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Alfonso Ribiero is pictured with newlywed wife Angela Unkrich and daughter Sienna,9, on their wedding day in Burbank, California. Alfonso and Angela tied the knot last month after several months of engagement. “I got engaged last night to Angela on Lake Tahoe surrounded by our dear friends and my daughter. Greatest day of my life,” Alfonso tweeted after asking Angela to be his wife in July.

The couple’s wedding was spectacular with Sienna taking part as one of the 175 onlookers who were happy to see the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ star marry again. “[Alfonso] had everyone he loved there supporting him — it was very special,” said the couple’s wedding planner.

Alfonso’s union to Angela is the actor’s second marriage. Sienna is Ribiero and ex-wife Robin Stapler’s only child together.

Photo: Monique Feil

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  1. I couldn’t even see Alfonso with a black woman. A white woman fits him well. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  2. He has a hot wife and beautiful daughter.

    I am glad for them.

    I did read some comments about his not being linked to black women.

    He has a right to be with whoever he wants.

  3. I guess Alfonso is another Taye Diggs, not wanting to be bothered with black women! His first wife was clearly a white woman, and now so is his second wife… I guess he was being true to his character “Carlton Banks the buffy.” Oh well. I hope that this marriage works for him.
    Cute daughter, by the way.

    • It’s interesting how black people feel like they own each other, and are bothered by the personal decisions that other people make. Why the h*** are you “disappointed”? Do you know Alfonso Ribiero personally? I will bet a year’s salary that you don’t! Who cares if he only likes white women.

  4. I dont think I even knew he had a child, but she sure does look just like him. Especially in the featured photo. She is cute.

  5. Sienna is so beautiful looking like daddy.. Wishing you happiness Alfonso!! At the EOD that is what we all are seeking … GOD BLESS!!

  6. How beautiful!!!! Lovely photos of a wonderful union! I love how he makes his daughter a part of this special day! Congratulations to the happy family!!!!!! :-)

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