Tia has a little advice for moms to be: sit back and enjoy the ride.

The actress recently wrote her first exclusive blog for iVillage in which she discussed her initial feelings about undergoing a Cesarean Section when giving birth to now 16-month-old son Cree. “You see, I always thought like many other women that if you gave birth the natural way, that’s what made you a woman. Giving birth the natural way was a passage every woman should take in order to experience what being a woman was all about. I mean, I meet women all the time who are making it happen with no epidural and no drugs, just by breathing and pushing — all natural,” said Mowry-Hardrict.

Tia wanted to be in complete control of her birthing experience until her physician enlightened her. “Dr Kumeitz softly said to me as my eyes filled with tears, ‘ Tia, this is the first lesson in being a parent. Your child is not always going to do what you want them to do. He is already letting you know you can’t control all things.’  This really hit home for me. She was right.”

So now what’s Tia’s advice to her sister and other expectant moms? “No matter how your child comes into this world, it does not justify nor is it the precursor to what an amazing mother you will be to your child, or the woman that you are.” Just sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Cree is Tia and husband Cory Hardrict’s first child together.

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  1. Why can’t Tia just let her sister Tamera have her moment??….. geeezzz.

    I love that Tamera has is quiet and laid back as someone said on another site. She is also lucky to have married into a wealthy family.

  2. Loving th eabove pic of Cree. I had my daughter the regular way and had my son via C-sect. I’m having a difficult understanding who came up with the idea that having a child via C-sect is an indication of the type of mother you will become. The whole point of being pregnant is to deliver a healthy, normal child. Whether that child came through the birth canal or C-sect..why does it matter?

    • Sherley, I didn’t know you had a daughter, too.

      I know most teens would love to know they didn’t enter life through Mama’s “let
      ‘s not go there” LOL

      My older sister was never breastfeed ’cause she was in a incubator after birth, so she found comfort in knowing that she was NEVER “latched on” like my younger brother, sister and I all were. HAHA

  3. I know how Tia feels. A few months ago i had to have a myomectomy to remove fibroids from my uterus that were causing infertility. My doctor had to perform a c-section in order to do that. And then she told me that whenever I do have children they would be born by c-section. My heart sank. A part of me died in that moment. For all of my life all i dreamed of is having my children naturally. I never even thought about a c-section being an option unless it was because of an emergency. I am still having difficulties dealing with this because as a woman i may never know what it is like to have the experience of giving birth naturally.

    • This is seriously bothering you for you to post it twice. Concentrate on you overcoming your infertility issues and getting pregnant. When a person becomes pregnant after trying for a long time, they do not care if it’s via the regular way or invitro. Same with having a biological child. The emphasis should not be placed on how the child got delievered but the fact that you are holding them in your arms.

      • It was never my intention to post it twice. I posted it once and it didn’t show so I clear the page and posted it again. I have a right to say how I feel. If that is what I was going through then I can express it just like Tia expressed how she felt. Nobody said the child wasn’t a blessing. I clearly stated that I felt the way I did because I wasn’t able to experience natural birth like other woman who are able to can. Secondly for you to make the nasty statement of “concentrate on getting over your infertility issues” was uncalled for and disrespectful. If you don’t have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all.

        • How in the world did you conclude my response to you was meant in a disrespectful or nasty way? My comment was to sort of ease your mind of the pain you were clearly displaying through the comment. I will not apologize for you taking my comment the way you did. You takingit in that manner clearly shows how touchy the situation is to you. If it’s that sensitive to you, keep it to yourself and not place it on a blog for the world to see.

          If I wanted to be disrespectful and nasty I would have told you to stock up on tissues as you’ll them when you find out you are still barren.

          • Why are you even responding to me. You are the only person who said anything to me about it posting twice even though I indicated it was a mistake. Like i said before, i have a right to say how i feel just like everyone else on this forum. Nobody asked for your opinion on what I said and no one else commented on what I said but you. And for you to even make the statement “if i was trying to be disrespectful I would have told you to stock up on tissues as you’ll them when you find out you are still barren”. That all ready tells me that you have a evil heart. Nobody who is sensitive to another woman and person for that matter would even think of something to say like that. You clearly don’t even see the type of person that you really are.

          • Niambi, do not take your personal issues out on me. Whatever it is you are going through, it is not my doing. The simple facts are (1):you came on a blog to discuss something that is very sensitive towards (2):you indeed posted it twice (which is not a concern to me) and (3):you took a comment the wrong way because it’s a sensitive issue to you. I am fully aware of the kind of person I am & I will not take anything you say to me regarding my character personal because I am aware you are going through emotions right now. Nothing you are going through is my doing..period. If it’s still that sensitive, back away from the post & return when you have gotten yourself together.

          • For the record i’m not going through “emotions.” I just expressed how I feel as did other persons on this forum yet you the only one on here saying something about what I said. How do I have “issues” because of me expressing the way I feel? You really need to look in a mirror at yourself and think about the comments you make.

  4. I didn’t realize women had complexes about having a cesarean section and linking that to womanhood. Maybe that’s just how she felt. I wonder if her sister is going to birth naturally…

    • I can understand how Tia feels. I was having infertility issues and I had to have a myomectomy to remove fibroids from my uterus. My doctor performed a c-section and said that whenever I have my children i can only do it through c-section. I immediately started crying. Every since I was a child I always felt that if I had a baby it would be naturally and a c-section was only in the case of an emergency. When my doctor said that it changed my whole world because i too felt that part of being a woman was the ability to have children vaginally. A part of me died that day. And although i may have to have c-sections, i still will never be the same of having the same birthing experience as of other mothers have.

    • I also felt the same way Tia feels. When all you ever dreamed of his giving birth naturally and then you are told you can’t, it is devestating to some women.

    • I honestly didn’t realize either.

      I know a lot of people seem to want a C-sections…some based on “too posh to push”.


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