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Phaedra and Apollo Parks have done it again. The couple once again went all out for little Ayden, giving him an under-the-sea experience for his second birthday celebration on November 25, 2012. Ayden rang in his second birthday at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia which boasts of more than 500 different species and 12,000 animals. The little tot had a blast at his party as mom and dad looked on with delight.

Ayden’s party was featured on the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ where a bit of drama arose after Cynthia Bailey got wind of Phaedra not caring whether or not she attended Ayden’s party. Despite this bump in the road, the little tot had a wonderful birthday celebration and that was most important to Phaedra. “What’s most important about this episode is that my son had a wonderful birthday party,” said the reality star in her blog. “He had the opportunity to enjoy the two things he loves the most: trains and fish.”

VIDEO: Click Here To Watch Ayden’s Birthday on the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Photos: OMG Booth

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  1. The birthday party was cute. Apollo is handsome. Did anyone notice that Kenya was flirting with him? Phaedra looked at Kenya and gave her the stink eye. LOL

  2. Ayden is ADORABLE!

    Shouldnt the date be November 25th, 2011? His birthday at the aquarium would have to have been flimed last year. Nov. 25th 2012 was a few days ago.

  3. Phaedra your money, your kid. The party looked fun & I’m a lil bit jealous because I’ve always wanted to go to the Georgia Aquarium. Ayden will have plenty of pictures when he gets older to reflect on.


    Today is an excellent day…Damon, Jr….Cory and Apollo…I’m on OVER LOAD!

  5. Phadera knows she be doing the most, its her money true, but that baby is not going to remeber(sp) any of it. I think she was trying to show her wealth.

    • I cannot agree – I go OVER THE TOP with EVERY b-day for my kids too, & its simply bc I feel so blessed to have them, I want to celebrate that! And yes, we spend thousands to rent out Great Wolf, aquariums, disney, create a full sized carnival, etc., and they look forward to it & love it more EVERY year. They are good kids, with awesome grades, and we can afford it, so…, so what!

  6. Ayden is cute & his father is fione! Think his mom has those over the top parties to show off for herself rather than Ayden. He couldn’t care less.

  7. I love the over the top parties she has. Hey if you got it like then, then oh well spend it, its yours. This party was actually my favorite b/c I love the aquarium.

    Ayden is so cute!! I wonder how his sweet 16 will be….

  8. Well at least she didn’t have 24 birthday cakes to top the 12 she had on his 1st bday. Ayden seems advanced for his age. He is getting to be a big boy.

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