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Nicole Dean,4, is too cool for school in her cute outfit and matching backpack. Miss Dean strikes a pose in her Kindergarten uniform. She recently graduated from Pre-School in London where she resides with her mom, Jahna Sebastian. How cute!

Jahna talked about how her natural instincts as a nurturer kicked in when she gave birth to Nicole in 2008. “When I had Nicole, it all came naturally. It was my rebirth with her. I lost baby weight with two months cause motherhood kept me running up and down. Now [that] Nicole is more independent, I go to the gym to be healthy,” said Sebastian.

Nicole is producer Swizz Beatz and singer Jahna’s only child together.

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  1. Britain, uniform from aged 4-16/18! We got ‘Own Clothes Day’ once per term where we got to wear non-uniform if we brought it £1 for charity!
    I LOVE seeing little ones in uniform, it’s sooo cute! And Nicole is a little beauty!

  2. In places like Britain and South Africa (where i am from), this is not unusual if you go to a private school- i wore my first uniform at 5 years old (that was in 1995- so i guess that what i am trying to say is that its been happening for years).
    She is so cute though

  3. Too cute- it just reminds me of my first day of primary school years and years ago. My school uniform was grey, with a green shirt lol…i can remember just how proud i was to put it on.

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