It’s a boy for Tamera Mowry-Housley!  The actress and husband Adam Housley welcomed their son Aden John Tanner Housley on Monday, November 12th, 2012.  Aden weighed in at 9 lbs. 5 oz. and measured 21.5 inches.

“We are so happy!” Tamera tells In Touch Magazine. “He is healthy, happy, strong, beautiful and our families are so excited to have another grandchild, cousin and nephew.”

“Both mommy and baby are healthy and her whole family is thrilled,” says Tamera’s rep. “He is a big strong kid and he and mom are resting well with dad alongside.”

Aden arrived two weeks after Tamera’s due date!

“Thoughts of excitement, anxiety and exhaustion have truly set in,” the new mom admitted one week before her Oct. 30 due date. “Echoes of my husband Adam’s voice cheering me on saying, ‘You can do it’ keep ringing in my ear as I eagerly await my due date.”

Tamera and Adam’s little bundle of joy is the couple’s first child together. The duo wed last year at a Vintage Estate in Napa Valley.

Congratulations to the new parents!





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  1. Congrats I can’t wait to see pictures. I love her I can’t believe she went two weeks over due. I knew she was going to have a big baby.

  2. Finally, I was waiting for this post :-) and on my mom’s birthday too.

    Congrats to the happy family, now I can’t wait for the pics :-)

  3. I knew it would be Aden but I’m suprise by the spelling because I thought she would spell it “Aiden” “Ayden” or “Aaden”

  4. Congrats and I’m so happy she had a healthy baby. I can’t believe she went two weeks over her due date. I can’t wait to see pictures and I knew he was going to be big nine pounds man he a healhty country corn feed baby.

  5. FINALLY! Ive been asking for the past few days “Did Tamera have her baby yet?” 2 weeks overdue! I know she was screaming “GET OUT!!!” to her belly lol

  6. Aden? Ugh not into the “DAN”/”DEN”/”DON” names… Two weeks overdue? Oh no I would have been there for them to induce, BUT congrats to them on their big baby boy.

  7. I’m so mad she had him a day before my bday!!! Tamera u couldn’t hold off just 1 more day how selfish of u lmao! Congrats I’m sure he’s beautiful!

  8. Congrats TAMERA!!!!!!!!! this thumbs up thumbs down option is annoying :/ makes me not want to write anything!

  9. Love that the sisters are keeping the family tradition of naming their kids first names with the letter of their spouses. The twins and all of their siblings names start with “T” for their dad Timothy. Tia chose a “C” for Cory and Cree Cree and Tamera has picked an “A” for Adam and Aden! Just my observation.

    • I love that they’ve done this, too.

      Aden’s spelling is similar to Adam, but Adam’s real name is Arthur Adam…still an A non the less.


    Someone said they would pick Aden…who was this BRILLIANTLY smart individual? LOL

      • No, lol.

        I just read that John is Tamera’s Father’s middle name, awe!

        I also noticed that the name Tanner looks like Tamer (if you split the m apart)…the beginning of Tamera, neat!

      • No, lol!

        I just read that John is Tamera’s dad’s middle name, awe!

        I noticed that the name Tanner looks like Tamer (with the m split apart) which is the beginning of Tamera, neat!

      • It was YOU (see below) lol. I knew I read that post before…I went back to look, but I couldn’t find the post ’cause I didn’t know who said it. NICE CALL, haha!

        teeny November 4, 2012 at 6:23 pm
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        She’s still pregnant! I bet the baby’s name will be Aden

  11. Do you really think I GAF about your thumbs down? Lol. I’m happy for her and Adam and you will not steal my joy. They were really waiting for little man and he is now here. Looking forward to seeing Aden. Maybe we’ll get to see her delivery on their show. :)

    • :). Every comment I make in replying to someone, goes into moderation. Many of the comments I make goes MIA & appear a few hours (or days) later. BCK says it’s certain words that cause this, however other people have actually cursed & it makes it through w/o issues. I started to get upset & decided that I truly DGAF. When it starts bothering me, I will stop coming on BCK. My point is, don’t sweat the thumbs down. There are children or childish people who does that simply to irk you. Expect it to happen, ignore it and keep posting your wonderful comments.

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