Mariska Hargitay and her foundation, Joyful Heart, have teamed up with ‘Do the KIND Thing’ to bring hope to abused children throughout the nation. The actress recently worked with the initiative to distribute thousands of healing kits that will help kids who have been mentally and physically abused recover from such trauma. While on her trails to improve society, Hargitay found time to talk about motherhood with Parent.com. Here are a few things she had to say about co-parenting three children-August,6, Amaya,1, and Andrew,8-with husband Peter Hermann and scheduling rituals in her household.

The adoption process.

“My story is a little different than most. In our case the stars aligned in a different way. August came home from a playdate one day and said, ‘I want a baby Iris.’ Turns out, the playdate he was on, the child had a baby sister named Iris. When he said that, my husband, Peter, and I looked at each other and replied, ‘It is so interesting you said that.’ When we went ahead with the adoption, August thought it was his idea. Then he wanted a little boy. We said, really? A miracle happened and our second son, Andrew, fell out of the sky and into our home.”

Planning in the Hermann household.

“We have everything on a big calendar, which is color-coordinated. There’s one color for each child. The babies have classes three times a week, so those are in one category, and because August is older, he has his own thing. Aside from having a lot of communication so we don’t drop the ball, I’m also a fan of putting things in my iPhone and iPad.

How Mariska and Peter teach August to give back.

“I try to model it for him every day. I teach him what it means to be kind, such as sharing, helping his sister pick up toys, and letting her choose first what she wants to do. I continue to build on it so it becomes a child’s mind-set to be considerate. My dad always taught me that being kind is the way to live your life. He always said, if you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves. Just smiling at someone walking down the street can make the person’s day. It’s all about paying it forward.”




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  1. love MH. August ‘s *ss is too big for a stoller. andrew should be in there.
    glad the nenny is afrAM for amaya’s hair.

    I think it is going to be so cool when they are older that Amaya and Andrew are AfrAm who speak German!

  2. She great! I love her spirit and positive attitude… she has beautiful children!
    Oh, and it’s nice to see that she takes care of her kids instead of nannies. :)

    • The nanny is right next to her. A picture in a different site shows a wider view. Not that I’m holding that against her. I think nannies are wonderful (we call ours “nennies” the West Indian word for god-mother), the good ones take care of children when the parents aren’t around and step back when the parents are there, allowing the parents to “parent” their kids.

      Its a common misconception that women who use nannies are lazy or not good mothers. The opposite is mostly true. Having help allows a woman to be an even better mother. My mums childhood nanny is still part of our family. Her position evolved as my mums needs changed. We call her grand-mère or grand-maman depending on the occasion.

      I’m just saying, we love our nennnies, they are family and we treat them as such. My mum suffered from postpartum depression after each pregnancy and our nennies were invaluable during that time.

  3. Mariska is a very positive person, so realistic. And think how beautiful she says educating their children. I’ve read that in their daily intercourse, Mariska is very kind and polite. She wants to pass that on to their children. How nice! His beautiful family. August is a prince. Amaya a doll. Missing only see Andrews. In turn Mariska and Peter are a beautiful couple.

  4. I love Mariska. An actress beautiful, talented and very generous. She seems to be a great mother. And your kids are so cute.

  5. I too am adoptive mother of a now 30yr old. The idea of not having a child in my life was not going to happen! My son and his siblings are the joy that along with God wakes me up each morning and makes my life complete.

    Everyone, no matter what walk of life they come from, color, and sexual orientation deserves the chance to be a parent if they choose to….

  6. Amaya is so precious! She looks like she’s having a good time with her hands lol & she has her little feet crossed

  7. What a wonderful Mother she is.

    Same foot work lol

    August is a doll, what a cute little boy!

    Where’s baby Andrew at?

  8. Mariska is an awesome person! I said it before and I will say it again! More people should follow her lead! Her kids are soooooooooooooooooooooo lucky!!!

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