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  1. Today, I went to the beach with my children. I
    found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old
    daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the shell to her ear and screamed.
    There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants
    to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!

  2. i

    I apologize. I had no clue as how many individuals reading may in fact have gaps. It was not my intent to insult or offend…particularly Trisha who seems to think she knows me and my intent. She doesn’t.

    When people know better, they do better. Always. Especially when they can afford it and have viable options.

    My goal is not to necessarily have BCK fans. I am just another participant and it’s fun!

    i hadhad no idea or way of knowing that so many [ep

  3. OMG! who cares if she has a gap no ones perfect and i can picture without it honestly! people are so vain! ughhhhh

  4. I LOVE Bobbi Kristina…but I ADORED her mother Whitney (RIP). Wishing the deceased icon’s offspring only the best of luck and success!!

  5. She’s a beautiful Black young lady. Her Gap is fine, I doubt seeing any of you doing the criticizing as the picture of perfection….SMH!!!

  6. I don’t see anything wrong with her gap. Some people are just so superficial. The main ones talking probably have jacked up teeth, but since they are hiding behind a computer, we can’t see them. If she wants to fix it, that’s her choice. If she likes it, then that’s fine. Nothing wrong with that. her teeth appear to be very healthy.

    • There may very well be nothing wrong with BK’s natural hair either, but that doesn’t stop her from wearing wigs to cover it up. Venners are wigs for the teeth.

      • The issue is not whether someone is hiding behind a computer, the issue is that this woman wants to be an entertainer and she is allowing her image to be out there up close and personal for the public to see. Comments will be made about her regardless, some favorable some not so much. I believe that’s why entertainers invest in cosmetic surgeries…they believe in putting their best face forward for their fans.

        I happen to think, in my humble opinion, that some public figures with gaps look nice. People like Keyshia Cole and Condoleeza Rice and Michael Strahan. Ralph E. Newman, Bobby Brown and BK, not so much. To each his/her own.

        • OH SNAP! I have to correct myself. I researched that Keyshia Cole got her teeth fixed, so no more gap. She was always beautiful to me, though. Even more so, now.

      • I love you too, Sherley and I don’t want to upset your sensibilities. But…it is a scientific fact and can be verified that some lesser animals/mammals commonly have gaps in their teeth as their norm such as rodents and anteaters. Beavers and tigers have gaps, too. It’s not meant to be a put down, or to be critical of humans with pronounced spaces between their teeth, it’s just a fact.

        “Rat” probably does sound more offensive than rodent…probably a poor choice of a creature for me to use as an example, especially right beneath BK’s smiling picture. I will try to exercise more tact and continue to express my opinions/observations under the radar.

        I think Conoleeza Rice and Michael Strahan wear what God gave them well. I was surprised to notice that Keyshia Cole used to have a gap and now she has veneers or something.

        Sherley, you know it ain’t no thing to me in the big picture of life..especially because I don’t have a gap and had my teeth corrected early on in my life.

        Love you too, Sherley. Still reading you every day.

        • Just for fun….other celebrities that got rid of their gaps that the Tooth Fairy gave them are: 50 Cent, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, Madonna, Keith Urban and Zac Efron.

        • I have no issues with your opinion Pisces, but I hate rats & now I’m going to think of them each time I see someone with a gap. *shudder*

          • LOL, Sherley. You are too much! So funny. I have that image in my head, too. Fascinating! 😉 Take care, you.

  7. My mom has a gap just like BK’s. She loves and owns it and takes great care of her teeth. Growing up I always wanted a gap. I used to always ask my mom why I didnt have a gap like hers because she wore it so well. She told me “baby when u get to High School and such ur going to be glad you didnt get a gap.” Now I understand what she meant all along. I thought it was beautiful. I never saw my mom as strange or having a dental “condition” I guess its all about how we own and accept our flaws. BK is beautiful she doesn’t need to change it if she doesn’t want to. I’m more concerned about her well being.. who cares about a gap? We all have flaws.

  8. I think what Whitney put in place for Bobbi K is fine she gets 10 percent when she turns 21 then at 25 she gets another 20 percent and then she gets the rest when she turns 30. Whitney’s estate is only worth 20 million (when I say only I’m comparing it to other rich people who have past away) because she didn’t write or own the rights to her songs like Micheal Jackson. So when BK turns 21 in two years she will receive 2 million. If she is on drugs or abusing alcohol then I understand them trying to step in but if it’s because of the guy she’s with then I hate to say it but BK is of age and she is gonna do what she wants it’s too late to try and control her now!

  9. I don’t see what the big deal about her gap is! I have a little gap, I’ve had it since my teeth came in when I was about 5! If all our teeth were the same, it wouldn’t make us the different individuals we are today. Anywho, I think Bobbi is old enough to enjoy her money! Her mommy left it to he,r not anyone else but her! Grandma we know u’ve lived but back off and let her experience life. She’s 19 she has to make mistakes so she can correct them on her own! If u keep pushing ur going to push her away for GOOD! Look how Whitney life ended! God Bless Bobbi and the Houston family!

    It’s a good thing what Chili is doing, I just don’t like her!

    Jessica’s kids r beautiful!

    Gabby is just an all around beautiful young women, who one day is going to be Sherley’s daughter in law 😉

  10. I just wish *some people* were less superficial. B.K.’s teeth look fine and healthy. So many people don’t have teeth.

    • I agree. I’m more concerned with her using that money to get an education, remain drug free & being a healthy young lady than I am about a gap.

    • Well, while diastema is common not only in humans, but also in other species such as rodents and anteaters and therefore is a “natural” oral feature that some people are born with (like a hair lip), it doesn’t mean that using modern denistry techniques for repair or cosmetic reasons is “taboo” or “wrong”.

      Veeners, nose jobs, and a myriad of other plastic surgeries are popular with the rich and famous these days. If she can invest in her looks with weaves and wigs, why not invest in something as important as her smile, the first thing that she presents to other people when she greets them or opens her mouth?

      Ultimately, I agree with Celeste. It’s still better than not having any teeth at all. Bu if you have the means, why not get it fixed? She claims she rejects her Dad and embraces only her deceased Mom’s side of the family. Why would she willfully remain looking more like her Dad? Veneers would make her look more like her beautiful mother (RIP), as would possibly a nose job.

  11. A lot of people with gaps in their teeth, like it. It only seems to bother others. Bobbin has had money in her life since, birth and a mother with a beautiful set of teeth. She seems comfortable with her smile!

    • Do we really know if her mother had beautiful teeth or did she have cosmetic dental work done.? It was reported prior to her death that she had recently visited a dentist. Even everyday working people can afford veeneers, braces and Invisalign. It’s really no big deal and as many of you are stating, it’s a matter of choice. There are even clip on veeneers now so no adjustments to natural teeth is necessary.

  12. Ya’ll gonna hate me for this, but….I think Bobbi Kristina is sitting on too much dough not to take care of them teefus.

    • Agree with you, Lala. The gap is actually a dental condition called diastema. It is correctable. Hope she uses some of her inheritance to purchase Invisalign. Simple as that.

      • You all kill me, suddenly your lawyers and doctors? Y’all don’t know how her money is being dispensed to her is or whats going on with her teeth. Looks genetic to me, her daddy has the same gap! That is not something that “needs to be corrected”….no one has ever had health risks or died from a freaking gap. #Haters

        • You don’t have to be a scholar or a professional in a specific skills area to realize and observe that human beings predominately DO NOT have gaps in their teeth. All you have to do is look up diastema and educate yourself to it’s meaning. Stop being so critical and enlighten yourself, why don’t you?

          • @Sherley, I tried to write the joke 3 times and BCK won’t allow it. It’s not vulgar, no cuss words but I guess too suggestive. I think it’s funny!

        • Well, MaybeNot…her teeth may not need to be corrected, but YOUR spelling sure does. It’s YOU’RE not “YOUR doctors and lawyers”.

          • @Trisha…just like the irony of your picture of a White baby on your gravatar on BCK. Irony all over the place. Haha! LMAO!

          • You have posted some crazy comments before, but this post tops them all! Way to make some people feel insecure about themselves smh. I’m sure you have some imperfections where other’s could say you need to get some cosmetic surgery done. You posting a bunch of comments, trying to prove why Bobbi Kris should feel insecure about her gap & get it fixed is horrible. Bobbi Kris had a hard life, the last thing she needs is for someone to say she should get cosmetic work. Leave her alone. it’s not affecting your life. What if there is a BCK visitor that has a gap & seen all your rude comments, comparing them to a rat, that now feels sensitive & insecure? We are always going on celebs that get plastic surgery, but telling this young girl to not be secure in her look. You point out her teeth now, but it’s just gonna be a trend of things she’s gonna start noticing about herself that she’s gonna want to change

      • Just b/c she has the gap, that does not mean she isn’t taking care of her teeth. The gap may be something speical to her, so why should she fix it?

    • Her teeth aren’t rotten & they aren’t crooked so why does she need to spend money on them? i’m not a fan of the gap, but it’s not my teeth. She liked her gap so leave her be

  13. I must agree with Ms. Cissy Houston. Let the money be given to Bobbi in small manageable increments.

    Honor & Haven Warren are adorable. Honor walking around lifting her dress up in public is so like 4yr olds.

    Gabrielle Douglas is still an amazing, wonderful, humble young lady.

    Have a blessed weekend BCK fam!

    • I have to agree w/Ms. Sherley. Whitney and Bobby did Bobbi a disservice by not teaching her good money management skills.

      On one of the satellite channels we get over here, Soul something or the other they show reruns of old American television shows. In an episode the Houston/Brown family were somewhere in the UK, I think London because they were in Harrods and Whitney was parceling out $100.00 GBP notes to all the kids like they were candy.

      The grandmother’s idea of the money being given to her in increments would be the best thing for her. Bobbi could be worth hundreds of millions and still end up “begging” on someone’s doorstep. If she is given, lets say 20 million dollars per year and spends it in nine months; what happens to her while she is waiting the three months for another check to be cut?

      I know its not funny to laugh at peoples misfortunes but my brother has a friend with a very generous trust fund but by the third week of the month is sitting in my brothers house, eating his food and making “puppy eyes” at the domestics to get them to wash his clothes because he is BROKE and his staff, knowing how he is “quits” for almost a week every month. His only redeeming quality is that he is also a doctor but is only paid $27.00 per year by the public hospital he works for.

      Have a good weekend people. My little brother is taking me on a date…with real food…amazing what a 10 year old thinks makes a good supper.

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