Porschla Kidd knows what it means to be a super mom and wife. With a husband who plays for the New York ‘Knicks’ and kids who keep her going, Porschla rarely has time to relax and recuperate from daily tasks. As such, Mrs. Kidd has decided to give a few tips to other full-time moms who are busy bees.

Snack time remedy.

“I stock the cabinets with pre-packed snack bags for the kids. You can do this with a simple zip lock bag. That way when we are heading out, I don’t have to waste minutes packing a snack pack. Super easy and convenient!”

Potty training on the go.

“Toilet teaching has got to be the hardest job on the planet! We all know how important it is to be consistent with pottytraining, so I always carry disposable toilet seat covers. When they have to go, they have to go, so be prepared!”

Preparing for dinner.

“Dinner time is always fun-time in our home. I like to prep everything in the morning and store it in the fridge until it’s time to cook. Prepping in the morning cuts out at least 30 minutes of preparation at dinner.”

Mommie Time: The workout regimen

“As a full-time mom, it’s hard to find time to go to the gym. I try and get little workouts in while doing my daily routine. I always engage my stomach muscle, and walk at a faster pace than most. To a physical trainer, this may seem comical, but any and all efforts count!”

Mommie Time: Dressing to impress

“As a mother, I don’t always have time to be fancy pants. Sometimes I’m rushed to be dressed in less than 5 minutes. A way to pull this quickie off is throwing on a pair of black leggings with a tank and a cardigan. 1, 2, 3, I’m feeling cute and appropriate!”

Source: Shecky’s Media

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  1. @Trisha what you have to say means NOTHING to me coming from a person w/no children…..When you become a mother, than your point may be given some consideration….only then you will realize that Single mothers while not SUPERIOR do have a harder way to go therefore their plight is much different from a two parent home & Definitely FAR more difficult than that of an NBA wife who have access to an abundance of help & resources.

    • & like I said where did she say her advice was for single mothers?
      & like I said again, single mothers aren’t the only mother’s in the world. Just as much single mothers, there are married mothers.
      I get the whole single mother argument, but it has nothing to do w/ Mrs. kidds advice. Maybe if the advice was coming from a single celeb parent like Halle Berry then I would totally agree but its not. & like I said, her advice wasn’t anything amazing where most people didn’t know. So I don’t get the big deal. I’m done w/ this argument. Cute children!

  2. Awww chubby cuteness for Miss Noah. Main picture makes her hair real red, love red on Mixie’s. Great pix!

  3. Wish I could hit the like button twice on Sherley comment…..Porschla try being a single, working parent w/ two jobs then get back to me w/advice…..until that time enjoy being a stay @ home NBA mother/wife!!

    • Just b/c you may be a single mother w/ no help, & she gets help doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s still a mother! Is she any less of a mother b/c she may have nanny? Does she not deal w/ regular, everyday mother problems? I’m not a mother, but what i do know that being a mother is hard regardless if your a single mother, or a married mother, or a mother that gets a nanny. My mom was a single mother & had a hard time, but my aunt who was married also had a hard time b/c her husband was always working. She’s allowed to give out advice, b/c there are women out there that aren’t single mothers, have nanny’s, but still what to pick up some ways to make things easier. Her husband is away most of the time, so she’s basically a single mother. It’s not like she was giving out amazing advice anyway, she was giving out basic advice that a lot of parents follow.

      • Trisha, I usually agree with you but not on this one. A woman who isn’t married to a celebrity and has to live a ‘normal’ life cannot give out advice to women who live it every day. Hand your child to a nanny who and take 30 minutes to get ready vs one child pulling on your leg and another yelling ‘I can’t find it mom’ from the other room as you pull your hair in a ponytail & try to find something quick to eat. Telling the chef what to prepare and shop for vs putting children in grocery cart to go shopping. Telling your maid to clean the bathroom vs you on your hands & knees scrubbing the toilet because your three year old still hasn’t mastered potty training. Leaving your children with nannies so you and your husband can board a yatch to a mini vacay vs leaving your children with a sitter so you can take a shower and get your hair done. I’m sorry but taking advice from her is like me taking advice on how to get & keep a man from a trice divorcee.

        • *excuse the typos..my kindle isn’t feeling me this morning.

          I am not saying she’s not a mother or has it easy, I’m saying she doesn’t have it like we all do.

        • But her advice wasn’t for single mothers. Her advice was for mothers in general. Who says she has a 24 hr, 7 day a week nanny? Your making assuimptions b/c shes married to an nba player. Single mothers aren’t the majority. Not everything applies to single mothers. My mom was a single mother & I love her to death b/c of all she did for me on her own, but I’m tired of single mothers thinking they are superior or something b/c they are raising their children on their own due to unfortunate circumstances. I’m sorry, I don’t agree w/ anything your saying. Her advice may not have been beneficial to YOU, but it could be beneficial to someone else.

          • Trisha, where in my statement did you hear me say single mothers? I’m talking about mothers in general. Even with fathers in the home, children tend to go to mothers. Also, & this is the most important one, my original comment did indeed say nothing she says is beneficial to ME.

          • I totally agree with Trisha… I actually read the title of the article and it says ” Tips for BUSY Mom’s” Now that is a title that can apply to all mothers.. because I have yet to meet a mother with small children that would not classify herself as BUSY !!! A lot (not ALL) of single mothers made the choice to be that way… when you brought children into this world without and husband… She got married and then had kids… so do not be bitter because the way your mother always told you to do it actually worked better for someone else… Her husband Jason is divorced with 3 kids from a previous marriage.. I am sure his first wife got a huge chunk of his salary and gets massive child support and other luxuries.. so we can not be so sure that this new wife is living all that well … Remember about 60% of these dude go broke after they retire… I as a woman like to uplift others not tear them down.. i commend her for doing things herself… cause most poor mothers I know would give their right arm for a nanny just for an hour or two … so the fact that she can afford a personal trainer and goes to the gym instead… or she can afford a nanny but says ” Hey these are my kids and I am going to raise them” is something to speak well of not be upset with … Most single mothers I know are not widows or ex wives… they are women who did no plan ahead and had babies with men who aint crap and now are taking that bitterness out on other people who did it the right way … Whether you are Religious or not.. Children outside of marriage for a woman is not economically smart at all

    • Same reason why puffy has a girl named Jessie James. Jessica Simpson has a girl named Maxwell Drew. Victoria Beckham has a girl named Harper. Heidi Klum named her girl Lou. Horrible I know. P also has the “girl” dressed like a little boy.

  4. I was ready to call Noah the boy & Chance the girl lol. Different

    But that baby girl is so cute. Look at all that chubb! I love Chubby babies lol.

    I’ve done the pre-packed snacked bags when i have my nieces & nephew. It’s so much easier & allows me to leave out on time lol

  5. If you have a nanny, chef, personal trainer, maid, stylist and boat load of money, you cannot give me any advice that can be beneficial to me. IJS.

  6. It’s so funny to me Re: Biracial whether good or bad … Folks are always so fascinated by it. I love all people and simply cannot comprehend the debate of another human being. Crazy to me! Oh well… I guess discussion is good right?? Not just this beautiful family, but on all post related to beautiful adults/children
    of mixed background.

    • The children are gorgeous, but did you have to call the parents “half-breeds”? That was unnecessary and uncouth; the parents are not dogs.

  7. Look at the baby… He is sooo adorable. I’ve always thought Porschla was gorgeous before Jason. Beautiful family….

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