Reginae Carter enjoyed a low-key roller skating party in celebration of her 14th birthday yesterday. Her parents,  rapper Lil Wayne and reality star Toya Wright, were sure to gift their princess with everything from jewelry to a little puppy!

In attendance for the bash were a number of celebrities and their kids, including  RHOA’s Kandi and her daughter Riley; LHHA’s Rasheeda and her family; The OMG Girlz; Young Money’s Chuckee; Sarah Vivan and son and more!

Reginae had a beautiful cake fit for a little princess. Looks like Lil’ Wayne approves of the cake!

Dwyane Carter III(mom is Sarah Vivan) was taught how to skate by Reginae’s mom Toya Wright.

Rasheeda and husband Kirk Frost(Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) and family came in full force.

See more pictures below!

Photos: Instagram

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  • Reginae carter 14th birthday
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  • Kandi Burruss' daughter Riley
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  • OMG Girlz
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  • Star(L) of OMG Girlz




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  1. She is getting so big ….my have time fly and past…she is such a beautiful lil young lady ….Happy Birthday Reginae !!

  2. I saw pics on another blog & I have to say it – NO WAY would I be pic’d with all his other baby’s mamas (minus the Asian persuasion)!!! Lauren & Toya all hugged-up with Nivea looking like that female Gremlin….PERFECT match for the Gremlin leader Spike!

    &&& Yes, though she married him at some point, Toya began as a baby mama too!

    • Lil Wayne made the mess no women. So i see no reason for these women to argue with each other. They knew they were dating a guy with no morals.

      • If the women knew he did not have any morals it is their fault. Why add to the problem. Females can not always fault the man. Celeberites seem to date other celeb, so i know they knew what LW was all about. Hood celeb gossip just like everyday people some woman just hate to hear the truth.

    • Some of ya’ll need to grow up. That’s the reason why half the populations kids don’t know or have relationships with their fathers & half siblings. So what if LW’s ex’s are all in a picture & getting a long. I personally think that’s a good thing for the kids sake. That’s called being an adult. What is it showing the kids if the parents cannot get along? SMH!!

  3. She is pretty she dont look 14 or 16 as some people are saying she looks young … Happy B- DAY….have one every year if you want to its your birthday..

  4. Im really loving these low key parties. DC3 had a low key party too. And all the pics look like they had a good time and it seem like everyone who attended was who they wanted to attend(family and friends)

  5. Where’s my comment BCK?! smh

    Anywho, i saw pics that Lauren & Nivea was there w/ their boys (lauren’s son is not pictured). Nice they came to her birthday. So put to rest the rumors that Lauren doesn’t let her son around the other kids!

  6. Happy birthday Reginae!! Her party looked fun & I’m glad all her siblings and their mothers where there to celebrate with her.

  7. Wow she has a party every year. I mean after my kids turn 10, it’s a wrap. Then 16. But to each his or her own.
    YBF has all the pictures. Lauren and her son were there. He’s not in any of the pic though.

  8. Reginae is such a beauty! I love that Daddy is always present.

    D3, my boy…always gorgeous!!!

    Who is the guy in the denim? GORGEOUS!!! 😉

  9. 14 wow! Reginae is my favorite big BCK Kid! Happy bday baby! Don’t care for Kandi, Rasheedah or Toya, but everyone looked real nice.

  10. For a man so tore up in the looks department, he sure does make some beautiful children! Has anyone seen his sons with Nivea & Lauren London? I bet they are cute too! :)

    • Neal Carter (Nivea’s son) as been on BCK a couple times he is Lil Wayne’s twin and should have been his namesake.

      Cameron (Lauren’ s son) has not really been officially seen in photos, but I did see a picture a year ago that was said to be him and from that photo I’d say he’s gorgeous just like Mommy!

  11. She had a huge 13th birthday, so mom & dad was like nope 14th birthday going to be small hahaha. Happy birthday little sister in my head! She is a beauty & that doggy is so cute! Wayne never misses a birthday party, you know he’s proud of his babygirl. If he really retires, he can spend even more time w/ his babies
    DW3 is so adorable, i love his big smile. I like the closeness Sarah & Toya have. Sarah goes to Reginae’s games to see her cheer & Toya will go to DW3 soccer games.
    && Is that Neal in the back, in the jersey in pic w/ Reginae & Wayne smiling together?

    *I”m happy Zoonique went back to black hair!

  12. Looks like they had a great time. Wayne loves each of his children unconditionally. Reginae is beautiful and DCIII is so doggone handsome. You can definitely point out ATL people. LOL.They all have the same look to me.

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