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Quvenzhane Wallis is lighting up the cover of this month’s issue of The Wrap Magazine. The magazine covers any and everything Oscar related. With her refreshing, unadulterated talent, Quvenzhane helped her debut film, “Beasts of the Southern Wild” become an unlikely Oscar nominee and worthy of being covered in the magazine.

The young actress and her Beasts’ director Benh Zeitlin also posed for pictured for an inside spread in the magazine. Zeitlin also talked about Quvenzhane’s role in the film, which was originally designed for an older child.

Does Zeitlin think that young Quvenzhane has a shot among the Hollywood sharks?  “Quvenzhane’s a kid who’ll get a chance to grow up and decide what she wants to do. The great thing is that now, if she decides she wants to be an an actress, she’s one of those rare people rare people who will get that chance. But if she decides she wants to be a horse trainer, she’ll be great at that, too.”

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  1. She’s absolutely stunning on that cover, well done little lady!

    I love her brown hair with a touch of gold.

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