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The Millers dazzled at the ‘Let The Kids Grow’ Holiday Gala in Beverly Hills on Saturday, December 1, 2012. Cymphonique,15, and Romeo dressed to impress in their formal attire, with Cymphonique wearing an Aqua-colored dress and Romeo sporting a black suit with tie clip. Master P also looked stylish in his black suit with bow-tie.

‘Let The Kids Grow’ Foundation seeks to improve the lives of youth across the nation with After School programs and performing arts activities that kids enjoy. The foundation also provides medical programs to families in need. ‘Let The Kids Grow’ has helped thousands of children to date, giving them the essentials needed to do well in school and thrive in society.

Cymphonique was one of several performers at Saturday’s event which took place at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel. Master P has nine children in all.

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  1. Sad thing is I know his other children!!! This family is a mess!! When Romeo was young he didn’t spend much time with him mom cause his dad always had him working. To be honest Romeo is a well rounded, very well spoken, gentleman. But he didn’t get the childhood he deserved. His siblings that his father had with his mother are very sweet as well but weren’t raised like Romeo, they were raised by their mom and to be honest as sweet as they are, their a little “rough around the edges”…. Sad thing is Master P has never ever brought these kids anywhere and never lets them in the public eye cause their “not the right image”. But he sure does love Cymphonique (super ghetto name) his out of wedlock daughter he had with an asian groupie… D*** shame!

  2. Where are his kids with the the ex-wife .only one you ever see is Romeo,Getting tired of seeing this young lady he had while he was married.

  3. Romeo fiiiine (that’s another story).
    Cymph is gorgeous. I think people need to lay off of her. Yeah she dressing advanced, but she is an entertainer. It’s funny how people will criticize your looks before your character. She is a good kid.(besides which 16 old year girl didn’t want to wear sparkling dresses and look like Beyonce? Shoot I did lol.)

  4. Cymphonique looks amazing as always but it’s hard to believe she was rapping “little miss swagger” only three THREE years ago, not five, not ten. Little girls look up to her and we all know the future generations are being influenced more by the tv and internet than by their parents. Its saddening and worrisome to think that this is the look that girls are trying to live up to. I hope they are wise enough to know that Cymphonique is just as beautiful without her makeup and showing off all that cleavage.

  5. Beautiful gown she had on. Absolutely love the color!! When I look at her.. she looks like she may have Asian in her. Romeo and Cymphonique are gorgeous.

  6. I don’t have kids so I can’t judge their parents “parenting skills” everyones getting on Master P’s daughter about her make up that doesn’t define her as a young girl, the make up artist just got brush happy goodness leave it alone! Any who I love seeing Master P in his kids life from rapper to business man who can hate on this?

  7. Maybe wearing so much makeup is what her mother taught her? Who is her mother anyway??? She’s always with her dad and Romeo but you never see her mother around.
    Just an observation.

  8. Cymphonique is such a pretty young lady (key word: young) why do she always wear so much make-up on her face. Sixteen year old girls should enjoy their youth and dress age appropriate and not show their cleavage for the entire world to see.

  9. Was the full name of the event Let the Kids Grow Up Too Fast?
    Both dress and make up are not age appropriate.

  10. Agree Evelina. But why isn’t his other children with him. He has nine, he couldn’t bring the ones closer in age to Cymph & Romeo?

    • I guess they aren’t the money makers…
      I agree w/ you guys, that make-up ages her. She could get some nice neutral make-up that wouldn’t age her but make her look dolled up

    • It’s sad when parents with multiple children don’t seem to recognize them all equally. I’m not saying he doesn’t treat them equally, but publicly recognize them equally.

      I hope that maybe his sons and daughters with his wife don’t want to be in the spotlight and/or are ashamed of his 2 or 3 out of wedlock children. Who knows.

      We did use to see his young sons Hercy and Mercy and the one closest to Romeo’s age… plus Cymph’s full brother Veno a couple years ago.

    • @Evelina Rae…you read my mind ….she is such a beautiful young lady but she always wears so much make up that it ways down her true natural beauty and true age…I’m 29 and she looks 10 years older then me no offense…..I just wish that we can see all of that natural beauty behind such a cute lil face…

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