“Making all kinda faces!” tweets Tia Mowry-Hardrict as a caption to this adorable picture of her and son Cree. The actress recently admitted that she and husband Cory Hardrict share a bed with their 16-month-old son. In a blog post called “Yes, My Son Co-Sleeps With Us”, Tia reflects on why she made a decision to co-sleep with her son. She writes:

Okay, I’m gonna admit it! And I am not afraid to admit it: Cree still sleeps with Mom and Dad. There, I said it! But let’s be honest — I was not always confident with such a statement.

The park is often a place where moms get together and chat about all things mommy. For example, did you have a natural birth, are you still breastfeeding, what is the best stroller? The list goes on and on. However, when this one question would come up — “How is he sleeping?” — I would find myself skipping the part where I would say, “Yeah, he’s actually still in bed with momma and dadda.”

Why, you may ask? When I was pregnant, many parents would tell me without me even asking for their advice, “Do not keep your baby in your bed! You will forever regret it! Don’t do it! It’s bad, bad, bad!”

Well, fast forward, Cree was in our bed… and now feeling a little guilty since I had always heard this is the one thing NOT to do, I decided to have a consultation with a sleep expert. She cut straight to the chase and filled me in on the pros and cons. Read More at IVillage.com.

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  1. Why use the term “admit” like it is something wrong? Why bring it up? Each mother makes their own decisions about how they want to raise their kids. We co-slept till by daughter was three and my son four. Heck, I saw a breastfeeding ad where a toddler – I’d say she was about 3 or 4 years old happily nursing her happy mom. Now, I am pro-breastfeeding but I personally do not think I would have taken it to 3 or 4. But like I said, to each mom her own. Coming out and making “shocking” statements like that where she has to “admit” to something she’s doing seems a bit attention seeking to me. Do your thing. Stop involving the press in every little detail of your lives. We see you, we see your l’il cutie pie. Chill.

    • lisa, Tia is saying “admit” bc co sleeping IS A bad thing. AAP is against it. Not just bc of the risk of rolling over on the child, but bc it makes the child dependant on another human for sleep instead of self soothing.

      • Yeah, I think that’s what she meant. I’ve heard many stories about babies sleeping in the bed with their parents, and being suffocated by them. It’s definitely not a good thing.

  2. If Cory is comfortable with it and obviously Tia, why should other people care. I doubt very seriously she initiates these articles a lot of them are for celebrity blogs/magazines why be so critical? My son is 2 and still sleeps with us and we love it. Cory had no problem on the show voicing his likes/dislikes so I in no way get the impression that he could be forced to agree to it. Tia does not seem to be any different than ANY new mom about her first child. It amazes me how people take the time to read and criticize others, if they do not care for them why read it? Congratulations to Tia and Tamera on their beautiful sons. I hope they raise them in their comfort zone and not on others opinions.

  3. I dont think parents should sleep with their kids if they are wild sleepers. Like myslef, I dont have kids yet, but I know I sleep like I work all 3 shifts, so I would never co sleep. BUT! if you are people who can sleep with their and dont have to worry about anything like that. because my sister have 4, yes 4 kids. 7, 4, 3 and 8 months and they all sleep with her. every night. She really seem comfortable sleeping with them and there has been no problems. So I cant agree that co-sleeping is not okay.

  4. -I like Tia and her family, I think she worries about “what other people think” too much..every parent should do what works at THEIR house
    -how can you be too attached to a child, especially one under age 5? maybe more mothers should be too attached and more protective of their kids but we won’t go there
    -lol at y’all acting like the only time you can have sex is in the bed, at night

  5. My great-grandmother’s youngest sister suffocated to death at 7 months when their mother accidentally rolled over onto her during the night. She was so exhausted that neither she nor her husband heard the baby’s (possible) whimpers or gasps. Absolutely no one in my immediate or extended family has co-slept with their children because of this tragedy. Other families can do what they wish, that’s their choice, but the fear of rolling over onto my child is far too great for me to ever co-sleep.

    • Another baby dies from co-sleeping:Baby dies while sleeping with mother.Infant not yet three months old died early Thanksgiving Day in bed beside his mother. This is why I do not support co-sleeping, this happen in my city.

  6. I don’t see a problem with it if both parents agree. Our 9 yr old daughter slept with us until she was 2. One day she just decided to sleep in her own room, on her own. She has been there every since. Our 11 mth old is no longer sleeping with us. She sleeps too wild and she tries to escape while we are sleeping.

    • My son slept with us for 4 years. We had his little brother when he was 2.5 years old, and then it was the four of us in the bed together. It was one of the most special times in our lives. The bond we have with our boys is very strong. My oldest is now 12 and his brother is 9. They have their own rooms and are very well adjusted, independent young men. They love their own rooms. Co sleeping as a baby and early toddler years with us, I think gave them a good foundation in life and a strong bond with the us as their parents. They have developed into well loved, very secure pre-teens. In school they have exemplary behavior, and they often get the honor roll. So my experience with co-parenting has been wonderful.

  7. There is nothing wrong with letting your little one sleep in bed with mama and daddy. My husband and I share the bed with TWO of our children. Yes, it is crowded, but they love it and it’s our decision. The youngest is one and the other just turned three. We started having the three year old stay in his own room but we have house guests who needed a place to stay and they’re using his room so we let him stay with us until his room is available. And yeah, it’s a pain to get them to get used to sleeping alone after sleeping with their parents for a long time, but just like weaning and potty training, with persistence, it will come. If ppl don’t like the idea, you are free not to, but there is nothing wrong with it!

  8. Yes to each his own as Tia says…but later for all that….I want my privacy and that child needs to learn to sleep in his own bed…she was talking about wanting baby #2 soon…if you can’t get baby #1 out the bed…then that possibility is a lllooonnnggg shot!!

  9. I don’t agree with the majority who thinks Tia is “too attached” to Cree — how can any mother be “too attached” to her baby? I just simply think she is enjoying her baby. They grow up so fast and all to soon little Cree won’t even be wanting his mommy to pick him up and cuddle. Tia should do whats best for her and her baby :-)

    • Ha ha … I just KNEW somebody was gonna give the thumbs down to my comment. It’s all good though as we are all entitled to our own thoughts to which I stand my mines when I say no mother can EVER be “too attached” to her baby! Thankfully Cree was blessed to have Tia as his mommy and not some others ………. 😉

  10. I think she should go ahead and break that habit now before he gets to used to it and cant get him to sleep alone. I took naps with my daughter but that was it. Can’t deal with little feet kicking me all over the place..lol!! I don’t think its a bad thing, but I do think she should bip it in the bud now!!

  11. On occasion I sleep with my parents, it’s a treat reserved for me, the only girl. Not as much fun as you might think since my parents sleep next to each other and whoever else is in the bed has to sleep on the end.

    I think that Tia is letting the baby sleep with her as a comfort to her, not the baby. While I assume she is still bre*st feeding, she should put the baby to sleep in his room when shes done.

    But to each his own. Why she is discussing this in public I don’t understand. She is giving us, the public, permission to comment on her choices so I will add this comment…I wonder how the husband feels about the baby being in the bed? In a way I think this alienates the husband because he’s between a rock and a hard place. If he doesn’t want the baby in the bed everyone will think that he’s mean, but at the same time the wife will be wondering what happened to the “closeness” they shared before they had the baby. The man has no choice but to keep his opinions to him self.

    My dad has a colleague, a man, who has three younger kids from his second marriage. At first he put up with the co-sleeping, then as they had more kids he would peek into HIS ROOM and if the bed was “full” he would sleep downstairs in the guest room (I know this because the dumb wife can’t keep her mouth shut). On occasion he would sleep at our house after a “boys night” out. Eventually he started sleeping else wheres (you get what I mean).

    I’m not advocating that it’s okay for a man to leave his wife if he has to share his bed with his children, I’m only saying that the same way my parents keep everyone out of their marriage, even their own kids for the betterment of their marriage, there should not be anyone extra in the marriage bed. It for the husband and wife and occasionally a treat for the kids.

  12. I think it’s ridiculous, but that’s me. I never did this, so I CANNOT relate. To each their own.

    I must agree with PlainMean…Tia seems like she has separation anxiety, which is an issues. It’s OK to miss your baby and want them around you, heck I still miss my 5 and 2 year old during the day when I’m at work, it’s normal…but I’m getting this vibe that Tia is a little TOO attached.

      • She might think all is well at 16 months, but when you can’t get a 6 year old to sleep in his own bed I don’t believe it will feel like “all is well”.

        Well they have time to make baby number two with this “co-sleeping” crap?

        I really want to read her thoughts on this in a year or two. I’m also interested to see Tamera’s take on co-sleeping with Aden once he’s Cree’s age.

  13. Who cares! I don’t understand why this is news? She is not the only person who lets her kid sleep in the bed with her. I think it’s fine if that’s what works for her. But why do we need to know about every little decision she makes with her son. Good Lord I can see myself getting sick of her and baby Cree stories.

  14. She seems extremely attached to Cree, which I understand, but she needs to loosen up. I strongly believe in keeping my bed for me and my husband! No children allowed because that’s our spot and place to relax and connect, especially after a long day. Wonder how Corey feels about it.

    • I have a feeling that Corey is probably against it. I do think that Tia is a little too attached. I wonder how she’s going to be when he actually starts school and stuff…lol!!

  15. Tia I too am guilty of this. With my first I was so attached to her and it was easier to care for her at night with her with us in bed and now, she’s three and won’t leave lol. I however don’t do this with my twins girls though, I’ve learn my lesson.

    I love his little smile and his faces. One of the cutest photos of these two I’ve seen so far :)

  16. Everybody has to do what’s best for them. But I remember when we bought our first home and all our furniture except the new king bed we purchased was still in storage. Both of our boys ages 1 and 2 at the time slept with us for almost two weeks. I was so glad when we were able to get their beds because they were kicking me and my husband butts. We would wake up with legs in our back, feet in our faces and arms across our throats. A few nights my husband gave up and slept on the floor. When we finally got their room fixed up they cried and tried to come back in our room but we weren’t having that!

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