Kelvin Doe’s main reason for becoming an engineer was simple: he needed the innovations for life. When Kelvin was 13, he realized that store-bought batteries were out of his price range for his inventions so he created his very own battery using soda, acid, and metal. After some trial and error, he wrapped tape around the dried mixture in a cup and never went to the store to purchase another battery again.

Now at the age of 16, Kelvin runs his own radio station, that is powered by a generator that he made from a worn voltage stabilizer that he found in the trash, out of his Sierra Leone home where he is known as DJ Focus. “They call me DJ Focus because I believe if you focus, you can do an invention perfectly,” Kelvin said during a video by @radical.media for their THNKR YouTube channel.

Kelvin, who has never been more than 10 miles from home, went to New York for the 2012 World Maker Faire, where he was the youngest person in the history of the program to ever be invited to the “Visiting Practitioner’s Program” at MIT. The rising, young engineer will soon be a guest presenter at the Harvard School of Engineering, where he will continue to learn more things that will benefit his home of Sierra Leone. “Whatever things I’ve learned here, I will share it with my friends, colleagues and loved ones,” Kelvin said.

Congrats and continue to strive for greatness, Kelvin!

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