Actress Jada Pinkett Smith and her kids Jaden and Willow were spotted enjoying a day on the beach in Kauai, Hawaii on November 20, 2012.

Actress Sandra Bullock was spotted picking up her son Louis after a day of school. Louis was not in a good mood, but Bullock was there to save the day.

Halle Berry was seen picking up her daughter Nahla from schoo in Studio City, Ca on November 20th.

Pregnant model Amber Rose and her mother pick up lunch to go from The Cheesecake Factory on November 20, 2012 in Sherman Oaks, California. Amber, ex-girlfriend of rapper Kanye West, now engaged to rapper Wiz Khalifa, is showing quite the baby bump these days!

Photos: Fameflynet/GossipCenter/Zimbio

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  1. Hello there! This post could not be written any better!

    Looking through this article reminds me of my
    previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this.
    I am going to forward this article to him. Pretty sure he’s going to have a great read. Thank you for sharing!

  2. There’s my girl. Nahla will always melt my heart.. She is so beautiful.

    Jaden’s side profile pic is gorgeous!! Love that picture of him.

    It really is unfortunate of what has taken place/w Gabe and Olivier. I’m not going to sit here and act like a know the ends and outs of this messy situation. But as far as Nahla is concerned, it really is time that Halle, Gabe and now Olivier since he is in Halle’s life start handling matters differently. Obviously, no one seems to be taking in consideration how this will effect Nahla in the long run. Children surpress certain feelings and as they get older it will all come back in such a negative way. They really need to get it together!!!! Been messy way before Olivier and now he has been brought into the loop… SMH

      • All Olivier said to Gabriel was “Dépêchez-vous, que nous devons aller”. Which I am going to assume he said because Gabriel was late in bringing Nahla home and holding up whatever plans he and Halle had made.

        • It was Thanksgiving, Gabriel couldn’t have an extra 5 minutes or hour with his daughter? It sounds to me like Olivier is bitter for losing the battle. If he had kept his opinions to Halle, all would be fine.

      • @ sherley: olivier minding gabriel’s business is what rightfully set gabriel off.
        i wonder if gabreil had a gf adn she was all in nahla’s life how would halle feel ?

        • I wish it was Olivier who got his behind whooped. He had absolutely no right to be saying anything to Gabriel in regards to his daughter.

      • Olivier said “we need to move on” to Gabriel. Gabe pushed Olivier and then punched him in the face. Gabriel is at fault in a legal sense. I think they may get to go to France now, which is sad for Nahla. It may be a situation like Kelly Rutherford’s (her ex Husband has the kids in France) where Halle will have to pay for Gabriel’s flights and accommodations (car, housing situation ect.) while he’s in France.

        Poor Nahla Ariela…Gabriel can’t be within 100 yards of her, at the moment.

        • We don’t know what Olivier said to Gabriel & neither does the ‘witnesses’ as they were speaking in French. That comment doesn’t appear threatening so maybe he added & we’re going to get Nahla away from you sooner or later. Gabriel was wrong in the legal sense but Olivier had absolutely no right to address Gabriel about anything in regards to Nahla. God doesn’t like ugly & I hope Halle pays for the position she has placed her daughter in.

        • Halle set that up she know gabes temper and she had her boyfriend tip gabe over the edge that would be a twist if the judge say we are gonna put your child in custody until the parents stop acting like their nahlas age and the boyfriend minds his business

        • Gabriel had broken ribs, was knocked out, and then later restrained until the police got there. Oliver drove himself to the hospital to have his fists looked at. I would say he got his a** kicked. To top it off he started it, and was arrested after being treated at the hospital.

        • Oh Ms. Sherley I disagree. Olivier knocked Gabriel out, made a citizens arrest then later was driven or drove himself to the hospital. Gabriel’s mouth wrote a check that another part of his anatomy couldn’t pay.

          For all the Halle haters (personally I don’t have an opinion on her) who swear she is the devil while Gabriel is an angel, this incident should put to rest any doubt as to whether or not he has a temper…one he isn’t afraid to show around his child.

          Nahla was born in 2008, by the end of 2009 the relationship between Halle and Gabriel was over. End of 2009 into 2010, Olivier was in the picture. As a child aware of her surroundings, Nahla has spent more time as a family unit with Olivier than Gabriel, but its obvious she loves her father, but she also loves Olivier and you can tell he loves her too.

          To get upset with Olivier over his familiarity with Nahla is (fill in the blank). Gabriel needs to grow up. His position is precarious as we all know he doesn’t need 20k per month to take care of Nahla as he is not the custodial parent. He who pays the piper calls the tune, and in this case Gabriel is NOT the piper.

          • “Gabriel is NOT the piper”, thats funny. I miss reading your blog. When are you starting up again. I liked the drama between Big Baby and his money loving girlfriend. Did she get a job as yet?

        • How are you guys putting the blame on Gabriel? He has handed off his child several times since Halle & Olivier have been together & shortly after he won in court, he would instigate a fight? You guys can believe that, but I don’t. Olivier use to box so it’s conceivable that he would come out on top. However, Olivier suffered from neck injuries as well as the hand injury. Gabriel wasn’t held overnight at the hospital nor was he knocked out with the first punch. Olivier had to get on top of him to hit him & ‘knock him out’ as you guys say. So he did hold his own, IMO. Olivier walked up to Gabriel & started the altercation. Olivier does not have any right to be there, he should have kept his gaunt looking behind in the house, where he belongs. He was able to make a citizen’s arrest because Gabriel was at their residence. Gabriel can also make a citizen’s arrest as he was hurt the most. Personally I like Halle, but this is turning me off from her. Now there is a restraining order preventing him from seeing his daughter. Nahla is going to have to be without her father because the three adults in her life are idiots. Halle is just as ghetto as concrecha from the projects.

  3. Heyyyy Jaden :)

    Louis stay dressed like a fly old man 😀

    I’m bored with Halle and Nahla’s planned pics.

  4. Louis looks like the little man he is w/ that hat. He’s so cute, maybe he didn’t want to leave school lol

    Willow is gonna surpass Jaden in the height department real soon lol

    What was the reason to post that Amber is an ex of another person? Not like he’s the father of her baby. You don’t do that w/ any other celeb. It just needs to read “Rapper Wiz Khalifa’s fiancee, Amber Rose….” smh Amber & Kanye haven’t been together in like 2+ years.

  5. Willow and Jaden look like twins with their matching haircuts. Love little Louis in his hat looking like a grown man! Nahla pulling Halle like she’s in a hurry. Did y’all have to mention that Amber is Kanye’s ex either way it looks like she’s about to pop!

  6. Lol seeing little Louis makes me happy! Need more Kenzo and Curtis Jr pictures. Speaking of Kenzo, Djimon confirmed his split from Kimora and that they NEVER married… Something I’ve been saying from jump.

    • I knew they weren’t married in US but they had some form of marital ceremony in Africa..I think. Darn shame they are separating now. What’s going on in marriages\relationships these days?

      Baby Louis melts my heart.

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