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  1. I wonder why kim kardashian is with the pippens all the time now. Posing in thier family photos and everything. is she with scottie pippen now? I wouldnt be surprised tho..

  2. How did I miss these pictures? My goodness..so much cuteness in one gallery. Aden is too adorable in his outfit. Kenzo & family are awwww. Jackson Bosh makes me smile with his cute self. I’m in love with Roc playing the piano.

  3. Aden is throwing up the peace sign! haha. He’s so cute!

    Kim Kardashian is make her way more & more on this blog lol

  4. is there something wrong with beautiful baby Aden’s eyes? they seem to be a little odd i am only saying this out of curiosity and in absolutely NO way am i trying to be malicious thank you btw all the kids look beautiful!

    • I don’t believe there is anything wrong with baby Adens eyes. He’s newborn — most newborns eyes look strange.

    • What is the red bracelet around Aden’s hand symbolize? I’ve seen numerous people with them on, but I thought it was an East Indian culture thing…excuse my ignorance I really don’t know.

      • It’s not ignorance Evelina! I know a lot of people wonder that. But i know in the jamaican culture, a red string is tied around the baby’s wrist to ward off evil & chase away duppy’s (jamaican word for ghost). I’ve seen it done in the latin culture, indian culture, and Asian culture. I think they all have the same meaning. So i guess Tamara heard about it & wanted to take part in it

        • Thanks!

          Jamaican…really? That one surprised me. I know they’re really big on the duppy stuff in the Caribbean, but I didn’t know they had bracelets…interesting. Tamera’s Mom, Darlene, is off Bahamian descent, so that may have been her influence, too.

        • So the black string is an American thing?.. because when I had my son my family had a black string for my son fpr bad dreams (nightmares)

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