Actors Dondre Whitfield and Salli Richardson-Whitfield, along with their children and a family friend, attended the creative arts fair and family day “Express Yourself”, supporting P.S. ARTS, at Barker Hangar on November 11, 2012 in Santa Monica, California.

Sandra Bullock and her son Louis were joined by a pregnant Camila Alves McConaughey and her children, Vida and Levi, to watch the Warren Easton Charter High School Marching Band and Drill Team perform in New Orleans on November 13, 2012.

Alicia Keys and her son were spotted arriving at the Eurostar terminal in London on November 14th. Alicia is currently promoting her latest cd, Girl On Fire.

Photos: Zimbio/ Usmagazine

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  1. Eygpt looks like his big sister Nicle in this picture from the side. Swizzy has some BEAUTIFUL kids!!

    Mr. Louis with his handsome self. I love seeing him smile!!

  2. Lil louis is so cute & getting so big!…& is that a smirk i see?! He must not have seen the camera’s lol

  3. Cutie pies all around!!! Little Vida!
    Just saw baby Aden! Yes he looks like I said he would. No blond hair like Julian Thick.TG! He could look like Nahla in future. Time will tell. But to honest IDCare.

      • I think Aden will look like his cousin Cree, his uncle Taj, or his beautiful African American Granny…just like his Mom and auntie resemble her !

    • Why would he have blond hair if his father doesn’t even have blonde hair? & if he had blonde hair, so what?! The kid is 75% white, he might not like Nahla & look mostly black. He might end up like Monroe & Roc who don’t even look 75% black. He’s not gonna be any less cute.

      • Um… racial percentages doesn’t really work because because no american black or white person is 100% ‘black’ or ‘white.’ Race is arbitrary concept that doesn’t really exist, but it’s social implications and ramifications are the one that people uphold.

        Just FYI.

  4. Cute kids! Now sideQ – Adult acne continues indefinitely? Never had it, just curious bc I do know someone who’s 40+ and seems to still suffer even with regular dermatology visits.

    • Unfortunately, it can. I’ve had acne since I was 8-years-old & I’m still fighting it into my early twenties now. My dermatologist said pregnancy sometimes gets rid out it for some women, but it’s not a guarantee & it can even make it worse. I’ve literally tried everything (including accutane), but nothing seems to stop it & it’s caused permanent, angry red hypertrophic scarring on my (I’m white) skin as I’ve gotten older. I really feel for poor Alicia, it’s an extremely annoying & embarrassing skin condition.

  5. The Whitefileds children are cuties & have their daddy’s chin.

    Adore my baby Egypt..his mom alright too :).

    My baby Louis is getting tall..love seeing him. Looks like he’s having a good convo with Vida.

  6. I thought that Camilla was Paula Patton for a minute there!
    The Whitfield children are gorgeous!!!
    Louis Bullock is such a cutie! :)
    That doesn’t even look like Alicia Keys! I had to look at the baby to know it was her!
    Anyway, Egypt is starting to look more and more like Prince Nasir, Kazeem Jr. & Nicole! Swizz has some VERY strong genes!!! The Dean’s are also beautiful children.

    • I had to do a double take on A. Keys as well. It’s known she suffers from adult acne, as does many women, including me. Never had acne as a teen..as soon as I had my son..BOOM! The one thing I envy about Beyonce..her clear,even toned, acne free skin.

    • It looks just like Alicia and she looks beautiful. I have so much respect for this woman. You can tell she really cares about that baby, unlike a lot of celebrities who would rather not be bothered with their kids and leave it all to the nanny. Big ups to Alicia. She is a real super woman.

    • That baby is beautiful and he looks so much like Alicia. Swizz’s other children are beautiful also, but to me Egypt looks more like Alicia.

  7. Parker is a real beauty. AWWWWE look at Dre, what an adorable little man. So precious in that hat. We haven’t seen this family in so long.

    Miss Vida McConaughey is a beautiful little girl.

    Wow! Louis is so tall…time flies geez!

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