Having a baby and becoming a new mommy is a beautiful thing and what a better way to get the word out to everyone you know about the day in and day out adventures of your little miracle’s life than social media. However, there are some things that maybe even your friends and followers don’t want to know. Check them out:

1. Don’t bad mouth your children- You’re the parent, so when you say call your child “bad,” you end up looking like the “bad” one.

2. No naked belly pics- Save those for your personal  collection.

3. No naked baby pics- Again, for the home collections. The fully clothed photos will do just fine.

4. Don’t post/tweet during labor- Your friends will understand that you’re busy. No need to give the play by play details, just post pictures when you’re ready.

5. No “new” pics- Wait until him/her has gotten a bath, a diaper, fresh shirt and been wrapped up in a little baby burrito before you start snapping Instagram shots.

What are some of your new mommy social media “no-nos”

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  1. You can kiss your baby on the mouth heck they are your germs they came from you so. The baby in the photo is so cute I can’t wait to have me another baby.

  2. I’m sorry when it’s your own baby it shoud be absolutely nothing wrong with you kissing your baby in the mouth. It’s your child! For you to say that you must have no children because kissing your child is a part of bonding rather it’s in the mouth or cheek.

    • Actually kissing your baby in the mouth spreads massive amounts of germs when a baby is small. I think after the baby is older then it should be fine and once the baby has most of its shots, there are even commericals here in New York where they say whooping cough is spread by even holding your baby in your arms because it is an airborne disease. There are some things your child isn’t immune to yet and germs can be spread. There are many other ways to bond with your child besides kissing on the mouth.

  3. They should of added NO KISSING the baby on the mouth. I really hate to see people do that even if it’s their baby. Too many germs passing to the baby. Yuck!

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