Singer Beyonce has shared never-before-seen pictures of daughter Blue Ivy,10 months, on her Tumblr page. Check out the pictures below!

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Photos: Tumblr

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  4. I feel like I was set up.I clicked the link to see little Blue’s photos, and all I got was more Beyonce’.o_O

  5. WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW people be way to serious like they know these people up close and peronal SMH @ ALL THE ARGUING!

  6. All i can do is laugh how so many post about Halle berry like people really know whats going on in thier situation.. and be way to serious about it……… i could care less about what goes on in others private lives… THIS SITE CAN BE A BIT ANNOYING @TIMES arguing as though you know these individuals up close and personal SMH!

  7. Baby Blue’s hair is so beautiful. Beyonce’s braids need a touch up.

    I’m not team Gabe or anything, but Oliver needs to sit his temporary behind down talking about, “We need to move on…” WTF? That’s his daughter you idiot. Halle check your dude. smh

    Mashonda is so mature and together for not disputing Alicia’s words in Jet. Obviously Keys was covering up the infidelity for PR purposes. It may hurt her sells as well. But Mashonda was graceful in her interview. Props to her

  8. The temporary restraining order that was placed on Gabriel expires Tuesday, of course Halle is running to the courts to get a permanent one that expires indefinitely. Now that’s a shocker. Gabriel didn’t attack Nahla or Halle. In fact, I’m betting he wouldn’t have done anything to Olivier if he hadn’t approached him. Maybe Gabe deserves a RO on Olivier, but Nahla? There needs to be a place they can exchange Nahla without anyone being there but Halle, Gabe and a mediator. Halle will reap what she sows.

  9. What I’m trying to understand is why are people getting so mad just because we want to see Blue’s pretty face?

    • I dont think people are upset about wanting to see the baby’s face. Its the fact that Beyonce posting a picture of the back of the baby’s head……WHY BOTHER!!! I never seen a photo album or facebook page with a picture of the back of someone’s head. It doesnt make sense. You either show a picture of the face or dont at all!!! Im not a Beyonce basher…but it smells of attention seeking.

      • I AGREE!! If they were flashing her face all across the internet people would say they are using her for profit and STILL find something to complain about!!

  10. So Mashonda is a singer and writer now ehh,just like Alicia.Anyway,I feel bad for Mashonda,having to see pics of Alicia and her ex everywhere,and having to hear about how rich and happy they are.However,things aren’t always as they seem,and karma always gets people back.The thing is that it make take a long time,and you may never be there to see how the got what they really deserved.You just got to trust that they will get their’s someday.There are also rumors that Swizz beats is now cheating on Alicia,and if he is,Alicia would probably do every and anything to keep people from finding out,so she can save face.

    • Get on with your life, Mashonda. On to the next one. Damn, the relationship been over. Why is you on BCK trying to dog them out? They didn’t make one man and stop. Get up from the computer, wipe those tears and open up the door to a new man and a new relationship. Dag…

    • the woman who had, the affair with swizz and had a son for him, causing mashonda to miscarry her son(so she said). Will Karma pass her straight, The lady from England who has a daughter for swizz, even though he was supposedly married, she not getting any Karma. Only Alicia, right. Smdh

  11. Halle Berry needs to be a Wo-man and do whatever is best for her child. Gabriel wants to be involved and help in the raising of his child. What is the problem?

    She is clearly putting a new man in front of what her daughter needs. Tmz stated that Olivier said something along the lines of: We need to move on…..( as in we are trying to go to France on such & such date)…..they probably had words that caused the fight.

    violence is not the answer but Imagine battling Halle, her family, lawyers, security, nannies etc for 2 years just to spend a few hrs or couple days with your child! And now this dude who aint got nothing to do with it wants to speak…gtfoh!


  13. Amber’s mom looks like she goes to the tanner. Alicia having another child would be nice. Thanks for sharing another back of the head shot of Blue, she gots a full head of hair.

  14. This is just a question, but how long did MJ keep his kids face covered up? I wanna know why some people feel like celebrties owe it to us to spread their whole life out on the table. Beyonce released pictures that she wanted to be released. She is obviously not forcing the childs head in that direction. Beyonce is holding the child therefore she can’t take the pic so why is she still to blame? Blue has the rest of her life to be harassed and followed for pictures. Can he turn one before her face is plastered everywhere? Beyonce was open about her pregnancy, but obviously she’s a little more private when it comes to her child, arent you? You don’t like looking at the back of Blue’s head, the don’t its just that simple.

    I would love to another baby with A. Keys and Swizz, I like them together.

    I’m over Halle and her baby daddy drama. I still stick to the fact that she shouldve got a sperm donor. All of the shenanigans she is putting Nahla and Gabriel through is truly selfish. Gabriel was wrong for starting the physical fight, but I could understand why he would be frustrated. Berry just seems off, almost like a scorned old woman.

    • Why do people feel the need to compare how MJ handled his children with how Beyonce & Jay handle theirs? MJ kept his kids faces covered all the time. He never posted any pictures of them in any form. The only pictures one saw where when the pap caught them walking around with masks on.. B & J actually post pictures of Blue to appease their fans who keep complaining. There is a difference.

      • There is no comparison. MJ, in the past, has gotten major threats. They threatened to kidnap his kids. Also, it was Debbie Rowe’s idea to mask the kids. Not MJ’s. Beyoncé isn’t even on that level, so stop comparing and contrasting her to MJ.

  15. Lol Djimon got out just in time before those awkward Christmas pictures with him, Kimora, Russell, and the kids…. Lol… All in matching sweaters.

    • I always knew kimora and dijamon was a relation just to have the lil guy… what man you know stay with a woman who continues to be seen with her ex-husband 90% of the time that was happening with bruce and demi and you see ashton got out of dodge…. that make the new man look like a punk im sorry…. I can see a few family photos with divorce parents taking photos with new spouse and the kids, but when it happens everytime something aint right….. and another thing I dont believe I have ever heard Kimora and Djimon say they were married… ever….

      as far as Halle sheis playing these two men against eachother and she eating it up, she better watch it they will get toghter and mess her up one day…. she is getting older now she need to chill out with that “Who can I bother today because Im jealous” Gab wants to take care of his child and this new man dont know whats going on but he needs to stay out of their mess not add to it.. forget it he added to it by hitting gabe and wanting to take the child to france.Both of the men are looking crazy and abusive…. she can dump the new guy saying he was abusive too because they did fight in front or near that little girl… Halle (this is a kids blog so I have to be quiet)

      Beyonce is my favorite singer but her baby is small she has grown she is still in baby form… iis she walking or standing… or saying dada yet?

      I like Meshonda and I like Alicia…. girls get it together because while you all are focusing on eachother their may be another female waiting in the wings…. which I doubt swiss is an alright brother… I love him because he takes care of his kids and he love alicia… meshonda yes you were married to him but its over find someone who wants and love you

  16. It really is unfortunate of what has taken place/w Gabe and Olivier. I’m not going to sit here and act like a know the ends and outs of this messy situation. But as far as Nahla is concerned, it really is time that Halle, Gabe and now Olivier since he is in Halle’s life start handling matters differently. Obviously, no one seems to be taking in consideration how this will effect Nahla in the long run. Children surpress certain feelings and as they get older it will all come back in such a negative way. They really need to get it together!!!! Been messy way before Olivier and now he has been brought into the loop… SMH

    Had to repost my comment on this post to. I just cannot believe these grown folks can’t get it together!!!

  17. I can’t believe Olivier won in the little fight between him and Gabriel. TMZ claims they got into an argument cause Olivier said something like “We need to get over this” meaning I guess him and Gabe would get into little tiffs from time-to-time when he’d come to pick up or drop off his daughter, and Gabriel pushed him. They also claim that they were arguing in French, so no one but the two of them knows what was said.

    It seems like if TMZ’s report is right, then Gabriel’s totally in the wrong for starting a fight near his daughter all because someone’s attempting to bury the hatchet of whatever issues the two of them have.

    As for the thing with Jada, I think it’s a nice thing to let your child have control over their appearance once they’re about 11+, guaranteed that it’s age appropriate. Willow’s not wearing booty shorts or dressing like a video vixen, so her appearance and her mother’s allowing of her to dress/look however she wants is fine.

  18. I am so sick and tired of only seeing the back of this baby,s head. Is there not one Pap that can capture her from the front??

  19. Wow Blue will be a year old soon. My how time flies! I Love all the pics on Beyonce’s tumblr page. They are all very unique and I can tell from the pics she loves to travel, eat, drink, and just have fun!!

    Amber is so pretty preggo!!

    I don’t know what to say about Halle and her men. I really wish they all would grow up and do what is best for the baby.

    I hope Alicia and Swizz have a little girl..

  20. I actually like how Beyonce and Jay share just enough of their personal life with their fans without putting all of their business out there! That’s one thing I’ve admired about Bey and that has kept her out of trouble over the years – she’s good at controlling how much she lets the public see, and that’s smart. The picture of her and Blue is beautiful and we don’t need to see Blue’s face posted everywhere! If that bothers you… Build a bridge!

    The mess with Gabriel and Halle is just way too ridiculous at this point. They need to be forced into therapy, and not allowed to leave until they get some darn sense. I’m shocked that Gabe got his butt kicked by Olivier tho! Lol. He lost mad sexy points for that!

    • lmao i was a little shocked too that Gabe got the most injuries. Oliver ain’t no spring chicken!

      • Just read that Oliver use to be a boxer YIKES! I guess Gabe didn’t know this, or he probably wouldn’t have thrown the 1st punch

        • I’m going to wait until Halle turns over the footage caught on her camera to the police before I agree with Gabriel throwing the first punch. While Gabe does have anger issues, I still think Olivier and Halle used that to their advantage & set him up.

  21. I wish they just show their baby face so ppl would stop saying crap about it! Get over it if she looks like her dad or not is their business but stop showing pictures if you are not showing her face is annoying!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Yes!! The back of the head shots is getting a little NO a lot old at this point…. Blue is a Blessing and their child but really though.

  23. I have a feeling that Oliver provoked that man into hitting him. Plus Oliver should have never approached him to begin with. He has a child with Halle, not you. Stay out of it.

    Jada, that’s your kid. Nothing else need to be explained.

    Beyonce will probably show her face once she gets a little bit older but for now I guess these will do..

  24. Halle Berry seems like a manipulative, primitive witch. It’s amazing that she ever became as successful as she has. Good thing for her and Nahla that her business life is seemingly more organized than her personal life. JMO

    I like the loving gesture depicted between Beyonce and her baby girl even though neither are pictured facing the camera.

    • Halle is the witch huh? The fight is between these two men but Halle is the witch. Nothing about the two men that were fighting in front of a child., at least until Halle took her inside. Makes so much sense.

      @Jasmyn and whoever else felt Oliver provoked Gabriel…Gabriel is a grown *ss man. Halle took him to court, did not get her way, and now he can see his daughter as often as his visitation allows with no barriers. Let them say whatever the heck they want. Shoot, if she or Oliver keeps acting a fool, take a recorder and a witness and then take THEM to court. But no, instead of acting like the grown *ss man that he is suppose to be, he wants to punch the guy. I can’t tell you how many people piss me off from time to time but I am a mature woman that knows how to keep my emotions in check, smile in their face, and turn and walk away. I know who I am so you can come at me however you want, and it still doesn’t change who I am. Gabe is Nahla’s father. Halle and Oliver can never take that away from him. So he should just love his daughter to the best of his abilities and live his like as successfully as he can. But be a man and control your emotions. This is the second time he’s gotten physical in the presence of his child; atleast that we’ve heard of. But Halle is the W*tch. Y’all are geniuses.

      • Yeah…not only is Halle a witch, (nicer way to put it but b can substitute w in witch) but her behavior now and in the past shows she is also a narcissist with child like behavior.

        I guess she is entitled, being lauded for years as one of the world’s most beautiful people. Halle and Olivier , both middle aged people in their forties, need to sit down. Nahla’s life is serious.

      • Halle Berry is familiar with violence and drama in her relationships. Do you recall her getting her ears boxed by Wesley Snipes, just to mention one instance?

        She probably loves the “baby Mama drama” she is putting on Gabriel. Don’t forget, she from Cleveland (no disrespect to Cleveland…I’m just saying.)

        I hope Gabriel’s face did not get messed up, because as an international model it’s been his meal ticket. If it is, I hope he sues Halle for instigating the whole mess. How does she expect him to ever make a living to support Nahla if she gets her boyfriend to beat hm up and muck him up?

        • Your comments sometimes are just…WOW!! Are you trying to imply that it’s Halle’s fault Wesley Snipes popped her ear drums? Blame the woman in a domestic violent situation smh What does that incident have to do w/ this one? Absolutely nothing!
          What does her being from Cleveland have to do w/ anything?!
          & Gabe was the one that threw the 1st punch, Halle did not send Oliver out there to start fighting. Oliver went out there to make peace. Do you honestly think Halle would instigate a fight like that during a time where she’s trying to get Gabe & a judge to allow her to move Nahla?! & Gabe’s face getting messed up wouldn’t mess up his modeling career b/c he hasn’t modeled since he knocked up Halle. He’s living off his child support! Why is women always being blamed in situations like this? Gabe & Oliver are grown men. They knew better to fight in front of Nahla. If Gabe didn’t want to talk to Oliver he could have been a big boy & drove off. Oliver could have walked back in the house after Gabe punched him the 1st time & just called the cops. You think Halle was in the background cheering them on in the background?! You couldn’t be serious.

          • Yes I am serious and Halle was probably cheering on her jack leg old boyfriend. You love dissecting my comments. You say what you want to say and I write what I feel. I’m so over you always attacking my opinions because you disagree. You’re in your early 20’s you say? Really? You still have a lot to learn. WoW!

          • I know you’re relatively a young person, but there are so many jokes about Cleveland, Ohio the city and its natives, and if you knew any of them you would understand why I point out where Halle Berry is originally from. It’s tongue in cheek, but she sure as hell wasn’t born in Malibu, California or Paris, France.

      • Shi, can’t you make your point without being snide and sarcastic? You have some valid points but stick to the facts. Sarcasm is a form of anger and ain’t nobody mad on here. I know I’m not.

    • The males in the Halle Berry situation were made to do battle over me Lady and her little girl, but I believe Halle Berry must be peri-menopausal and her hormones are raging making her act crazier than she normally is.

      It becomes more clear why every man wants to get paid by her after they hit it. I hope these two get some payment for damages since it happened at her luxurious property. Just using her innate street ways to set Gabriel up.

      Again, JMO.

  25. Blue has a nice head & cute Binky from what i can see. I was one of those people who said “they don’t have to show their child’s face if they don’t want to…” but to purposely keep doing it is getting weird lol. I guess come February when she turns 1 they’ll show her? I mean they can’t keep her in hiding can they? Since she has gotten more older in months, she’s more mobile now but they don’t bring her out anymore. She’ll probably rip that blanket off her head walking down the street lmao

    Oliver & Gabe are a hot mess! I honestly think Oliver was trying to make peace by saying “We have to move on from this…” but Gabe wasn’t having it. This is gonna get bad

    Amber’s belly is so cute! I can’t wait to see the lil one. & i wish they would stop calling her the ex of Kanye. They’ve been broken up for like 2+ yrs now. She’s engaged & happy w/ someone else smh

    Kimora & Djimon aren’t separated, they just broke up. They were never married. but i’m sure they’ll be great co-parents

  26. Jigga Jr is gonna have some long, thick hair when she grows up :)

    Kimora never divorced Russell in my eyes…..

    So over Halle’s drama *yawns*

    I can see Alicia getting pregnant sooner than later 😀

  27. Im so sick of Beyonce and Jay Z, they are both really annoying!

    Jada tried too hard to be philosophical…on sick of her talking abt her,”parenting”. If you want to call it that. Both will and jada have gone too Hollywood that they are too wired to me. The Bible says, train a child up in the direction he is to go not the other way around!

    I am so sick of GABRIEL! I wished would go sit down and leave Halle and nahla alone. He is such a loser. Go get a Jon you bum! You were nothing but a sperm donor, get a clue.Halle and nahla have moved on and do not need you if if you are an abusive, racist, mooch!

  28. Really??? We can’t even see Blue…ridiculous post from Beyonce!

    I must say all her pictures on her page were interesting…I like ’em!

  29. Agreeing with Tiffany, I thought they were going to be close ups of Blue smiling or something. But I smiled when I saw her holding Beyonce’s earring in her hands. Kids love pulling out earrings.

    Mashonda needs to stop talking already. She did all her talking & attacking when this happened & Alicia didn’t say anything. Now it’s Alicia’s turn & she doesn’t need a rebuttal from Mashonda. If Swizz didn’t have two children while he was with her, I may have sympathy, but stop coming at Alicia because she’s the star & the one he fell ‘in love’ with.

    I can’t believe what happened with Gabriel & Olivier. Somehow I think Olivier must have said something regarding Nahla for Gabriel to go off like that. Halle truly needs to stop putting that man through hell. Here is a man who wants to be a father & she’s acting like a witch. She’s starting to get on my bad side now.

    For the final time Jada, Willow is your child, do as you please with her & stop explaining things to people who do not matter in her upbringing. No one is saying anything about Jaden growing or cutting his hair or dating Kendall Jenner. Leave Willow be..goodness.

    Hope Alicia has a girl this time..she’d be so pretty.

    Can’t wait till Amber gives birth!

    • Agreed about Mashonda. She wasn’t concerned about her sons well being when she put that letter on twitter for the world to see. Go write your book.

      sidenote: I see all the usuals being thumbed down lol

  30. Im not a fan, but I agree with @Tiffany, if they are going to take pics of their child and post them for the world to see, they could at least show the child face without her head facing the camera, or a blurred pic or a pic thats far away.

    Oan: I knew Kimora and Djimon were no longer together. Its obvious when they are never pictured together in anything. On the link to the story, someone posted that they think she is still in love with russell. Hey, who knows.

    I would like to see how a girl would look from alicia keys and swizz. SInce egypt is such a cutie.

    • Since my comment is awaiting mod (shocker)..you bring up a good point, the russell being in everything they do was a bit weird. I wonder if that played a part in their separation.

      • @sherley, lol, mine didnt await mod, I was shocked.

        and on kimora, maybe, idk. it was a little weird. yeah I know they have history and they may be good friends, but ahhhhhh, no!.

        Im trying to figure out why I have 26 dislikes, lol, im real confused. Oh well.

  31. How is Kimora “seperated” if she was never married?

    Beyonce took it all the way back to the DC days with the braids. Lol. The mommy and daughter picture is too cute.

    I agree with what Jada had to say. People are way too critical of Willow over the silliest things.

  32. What is with this Simmons and Hounsou are “separated” nonsense. Yes they are separated but they were never legally married. Simmons gets alimony from her ex which would stop if she were to get remarried. By doing this religious “ceremony” with Hounsou she gets to have her cake and eat it too. Common law marriage laws doesn’t even apply (according to mother dear :-) ), since they were not “married” long enough for those to kick in.

    Mrs. Pinkett-Smith…please stop talking. It’s obvious even you are doubting your “parenting style”. Thank God for old fashioned parents like mine who believe children should be children. In America a child only has 18 years to be a child then 70+ years (God willing) to be an adult. Why rush it?

    • this time I agree with you, she should shush. But the other times, she was interviewed , what was she to do, say no comment. then when she do have work to promote, she wont get any interviews, Plus that old school style don’t work for every child. Most of the things Jada talk about doing with her kids, i did it with my daughter and have not regretted it.n However, my neice, have to be parented the old school way.

  33. I saw a picture of Amber Rose when she was a child. Poor thing. She looked like a lttle homely white child. But now she got a little color, a little, and she’s pretty.
    I wish that dude she’s with would gain some weight. Wiz whoever. And I hate going to those other sites and they say she has a gut full of wizzy. That sounds so stupid..

  34. Dear Jada,
    Get a clue, please! Willow is a CHILD! This expressing yourself ordeal has exceeded its usage as a valid excuse!
    A Concerned Fan

    • Everyone has a different way of raising their kids. Jada is raising her child the way SHE wants to raise HER child. It’s none of your or anyone else’s concern. There is nothing wrong with Willow. She is smart, respectful, talented and educated. Just listen to Willow speak. The outer exterior does not define who they are. So what if she decided to cut her hair. It’s her hair. Look at her grandmother’s hair. Watch their Red Table Talk videos on Youtube. You’ll get an understanding of who they are and their family dynamic.

      • So the blue, green, and purple hair dye every other week must be acceptable too huh? If society can’t take Willow’s outer appearance seriously than you can FORGET about them worrying about her core values! Its just that simple…the real problem is that Jada forgot that she was from Baltimore…

  35. Ok not to sound negative but personally I feel like if they are not going to share real pictures of this baby to their fans or keep sharing blurred picture of her face then just keep her private that is their baby and if they do not want the world to see her then that is their decision, but make a comittment I am personally tired of seeing the back of this baby head or a blurred picture of her face either show the baby or keep it private but make a choice already its getting a little old


    • If you are “tired” of seeing her then maybe you should skip to the next post? She posts pictures on her Tumblr/Instagram quite regularly and she happen to post a pic of her giving her daughter a kiss on Thanksgiving. What’s the problem? Everyone has already seen her child, she has a whole Tumblr for her daughter and NONE of the picturs were “blurred”. Her fans are not the ones that bothered…

      • You want her to skip to another post & miss ten other items because she wants to share her opinion on one of those topics? I’d understand if she went unto Beyonce’s tumbler page & made that comment, however, she didn’t. I know you simply adore Beyonce, but it’s perfectly fine that she (and anyone else) feels differently.

        • But her post was about Beyonce hence my response was to her. So what’s your point? There are about 7 or 8 other stories linked and the only one she commented on is Beyonce’s. Had she had a comment for the others maybe I would have had a reply for them too just like the person who wrote a response to the person who commented on Willow.. That’s what the reply button is for…This has nothing to do with “adoring” Beyonce.

          • Ok really first of all I am not expecting for any body to agree with what I am saying I said my piece in a respectful way not disrespecting anybody so if you are not mature enough to respond with out bashing maybe you need to go look at some photos of Justin Beiber or what ever you tweens are into now in days.

          • If you are having problem with understanding plain English the point is there is nothing wrong with keeping your life private however most celebrities who keep their life private do just that it is a reason why some kids are on every People magazine and Us Weekly and some are not what I am saying is make a choice I was a little tired of seeing the back of this baby head. That is all I am saying why share a intimate picture of your baby with fans if they can not even really see her?

          • @ T you are lying there are no pictures of Blue on Tumblr or instagram they are all the same she just joined not too long ago so get the facts right.

        • Amen! Sherley. If people took their own life more seriously than they take a post about someone else’s life, I could just imagine how better off they would be.

          If people could throw stones on here, there will be alot of stoned people because its someone always on here trying to control other peoples opinion.

          Yeah, I said it, you cant whoop me lol.

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