Usher ‘Cinco’ Raymond has had not one, but two birthday parties in the last two weeks. The tot, who officially turned five on November 26th, celebrated at his second birthday party this past weekend.  The party was held at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Atlanta and was hosted by Cinco’s dad, singer Usher Raymond.

“Usher’s High 5 was the jump off!” the proud papa wrote on his Twitter page. He later posted some pictures of his namesake and his younger son Naviyd bouncing on an indoor trampoline. “I’m such a big kid with my kids!”

See Usher ‘Cinco’ At His First Celebration With Mom Tameka Foster-Raymond.

Prior to the celebration, the boys released some balloons in the air in honor of their late brother Kile Glover. Kile, the son of mom Tameka Foster-Raymond and Ryan Glover, died this past summer in a boating accident.  “If you saw these in the air…this is who send them. They sent them up to Baby Kile Money. Missin you,” wrote the R&B sensation.

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  1. Lucky him…lol!! Looks like he another fun b-day party and I like that they released the balloons for Kile…RIP…

  2. Good of Usher to remember the boys’ brother Kile during Cinco’s birthday celebration.
    Usher is the young, hands on, play with the kids kind of parent while Tamika is the older…:-) .

    I wonder how Usher V likes being called Cinco. My dad is the 5th also and he hated being called Cinco, he preferred being called Lorenzo which is his middle name. The brother after me is the 6th and we call him Enzo, a shortened version of Lorenzo.

  3. Attention Usher and Jonetta (Usher’s mother), you 2 can not ever erase Tameka as their parent. No matter how much you try…. Hope the little ones can be okay in the mess Usher has made.

    • One cannot erase the memory of a parent. Adopted children still have a yearning for a biological parent who they never met.

      • What? This makes no sense in response to my original statement. Usher and Jonetta (Usher’s mom) fought for sole custody of Cinco and Navyid. …based on his interview with Oprah he didn’t even mention Tameka as the kids’ mother. He said he’d have his “mother, nanny, aunt and grandmother” to help him with the kids. While Jonetta sat their smiling….

        I think that is disgusting that Usher didn’t even mention Cinco and Navyid’s mother TAMEKA RAYMOND. She is alive and well and very much a parent to those boys. Again I say…no matter how much Usher tries to erase Tameka from the picture. He can NOT. She is their MOTHER and he needs to RESPECT that!

        • You really do not see how my comment relates to yours? O_o? Maybe it’s because I’m not bashing Usher. Either way, regardless if Usher mentions Tameka to anyone, it does not negate the fact that she is their mother. SMH..worrying about being acknowlegded by Usher when should be worrying about being a mother to the children they have.

          • And Mrs. B, you are saying she needs Usher & his mother to mention her name for her to know this? O_o?

          • Did I say she needed them to mention her name to know she is a good mother???

            I NEVER SAID THAT.

            what I DID say is that it is disgusting that they don’t acknolwedge her and try to dismiss her. Period.

          • Which brings me back to my original point, why does Usher & his mother need to acknowledge Tameka? How does their lack of not mentioning Tameka negate the fact that she’s their biological mother?

    • @Mrs. B, no offense intended but I’m curious, What mess has Usher made? The judge merely removed the boys physical custody from Tameka Raymond and gave it to Usher with Mrs. Raymond being given liberal visitation. It also allowed Usher to stop paying child support.

      After children are weaned from breastfeeding, either parent can majority parent a child and still raise a healthy child. The days when men were barred from custody of their children is over. And in Usher’s defense, he did send a plane for Raymond to get back to her children after Kile’s accident, he offered to postpone the custody hearing and Raymond refused.

      When Usher was given custody of the boys, Raymond attacked the credibility of the judge, which is in my humble position a dumb move since the legal community as does the medical community, takes care of their own.

      No one, not Usher, not the judge, has removed Raymond from her children’s life. So what exactly was the problem?

  4. The best part of having parents that are separated & do not get along, is getting to have 2 birthday parties & Christmas. Happy birthday Usher 5!!

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