Jada Pinkett-Smith tightened up loose ends on the subject of Willow Smith and her adventurous hairstyles. The actress recently took to her Facebook page to address criticism over her daughter’s decision to cut her hair saying:

“This subject is old but I have never answered it in its entirety. And even with this post it will remain incomplete. The question why I would LET Willow cut her hair. First the LET must be challenged. This is a world where women/girls are constantly reminded that they don’t belong to themselves; that their bodies are not their own, nor their power or self determination on. I made a promise to endow my little girl with the power to always know that her body, spirit and her mind are HER domain. Willow cut her hair because her beauty, her value, her worth is not measured by the length of her hair. It’s also a statement that claims that even little girls have the RIGHT to own themselves and should not be a slave to even their mother’s deepest insecurities, hopes and desires. Even little girls should not be a slave to the preconceived ideas of what a culture believes a little girl should be. More to come. Another day.”

Jada and Will Smith take on the modern approach when parenting that makes the child more of a friend to the parent. Whereas traditional rearing methods places the parent at the center of all major decisions, such as a child cutting his or her hair, modern parenting would allow the child to be in complete control of life choices that seriously impact them. What do you think? Is the modern approach a better way of parenting?

VIDEO:Jada Pinkett-Smith And Willow Talk ‘Freedom

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  1. i literally had to write this cuz i don’t understand why people r getting their knickers in a twist over jada’s parenting style. i dont know when this whole sitch started but from what ive read hear’s what i have to say, first of may i point out it states that the smith’s have a parenting style that “makes the child more of a friend to the parent”. emphasis on the word “more” here, clearly they are not saying that are friends with their children in the way they are friends with their adults counterparts. but rather take on the essentials of a friendship such communication for example as in being secure enough to communicate on a real level as u wud with a friend unlike if ur parent is just a parent u may not feel comfortable enough. also can i point out just because you can be a friend to ur child doesn’t not mean you let then run the show for example underage drinking, however
    u can let have control over little things such as the cutting of hair which in no way has any ill effect on the child. it is the adults and those who are old enough to think about complex questions abt life who are not making an issue where there shud be none. next thing u know u it will be why are little boys having long hair it shud be cut short because their boys. i means serious how is that someone can take the time out their life to comment negatively over this child’s hair which something insignificant to their life in anyway what so ever. when they r much more relevant thing to talk about like getting a life.tell me, how exactly does this little girl’s cutting her hair affect any aspect of her life at all cuz last i check she still in sound mental and physical health despite her short length hair. finally i would like to say to all the people out there commenting negatively abt the smith’s choice of parenting is that the facts are u actually do not know these people on a personal that u can speak canditdly abt their lives and choices also need i remind u that media representation just isn’t conclusive enough evident to get a clear unbiased picture for one to make a judgement call on what a really like behind the closed doors and behind the cameras. pheww!! glad i got that off my chest 😀

  2. it grows back. I have cut my hair off several times and so has my teenage daughter. If any of my kids wants to cut off their hair and dye it pink – OK with me.

  3. I’m not for the friend style of parenting but if that girl is bold enough to cut her hair off more power to her. I think it is silly that there is even a real discussion about the whats and why of it. You may not like the style but seriously it is not that big of a deal.

  4. She keeps talking about it because people keep lingering on this child & her shaved head. If Willow & her parents are happy then that is all that counts. I say later for what judgemental jerks have to say & think of them & their parenting style. At least they are being productive young adults. You don’t hear them getting into trouble or disrespecting their parents. Like I see some of these kids today are doing.

  5. Well i don’t know why we are so much against breaking out and do something that is good and doesn’t hurt anyone , just be you.This is a family that have my RESPECT.There are alot of peöple who don’t want to see anyone achieve anything in life.They would lookaway when wrong
    doings are been done.I hope people will lean to RESPECT people and they will see the value in LIFE.Should she carry a gun? ,knife ? take drugs or are we missing out on something
    here.What is your purpose? What are you doing ?

  6. I didn’t believe a word of that you said about them not being too bright. Embellishing the truth doesn’t make it right you know…

  7. I actually like what Jada had to say. She made a good point. But I do wonder where she draws the line. Since its Willows body, would she allow her to flaunt it sexually or to mutilate it in some way? As parents, we have to have some sort of limits.

  8. Funny enough this is one of People’s Magazine on line most read article today, it is interesting how vastly different the responses are, it would seem that the people on the other site appreciates the building up of character vs something so trival as hair…smh.

  9. Seriously, I am sick of this woman… I am so tired of hearing about Jada’s parenting skills (or lack of them in someone’s opinion).

    I do not agree with the Smith’s approach to modern parenting “letting the kids make their own decisions.” This idea makes them grow up way too fast! In my day, this was unheard of… at least in a BLACK home!

    I can’t hate on Jaden and Willow’s success… they are very entertaining children, but I still think that their parents should have allowed grow up with a normal childhood and once they reached 18 years old, help them with their careers at that point.

    Many may disagree with me but it is how I feel about this issue.

    • I do not believe you said anything wrong and I agree with you, We “are” their friends to some degree, but we are their parents till they die!!! A child is just that, and as parents we are to protect and provide, so if she wants a tattoo, thats okay?? If Jada didnt care what we thought, she’d say so, and I havent heard that yet! once again she is a child, and “most” laws say until she’s 18. My child, my rules, my opinion. Aint nobody cuttn their hair (purposely) until they’re GROWN!!!

  10. Mère de Dieu ! This nonsense again? Mrs. Pinkett-Smith, Willow is YOUR child, it’s obvious that you are doubting your method of child rearing, but in the end you rear your child the way you want. That’s the right given to you as a parent.

    My parents sent my brothers to boarding school at age six, I went at age ten, every parent is allowed to parent their child the way they want. If my “noelebrity” parents can tell the haters to [explicit language] off when asked about the whole boarding school issue, I realize you can’t really say [explicit language] off but your actions can when you start refusing to discuss the subject.

    Je suis tellement fatigué de cette merde se plaindre ! Battant à plusieurs reprises les mêmes ne mort !

    • @Oxford, I feel you. This whole how the Smith’s are raising their children routine is so old. I’m dying to know what you said that was explict and what you said in the other language.

  11. With all the time and energy this child puts into changing up her hairstyle, by now she could have won an international chess competition, national spelling bee, or competed in the Olympics for Pete’s sake.

  12. Wasn’t there already like 3 posts on this already?! geeze Jada’s child, she can do whatever she pleases w/ her daughter in their home. Everybody else, worry about their home!

    • Seriously, enough already. Pls stop shoving it down our throats. It wont make up like or dislike Willow any more or less. Goodness.

      • Sherley, I think we’re all being blog PUNK’D…BCK is doing a study on how long it takes the regular posters to snap after mentioning Jada’s parenting “style” on numerous occasion in a SHORT time frame, LOL.

      • Exactly! It’s the same article being posted over & over again. Wasn’t this on on weekend links? It’s like there’s an agenda to not like Jada & her kids.

  13. No because your there parent not there friend and if you want friends go out and make some. At the end of the day your child is going to do whatever because there going to feel like there your equal not child but to teach it’s own because it wouldn’t be me when your eighteen you can do you but at twelve you do what I say. And from how i’ve seen there children speak to adults they should also teach them kids should be kids stop wanting to be grown because when your grown your going to wish you were a kid again.

  14. Good for her, black women are too caught up with hair, to the point of wearing other people’s hair at the amusement, disgust and monetary gain of others. Willo by all account is, “young gifted and black”, and as long as her sole is intact…Per Nina Simone…that’s where it’s at!

  15. People have nothing to do with what someone else teaches their child. Most parents dont like to be told how to raise their child. Grandparents are always telling thier daughters/sons how they should raise their kids and most of the time the daughter/son reinforces that they are the childs mother/father & they knows whats best for their child. So, if Jada wants to use modern parenting, its not others decision to make. If you prefer traditional parenting then thats your choice. So people and their opinions are really irrelevant in this matter.

  16. Yawn!!! Enough already Jada, we heard you the first, second and tenth time! You let Willow do whatever she wants we got it…for someone who is so pro self lib, self-empowerment, yada yada yada etc, she pays a lot of attention to the opinions of others are a bit much…if she’s so secure in her thinking and wants Willow to have that same belief why entertain or give energy to what others think…i couldn’t do WHATEVER i wanted when i was a kid & i have learned that valuable lesson (just saying)

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