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T.I strikes a poses with his wife Tameka “Tiny” and kids at AKOO’s 2nd Annual ‘A King Of Oneself Brunch’ at Ocean Prime yesterday (September 30, 2012) in Atlanta, Georgia.   A.K.O.O is the rapper’s clothing line which he started in 2008.

Though he has been busy promoting his clothing brand and family reality show, the musician wants his fans to know that he hasn’t stopped making music.

“I’m always going to do music because I love it,” says Harris. “I’m doing other things in television and movies because I’m a businessman. You have to expand as a businessman because that how you stay in business. But I love going into the studio and making music for my albums. I love that feeling of creating new music and getting it out there for the fans to hear. That’s not going to stop no matter what else I do.”

T.I. and Tiny parent six children, all of whom appear on their reality show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. You can catch the series weekly on VH1.

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  1. The Harris’!!! Where’s Mr. Major?

    I haven’t seem them in a bit.

    T.I. is looking real old :( but I still love him off :P

  2. His show seems a little scripted, not just the dialogue, but the way they talk when their speaking to the camera, but I still tune in, because they are fun to watch. No drama, just pure fun to watch.

    • Okay, whomever disliked this comment, clearly doesn’t know the definition of Unconditional love or is just plain bitter. Getting a little happy with the fact that you can thumbs down comments, huh?? Nothing negative about what I said.

      • Don’t concern yourself with the rate system. Some people are thumbs down simply because they do not like you or your previous comments. It has nothing to do with what you actually say. I personally like it, as it allows me to agree with someone w/o doing a lot of typing. But for every good, there are a thousand bad. *shrug*

        • I’m noticing that. Lol. Some people don’t like realists. They don’t like people that speak their mind. They’d rather people sugar coat the truth. Lol. I like it too, but people are going overboard and thumbing down comments as simple as, “She’s cute.”. It tis what it tis. Happy Monday Sherley and all of the other BCK Family!!

    • I just want to “thumbs down” all posts about reality shows (and I’m sure I’ll get plenty of thumbs down on that). Oh well! lol

      • You are silly..lol. I don’t like reality shows either, but you have to admit, even without watching it, TI & his family seem to have true unconditional love for one another.

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