Maia Campbell is determined to make life better for her 11-year-old daughter Elizabeth Elisha. The actress recently solicited the help of Iyanla Vannzant to help her overcome family issues and struggles with addiction on OWN network’s ‘Fix My Life.’

Maia will be challenged to confront her past and take responsibility for her actions that led to her public humiliation in 2009. Campbell’s family will be featured on the episode during various sessions, and her daughter is shown in the preview.

‘Fix My Life’ featuring Maia Campbell will air on Saturday, November 17, 2012 at 10/9c via Oprah’s OWN network. Check out the preview here.  Maia Campbell is best known for her role as Tiffany on the sitcom In the House, starring LL Cool J.

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    • Oh my goodness! I am sitting here crying. I wish her the best and I pray that G-d heals Maia so she can be a full time mommy to Elisha.

    • Maia, I know you are reading this I want you to know that a lot of people are pulling for you. We want to see the rest of your story when you are once again standing on your own two feet. That story is coming. We know it. Please continue your fight.

  3. God is GREAT!! When I first saw that horrid video a couple years back, it broke my heart and for days and weeks I prayed for her and said her name to God each day asking him to help her get out of that desperate situation. I even considered trying to go to LA and see if I can find her to help (seriously) but then I thought what would I do then? What if she refused my help? So I continued praying and I read in some online article about a Woman who was her Mother’s best friend who had tried many times to help her (I forget her name now) but I wrote a letter to her and mailed it to her. I never got a response but I just kept believing. So imagine my happy surprise to see Maia surfacing now looking healthier and in her right mind and beginning her healing. I’m so happy for her and her daughter. I’m continuing to whisper prayers for her. Please continue to bless her Lord. Thank you,Amen.

  4. Maia is a good friend of mine, and its glad to see her, Ellis and Elisha making strides in the family dynamic to address what IS, forgive past issues, and move forward.
    Mental illness, becomes moreso complicated when its coupled with drug addiction.
    Maia, has taken the steps necessary to confront her demons, take her life back (not only for the sake of Elisha, but for the sake of her OWN self worth) with the necessary direction that she has sought out (Iyanla) She NEEDS to make things within herself right, because shes been battling herself for a LONG time. I say KUDOS to her for her resiliance and courage! Stay BLESSED girl! May God watch over and guide you steps throughout your journey to renew you mind… and your life! Much Love!


  5. This is sad to hear but she was a amazing actor I love her in “In The House” with LL Cool J I just pray that she gets better for herself and her daughter. It can’t be easy having a mental condition or just going through a lot of personal things when your in the public eye.

  6. So very sad. I felt horribly when I saw that video of Maia singing Ashanti’s “Foolish”. To think that the men and women she came across took advantage of her. May they all rot in hell.

    I found out after my Godsister’s suicide that she may have been bi-polar (she often stated that her mother did). Maia has a long road ahead of her. With medication and prayer, she can certainly beat this.

  7. Have any of you read “24 Hour Hold” by her mother, Bebe Moore Campbell? That book said it all; it’s about Maia, her illness and what her parents went through to get her help. Of course it’s supposed to be fiction but it’s obviously about their family.

    • I read that book but had no idea BeBe Campbell Moore was her mom. It makes sense! most of the clients I am appointed to represent have an extensive “Baker Act” history. I wish her the best of luck and soundness of mind!

    • I read it. It’s called “72 Hour Hold”. The books seemed to be nonfiction since it sound as if those were the same issues she was going through with Maia. I pray that everything works out for her and continue to get better for the sake of her daughter.

  8. I’m sooo devestated and saddened by what has happened to her. I hate that the people who video taped her exploited her like this. They should have just gotten her help. May God have mercy on them for hurting her more when she was down. Maia, you keep your head up! God is with you! He will work everything out just trust him. You are his daughter and he loves you!

  9. Knowing Maia since we were both kids in the choir at church. She lost her Mom & that really affected her. She will get her life back to together. She has a daughter to live for.

    • I just saw her daughter, Elizabeth Elisha Guiterrez, on YouTube in Indie Arie’s video Heaven, so precious!

      I really hope Elisha, seems to be what she is called, is alright. I pray for her and how this all may affect her in the future. God bless them both!

  10. I believe she has a mental illness which would probably explain her “jumpy” behaviour and with her drug use it really makes her imbalanced chemically. I pray for her and her family. It’s sad because society is so judgemental and being in front of the camera makes people vulnerable for criticism…..when the world really dont even know what a person deals with behind closed doors. I am seriously praying for her well being. I had an aunt overdose on drugs and I believe she could have been saved, but without the understanding of her illness….family just wanted to “sweep” it under the rug.

  11. I was just watching reruns of “in the house” the other day. Her story is so sad and when I saw those videos of her acting crazy it saddened me deeply. She had so much potential and she is beatiful. I hope she is able to get it together not only for the sake of her daughter but herself as well.

  12. I didn’t know who this was until I watched the video.

    I didn’t even know she wasn’t doing well. Maia seems off with the jumpy behaviour and stroking her hair. I hope she gets better.

    • The drugs left a lasting effect. There were youtube videos of her a couple of years ago where she was strung out. It was bad, really scary. When you abuse drugs like that, even if you clean up the effects are still there. I had seen an interview she did a little while back about wanting to do a movie on her life & she was talking in circles & kept getting sidetracked. But i’m happy she’s getting better. & i’m happy not everybody from her family didn’t just give up on her. My grandmother has schizophrenia & when she was off her medication it was really scary, seeing her talking to her self, doing things out of the ordinary, she even attacked my aunt one night & my uncle had to tie her arms together to bring her to the hospital. But my family didn’t just up & leave her. We’re not giving up on her, & she’s been doing better for the past couple of months. A lot of people need someone in their corner to just keep cheering them on, not give up on them

  13. i saw a video on youtube of her and she was on drugs and acting very bad. i didnt recognize here. the video was very disturbing and you could see she didnt take very good care of herself. i hope her daughter’s plea will give her the strenght to turn herself around.

  14. Her daughter is beautiful and I really hope Maia gets the help she needs. I use to watch “In the House” every week back then. Keep your head up Maia .

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