Chani Christie, the daughter of NBA power Doug and Jackie Christie, airs her family’s dirty laundry. Find out how on today’s edition of “A Celebrity Baby Blog Party”.Amber Rose shows picture of Wiz Khalifa rubbing her bump[GG]

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  1. Chantel aired the TRUTH about her mother b/c Jackie allowed only HER version to be aired. Jackie invited her daughters over to talk, and had a therapist there after chantel said she didn’t want a therapist. Jackie allowed the camera’s to film this. Anytime her daughters spoke up, jackie would cut them off. So jackie did not mind her business being aired out as long as it was her version. I believed every word Chantel said. Jackie seems crazy. She never talks about her older daughter on the show, and she wasn’t in her wedding while Chantel was the maid of honor. It’s just a mess. & Jackie was one of the main ones going so hard on Draya about her parenting, when she’s no better smh

  2. I don’t really watch BBW’S anymore, but Laura was all types of wrong. Jackie’s wrong also love ur children equally, showing favortism is absolutely wrong! These women r just messy and it’s so frustrating.

  3. What did Chani expect to happen? She wasn’t talking\venting to a family member, it was Gloria somethingoranother. Valuable lesson she has now learned.

    IDK if I believe the Jolie-Pitts children going wild.

    IDK who Chanita Foster is but I saw Neffe doing a book signing for her new book.

    There goes Nick bragging about his family again. :)

    The link to Amber’s story was broken..would have liked to see it.

    Aden looks like an old head already. I can’t tell who he looks like yet.

    Happy Saturday everyone 😀

  4. I dont know jackie christie and her family and I dont know exactly what her daughter did or said, but I know one thing. family business is family business. If whatever it is is not mentally, physically or emotionally hurting someone, that business should stay with that family.

    I dont know Chanita foster.

    Who cares about brad and angelina, especially since this is BCK.

    Nick and his little family are cute. Its crazy to see him as a parent, but its cute.

    Got a couple of new pics of baby aden and he looks even more cute. Those cheeks are huge and so cute. And I know some dummy is going to get on here and have something to say about him being to white or too this and that. But im here to tell you to save that drama for your mama.

    • Jackie mentally messed up her kids and they are emotionally scared

      Angelina & Brad have a black daughter…that’s been feautred on BCK a lot of times

      But you brought up his skin color first. This is gonna start everything lol

      • As I said previously, I dont know jackie or her family, which also mean I wouldnt have known if her kids were scared in any way, but I did say unless it is physically, mentally or emotionally harms them then they should say something. Which she did, i guess. And thanks for informing me on that, however it seems as if the daughter expressed her feelings to the wrong person,

        And as for angelina and brad. I know they have a black child, but BCK in their own way always try to add the whole family in the pics. yeah they are a family, but like they crop other photos they can crop these. It just seem like they find some way to talk about brad and angelina.

        And as for the skin color. what will it start? I stated my opinion on the situation, because I know how people are on BCK. they always like to make comments about kids being too white like its horrible or something. So I said what I said and that was that. If anyone has a problem, then its their own, not mine.

        Thanks 4 your reply. Is their anything else you would like me to clear up? let me know. Have a blessed day.

    • @Writer, you got to say all that (which I have no issues with) & my comment is still awaiting moderation since yesterday morning. I wonder if I comment using a different name & email address would I get the same result.

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