Rapper T.I. and family channel the famous Huxtable family from The Cosby Show in a new photo shoot with In Touch magazine. Clifford T.I. Harris, his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, and their six children were inspired to recreate the iconic Cosby show portrait after many of their fans compared the two families:

With their new VH1 reality show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, many have compared them to the famous TV family. “It’s flattering, though I like to think of us as a unique piece of our society! The Huxtables are more conservative, older and from a different environment. But we share unity, strength and prominence.” T.I. says it was his family whose support got him through his 10 months behind bars.

“I went to see him every week and the kids talked to him all the time,” “Tiny” tells In Touch.

And though it’s a handful with six kids from the age of 4 to 16, T.I. is enjoying the domestic world. “It’s chaotic — but if it wasn’t, it’d be boring!”

Photo: In Touch magazine.

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  1. Negative!! Don’t let mainstream Media destroy The Cosby legacy because it took 30 yrs to get a descent representation on TV of a Black Family in the 80’s. TI and Tiny represent the blended family that was developed after the WAR against the Black Family. We have the Best Representation of the Black Family in the White House with our President and True First Lady that Black Celeb Kids and Intouch just refuse to SEE.

  2. WHO told TI his family is like the Huxtables? THEY ARE NOT. Claire graduated high school, college, and law school. Did Tiny? Claire speaks englsih clearly. Does Tiny? Cliff graduated high school, college, and medical school. Did TI? Claire married Cliff and had 5 kids with him. Tiny has Zonnique with Zebo, then 2 sons with Ti. Ti has 2 sons with 1 lady, a daughter by a 2nd(who is just 2months younger than her brother); and 2 sons with Tiny. …look I could go on and on. The only thing in commmon btween teh Huxtables and Harris is that both familes are rich. The Huxtables were hard working educated people. No gun pkay ot gun charges or probation or urine tests.

  3. Mz. Independent… I saw the Carlina White Story with KeKe Palmer and it was very good! :) I love those Life Time True Movie events! :)

    As for the Harris Family… I watched the show once and from what I can see… T.I. and Tiny really love each other and their kids. What took him sooo long to marry her though??? IJS.

  4. Major, King, Messiah, Deyjah, and Zonnique>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Domani; This is a beautiful family but Domani makes me mad every episode! He just a cocky and conceited kid for no reason. He’s a spoiled little rich kid who thinks life is about money, money, and more money. He thinks everything is going to be handed to him because he is T.I.’s son. T.I. and Tiny better tell him that is not how it’s going to work!

  5. Hellloooo people the cosby’s where fictional characters i love the realness of T.I show…. and i hate reality T.V for the most part who knew he was so funny…

  6. I love this family no they are definetly not the Cosbys but they still are real and unscripted and love each other unconditionally.I think what people need to understand is that nobody will ever be like the Cosbys no matter the degree of education you have earned or how much you instil in your childeren at the end of the day you are not given a script to read from like the Cosby show you make mistakes you learn you do the best you can that is life.

  7. All the criticism is just ugh lol… They aren’t claiming to be like the Huxatables, but it’s obvious they admire them. I think every black family should strive to be like the Huxatables, in terms of values and such (no matter how dysfunctional).

  8. And one more comment and I’m done lol….how dare he where a colorful sweater in the like of Mr. Cosby. Isn’t that like a trademark? Just my opinion.On another note have anyone seen the Ke Ke Palmer movie about the Carlina White story?

    • So no one is allowed to wear colorful sweaters b/c Cosby wore them? o_O oh please. It was clear they were doing a funny photoshoot. It’s not a political movement. Learn to lighten up people geeze. I’m pretty sure they know they aren’t the Huxtables, T.I talks about his charges all the time. But this is the only reality show that shows a black family in positive light where the father is involved in all his kids life. The other black family reality shows are full of drama (the braxtons, vh1 diva show, Keyshia Cole shows from back in the day etc.) It’s not that serious people

  9. Who stated this???? No one and I mean no one can touch the Huxtables. I’m sorry but that is a slap in the face to that show and to Mr. Cosby. Other than that, the kids are adorable

  10. Can i have Major please?!! Nique Nique is her mother’s twin! I hope she never gets plastic surgery
    Dejah is so cute

  11. Shajenah need a tradeoff show forreal.. I like the show but no comparisan to the huxtables. Deyjah is cute.. But somebody need to knock domani off his high horse.

    • I agree Domani is a trip! Messiah and Major r byfar my favs! They’re more like the Bundy’s then the Huxtables! I don’t think Cliff’s EVER been to jail for guns or Claire recieved so much plastic surgery she’s unrecognizable IJS!

  12. When did Cliff Huxtable go to jail and when did Clair allow Cliff to run her,Never compare an Icon to a jailbird that’s an insult SMH

    • I said the same thing on FB. FB allows freedom without “Comment Awaiting Moderation”. Lol.. I can go in on here right now about this subject at hand, but my comment would be awaiting moderation.

  13. this show is not even in the running with the Cosby show.
    this show brags about his money. his kids are only focused
    on the money, not a education?
    i no longer watch it, nor do my family.

  14. I love me some T.I. and the show has made me love and respect him even more. He loves his kids and they seem to have so much together. And he is so funny!!

    I think Shekinah should have her own show..lol!!

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