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Zoey Babbs,4, poses with mom Zena Foster at the family’s holiday shoot. Also featured in the shoot were Zoey’s grandma, who loves the mall, and cousins together in a different photo. “My momma loves the mall photos this is her Christmas Present every year,” tweeted Foster.

Zoey recently wrapped up a Haute Headz engagement in which she posed with attitude amidst candy and balloons to model the company’s newest addition to its headband collection. “And that’s a wrap on my model @zoeybabbs w/ @amk215 @hauteheadzhair #proudmom,” tweeted proud mom Foster. Zoey has modeled several head decorations for children by Haute Headz since becoming the company’s model several months ago. She is Zena and singer Tank’s only child together.

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    • Oxford, I say “too cute” ect. and I get placed on the “Moderation Hit List” BCK Admin. sure has their favourites, lol.

      SN: I’m not sure why you got thumbs down on your previous comment…odd!

      • @ EVELINA RAE, If I said the sky was blue, someone will come along and “thumbs down” me. I could kind of understand when I go on about my kooky relatives, but not when I haven’t said anything to offend anyone.

      • Well if you notice, we all said Zoey is beautiful & we were all given 3 thumbs down. It’s just a troll lol

  1. I’m assuming the two in the front (in the grandmum picture) are brother and and sister, they have the same face. Zoey and her cousin’s are so beautiful, so is Grandmum, you can see where Zoey gets her eyes.

    • Let me guess, a thumbs down because I said all of the kids are beautiful. or was it because I said the Grandmum also was? Or was it the comment on the origin of Zoey’s eyes. I got it. It must be the skin color, only the brown skinned families on BCK are allowed to be beautiful.

      Zoey is darker than I am and since the first time I saw her when her dad brought her out on stage (my dad took me to a concert that Tank was one of the performers in), then seeing her here on BCK I always thought that physically and personality wise that she was beautiful and slightly mischievous.

      We are all Black, even those of us who have white direct ancestors. Zoey’s grandmum is white (and if not, my apologies) so its obvious where Zena and Zoey got at least some of their coloring and features from. Both of my grandfathers are white. Does that make people like us less attractive? Or is it we can be attractive; to every other race out there, just no one our own race is ever allowed to say we are.

      I noticed that the positive comment by @Trisha also got thumbs down.

  2. Zoey is a little darling.

    I’m assuming that is Zena’s Mom…she has some gorgeous Grand kids! I’m loving little Man’s hat…those two in the front are stunning!

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