a creative approach to learning, activities and shared experiences, we hope to make a lifelong lasting impression through Project ASPIRE.  We want to enhance our participants’ connection through meaningful community activity and involvement,” explains the actress.

A product of the foster care system, Victoria has firsthand experience on the lengthy waiting and constant moving that children must endure when placed in child protective custody. She aspires to alleviate some of the pain that comes along with instability.

Rowell has two children in all.

Website: Children Of The Carribean.com

The OMG Girlz hosted a private screening of the new animated film from Sony Pictures called, “Hotel Transylvania.” Atlanta’s Regal Atlantic Station movie theater was packed with over 100 viewers and VIPs to preview the movie. Among those that came out for the event were Atlanta radio personality Frank Ski, R&B artist Q Parker (from 112) and Mimi Faust (VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”). “Hotel Transylvania,” which is about a hotel where monster go to have a good time away from humans,” features the voices of CeeLo Green, Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez.

“Hotel Transylvania” premieres in theaters September 28th. http://welcometohotelt.com/

Check out pics of movie-goers and the OMG Girlz posing with fans at the screening.

Photos: James Pray

Dante Brown, 12, attended the “Won’t Back Down” New York Premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City on September 23rd.

The film is Dante’s debut on the big screen. He plays Cody, the son of actress Viola Davis’ character. The movie, inspired by actual events, follows the lives of a seasoned teacher played by Viola and a struggling mom played by Maggie as they try to turn around their kids’ failing public school system.

Won’t Back Down” hits theaters on September 28th.


Mariska Hargitay is great at doing several things at once. The ‘Law and Order’ star was recently spotted feeding her daughter Amaya,18 months, corn on the cob while texting. Amaya, dressed in a polka-dotted dress and leggings, seemed to enjoy the corn that her mom was feeding her.


Alexis Welch, along with her children Ar’e,6, Assata,4, and Amar’e Jr.,5, attended the “Hotel Transylvania” New York Premiere After Party at Dylan’s Candy Bar on September 22, 2012 in New York City.


Shaffer Smith, a.k.a. Ne-Yo, gives his daughter Madilyn,22 months, piano lessons before heading out into the busy world. “Nothing better than spending some time home for a second before my schedule gets STUPID!! Me and Maddie learning together. I’m tellin’ y’all she’s a NATURAL,” said the singer.

Eden Sanaa Duncan-Smith is busy working her way straight to the top. The young Broadway star will soon be perfecting her skills as a dancer and performer. She has recently been accepted into the French Academie of Ballet. Showing her drive and determination, Eden will also be performing in the Estro Genius Festival this November and just completed an AT&T U-Verse commercial.

Eden Sanaa Duncan-Smith recently wrapped up a performance at the NYC International Fringe Festival where she starred in the play Girl Liberation Front(GLF), which is “a collection of dance, song and spoken word pieces written by girls ages 8-21.”

Check out behind the scenes of Eden’s AT &T U-Verse commercial Here


Eighteen year old Jordan Grizzle was born to be in the spotlight. The young singer/dancer has been performing for his family since he was 3-years old. By the time he was 5, Jordan knew that he had the voice to take his one man show on the road. With the love and support of his parents, Jordan decided to make music his career of choice. When he was 13, he recorded his first song called, “No More.” Local DJ’s heard the song and started calling him the “next kid star.”

Lauryn Hill, Tank, Jazmine Sullivan, Alicia Keys, and Chris Brown are the multi-talented teen’s biggest influences. Jordan relocated to Los Angeles this year and is constantly working on perfecting his craft, performing and new music.

Jordan’s talent and drive are sure to take him far. Check out Jordan’s cover of Chris Brown’s “Don’t Judge Me” Here.

www.facebook.com/Jordan Grizzle


After having children, many couples find it difficult to make time to spend together away from the kids. It can be easy to become so busy and overwhelmed with children that the word “wife” can take a back seat to the word “mom.” However, some people feel that it is imperative to make sure that your spouse holds the number one position in your life. According to a survey of counseling professionals from Your Tango, a wife should prioritize her husband over her kids.

There are some seemingly rational reasons for this assessment. A happy marriage will ultimately lead to a happy home. If the parents make sure that they are spending time together and nurturing their relationship, they are more likely to be better, more nurturing parents to their children. Another reason is  that one day the children will leave the home and when that day comes, mom and dad will be the only people left. If they don’t have anything in common except the kids, they’ll be walking around in their own home like complete strangers. Also, for some moms having their husbands as number one means a chance to model a healthy relationship for their children and being able to show them the value in good partners.

Even if a wife makes the choice to put her husband over her kids or her kids over her husband is it really important if everyone is being taken care of and receiving lots of love and attention?

What do you think? Who comes first in your life- spouse or children?


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