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Election day is finally here and now is the time to make your voices heard. Many celebrity parents have taken to social networking sites Twitter and Facebook to encourage the public to Vote! See what they have to say below:

-@AliciaKeys: Vote for @barackobama for our children’s future!! Lets continue forward!!

-@StaceyDash: What a wonderful present it will be to have you Inaugurated as The President Of The USA on my birthday 1/20/2013! God Speed! @MittRomney

@Kimora Simmons: My 12 yo daughter #MingLee carved this #Obama pumpkin all by herself!! #KidsVote #Forward2012 #obama2012 http://lockerz.com/s/259138600

- ‏@MashondaLoyal :My son said a prayer for Obama tonight. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

-@RachelRoy: In line to VOTE!U? Wearing my’Ppl Who Believe Change is Possible R the Ones that Make It Hap!☺xxRR

-@Lala: I got his back…VOTE TODAY! It’s now or never http://instagr.am/p/RsJY20Rjbs/

-@SherriEShepherd : Vote for who you think is best going to do the job. For me, I’m trusting that @BarackObama will do the job better than Mitt Romney

-@McHammer:  Today I’m acting indignant … If you don’t have your “I voted sticker, pin”, etc …. Do Not Talk To Me !!!!! #Vote2012 #Vota2012

-@Solangeknowles : I voted for @BarackObama Everyone, Everywhere…get out there and #Vote

-Jada Pinkett Smith(Facebook): Should human existence be more spiritual than economical? Should our society reflect kinship systems vs. systems based on class, gender, race…economics? Who we elect this election will answer these questions quite fundamentally. Get out and VOTE! EVERY vote COUNTS!!!!!!

- ‏@UncleRUSH : Proud to cast my vote for Barack Obama!!

- ‏@CMilianOfficial : Before you vote tomorrow, watch this. THIS is what @BarackObama is fighting for. http://OFA.BO/Champion

BCK Says: BCK endorses Barack Obama. If you do as well, then please click here to find your polling place.

The BCK ‘Don’t be scared’ campaign message is brought to you by singer Nivea and her four children.

  • nivea and four children
  • nivea and four children




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  1. My husband and I voted here in PA. The kids are too young to vote but we always take them to see the process.

  2. Yeah! Nivea’s 4 children all together, I haven’t seen this yet. Navy, (rumoured) London, (rumoured) Christian and Neal. Neal is ALL Lil Wayne, dang…that should have been his name sake.

    • Absolutely agree! I’ve never seen Nivea’s son with Dwayne Carter. His mini me! That should have been his namesake. His genes are strong!

      • Really? BCK had shown Neal a few times. Most resent, I believe, was Lil Wayne’s Mom’s wedding…Neal and D3 walked hand in hand, it was the cutest picture.

      • It’s funny how the genes work out b/c Reginae & Jr are twins! & look just like their daddy. & Neal looks exactly like his daddy but he doesn’t look like Reginae & Jr lol

  3. The BCK forum in made up mostly of Black American women. Get out and vote. Too many people died to give you the right. Don’t waste it.

    Remember that although Blacks were granted the right to vote in 1869/1870 we know that up until the 1960′s that Jim Crow laws kept them out of the voting booth and women were not given that right until 1920.

    Appreciate what you have…VOTE!

  4. Navy has gotten so big! such a pretty girl. & that little one is Lil wayne’s twin! omg

    LOL @ Stacy Dash tweet. She is for real smh…Vote for whoever you feel girl

    Me & my mom voted last week!

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