Rapper Kid Cudi, whose real name is Scott Mescudi, has lost in the bitter custody battle over his daughter Vada. Mescudi has agreed to let the mother of his child get full custody of the two-year-old tot.

TMZ reports:

The custody war has been quietly raging on for over a year — with Cudi and his baby mama arguing back and forth over who should get full custody. Cudi said he got a place in Chicago just to be close to his daughter and her mother — and provided his daughter with generous support — but his baby mom said that was BS, insisting Cudi was provided “sporadic and inconsistent amounts” of support … and was an absentee dad.

In court docs, she also claimed Cudi has violent tendencies and a “long history of consistent drug and alcohol abuse.”

The two parties finally agreed to disagree on August 3rd — and Cudi let his baby mama take full custody. In return, she agreed to let him have visitation. Cudi will also pay child support.

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  1. This is the problem. These women know about all the bad habits these men have and still go out with them. Then when things so sour they use all these things against them. Kid Cudi may have his bad habits, but I’m sure he’s a good father and would never harm his child – so you can all stop hating on him. What we have here is one side of the story. We have no idea what happens behind closed door. When woman act like this, they portray themselves like Golddiggers!

    Kid Cudi has every right to get access to his child and not have to negotiate it. Goldigger!

  2. She reminds me of Stevie J & Mimi’s daughter.. I had to look twice ..
    But I hope they do what’s well for the baby in the end .. She’s adorable

  3. Cudi admitted to using coke like it’s nothing, but bragged how he stopped smoking weed like that’s the worse drug! I wouldn’t leave him alone w/ the baby…

    • I get thumbs down b/c i say he shouldn’t be left alone w/ his daughter? smh lmao. The man is a known druggy! Drugs bring out the worse in people, why would you leave your child around someone like that? Parent or not. He needs to get help, go to rehab or something. He should remain in his daughter’s life, but getting custody of her while your abusing drugs is a lost battle

      • I give you two thumbs up Trisha.

        I think it’s great that he actually was fighting for Vada, but he doesn’t seem like he could have cared for her full time. Scott has time to get clean and be the type of Father Miss Vada needs. I have faith in him…everyone should be given a chance to show they can change.

        • Thank you! I wasn’t saying he wasn’t a good father, b/c he’s probably a good father. & if he would get off drugs he would be a fantastic father to that baby. I want to see all those people leave their child w/ someone that abuses drugs.

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