Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher kills girlfriend,then himself and leaves behind 2-month-old daughter.

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  1. You have to remember both Gabriel & Olivier are in the U.S. under visas. Had they went on with criminal filings they both would have been deported! Halle loses her man & baby daddy & public turns on her worse.

    All in all …ass whopping or not – GA’s action or non action it shows how much he loves that lil girl to let the drama go so he can be in her life.

  2. I’m currently in moderation, but I’ll say this. How can a man who looks so in love with his daughter in the above picture, take her mum and himself out of her life?

    I believe that suicide is a sin, a sin that one cannot ask forgiveness from. He also committed murder and to have his relatives taking care of this child would be like killing the mum over again.

    • Speaking from experience, people who commit suicide are not concerned about sinning. It’s a last resort for deep pain. I’ve experienced that pain.

      • @Celeste, my heart goes out to you for the pain you’ve experienced, but it doesn’t negate the fact that suicide is permanent. There’s no coming back from it.

        One of my mum’s employees found out he was HIV+. When his HIV status changed to AIDS, he opted to kill himself. The carnage he left behind is too awful to mention. People like my mum, family, friends asking themselves why? The dead are dead, it’s the living that have to deal with the legacy a suicide leaves.

        I don’t know what kind of pain this man was in that he would choose suicide, but in mandatory counseling after my mum’s AA killed himself I found that most suicides that fail, the patients are happy to be saved.

        I’m a peer counselor here and we are taught to tell student patients that call in, to just wait one more day because if they can wait one more day the world might be a better place tomorrow than it was today.

  3. Praying for both families. A little girl without her mommy. That’s enough to break anyone’s heart. So so sad.

  4. Lord, why? I have tears in my eyes…God bless this precious baby girl…you know she will need you more than ever.

    R.I.P. Kasandra Perkins I know you hurt more than we will ever know leaving your baby behind.

    Javon, only God can judge you, but I have a sincere dislike for what you’ve done to Kasandra, you daughter and those that loved them both and you.

    • My comment is awaiting moderation, as usual, but the only thing I can think of is mental illness. A few of my friends say he shot her out of jealousy and then shot himself because he didn’t want to face the consequences. Possibly, but I’m sticking with mental illness. So sad.

      • I’m with your friends on the shooting himself because he didn’t want to face the consequences. Javon drove to his field and shot himself in front of his coach and General Manager, why?

        Zoey is going to be raised by HIS Mom…I hope Kasandra’s family fights this.

        • IDK, maybe that’s where it all began for him. They said he thanked them all for what they did for him, walked back to his car & shot himself. IDK who should be raising Zoey. Can’t they both do it together?

          • They can, but as a Mother with a Daughter I know it would only warm my Mother’s heart to raise my Daughter if anything happened to me.

            I’m not saying his Mother can’t or should not it’s more of a connection thing…Zoey is the third (depending if the Great-Grandmother is living) addition to her Mother’s female generation. It means more to me, but maybe not others.

    • I’m not King Solomon, but I hope whoever presides over this baby’s custody has his wisdom.

      Both families are going to want custody of this child who will probably inherit millions. Personally, I hope the baby goes to the mother’s people, because she should’t have to go to a home where her mother’s murderer is put on a pedestal.

      S/N One of my uncles is double boarded in Psychiatry and Neurosurgery and he has said that it’s almost impossible to get a Black man into therapy.

      People don’t turn “crazy” overnight. Someone saw something and didn’t get him the help he so obviously need. May God have mercy on the soul who saw him struggling but said nothing.


  5. So sad that the baby lost both parents at only 2 months of age. My heart hurts for that baby b/c she will never be able to say she knew her parents.

  6. If Aubrey is telling the truth and Martinez threaten to kill him and then beat. him unprovoked and Aubrey dropped the TRO.Aubrey is pathetic. How are you going to. let. a man beat you and you don’t. even file a criminal complain? How are you going to let a man like that live in a house with your daughter and you remain silent?Hold Martinez responsible for what he did seek justice. You have money to pay your legal and medical bills
    At least find that monster civilly responsible for your injuries and use that civil judgement to keep Martinez away. from Nahla until Martinez receives counseling

  7. Only one thing can make a person leave their child parentless..mental illness. My heart goes out to his girlfriend’s mother who witnessed the entire thing. May God bless their 2 month old baby.

    Go LeBron James Jr! Love LeBron as a father.

    The tape mysteriously could not be found, but Halle decided to not only drop the restraining order against Gabriel, but to keep Olivier away from Gabriel. Olivier also agreed to pay all of Gabriel’s attorney and doctor bills? Is that how it goes? And people want me to believe Olivier was the innocent one out of this. Saw a picture of Gabriel & Nahla together and she appears so happy with her dad. Good for her that this has came to an end..until the next thing.

    Ok did, Heidi & children have a mall outing & bodyguard came along as all bodyguards do or did she & her boyfriend take the children out? Media is making this into a big unnecessary charade.

    Heard Bobbi & her ‘boyfriend’ broke up. It seems Whitney is keeping an eye on Bobbi from above.

  8. This story is so sad I wish that more people who are suffering from mental illneses would speak up and go talk to some one a therapist or a pastor before tragedies like these occur.

  9. Just cant even put my psyche around the reasoning why Jovan Belcher would end his life and the mother of his child’s life. He had more resources than most people to seek help. Now that baby will never know her mother or her father. Life is precious, make the most of it.

  10. This really does break my heart to hear that this man not only took his life but also the life of his childs mother. That precious little girl will have to live her life hearing stories about her mommy or daddy. She will never get to grow up with her parents. I can only imagine what the girlfriends family is going thru, my prayers go out to them & especially that precious little baby.

  11. My heart just breaks at this murder-suicide case. Imagine having to explain that to her as she gets older. So unfortunate that this innocent child won’t have EITHER one of her parents.

  12. Please tell me it’s not true that Jovan killed himself and his daughter’s mother. Why leave a baby an orphan. He could have gotten help, therapy, his pastor even his boys on the street. WHAT A WASTE!!!!.

    • I think these people don’t think things through fully, whether he left the child out of not wanting to harm her, damage may be done if later on in life is made aware of the circumstances of why she doesn’t have parents, can you imagine how she would feel. Maybe she may become a foster child if no one from the family takes her and that itself can lead to alot of troubling times. On another note, why do people always feel they must bring someone alone with them, I don’t agree with the whole suicide hing but if you are going to kill yourself, then go alone. SMH!

      • I’m going to say it again. Someone saw something going on with him and choose for whatever reason not to say anything.

        My mum had PPD with each pregnancy so I got court side seats to “crazy” with my dad getting the worst of it. It took my uncle telling my dad to stop coming to his house and go home and deal with my mum for the “light bulb” to turn on.

        Crazy doesn’t happen overnight, I’m betting plenty of people knew he wasn’t wrapped too tight but did nothing.

  13. I guess, like a child, Gabriel needed a good a** whooping to adjust his attitude. The tape didn’t lie. No charges against Martinez, and Gabriel dropped his charges against him also.

    Heidi’s boyfriend is the bodyguard so no shock he takes the kids to the mall with the nannies. She pays him, and gives him bonuses!

    • @?????? I don’t know if you are are privy to the European, but Heleni is the only child he seems to be bonding to. All the the pictures I see if of him carring around Heleni , not even thne baby Lou.

      As a family that uses security on a regular basis, I can’t see him getting work elsewhere. He better hold on the the title of “Mrs. Heidi Klum” for as long as he can..

      • Actually on other websites you will see the body guard holding all the children at different times.

      • Her name is actually Helene…Leni for short.

        I’ve seen him carrying Johan after a concert and Lou on different occasions. I don’t know if he’s “bonding” with them…you can’t tell from photos, but he definitely has held or held hands with all of them.

    • @???, where did you see a tape of the altercation that happened at Halle’s house? The police said the tape could not determine anything as it was facing an entire different direction. Charges against Gabriel has also been dropped and so has all restraining orders. Olivier has also paid Gabriel’s attorney & medical fees. Doesn’t sound like Gabriel’s attitude is the one that got adjusted.

      • Agree, Sherley. Halle Berry’s PR people get on the ball to protect her as well as their product. They learned from that car accident episode she had, I suppose.

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