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Teen rapper/actor Jordon Newt is quickly becoming a hit with his songs “Fresh Down 2 My Socks” and  “iPhone.” His skills as a young emcee have truly helped him earn the name “Prince of Swag.” Recently, Jordan sat down with DOPE magazine to chat about the industry, the future and more. Check out the highlights below:

On being 15 and in the industry:

It’s fun! Kinda cool seeing all these things for myself. I watched so many artists when I was growing up, because both my father (Bob Newt) and uncle (J. Valentine) are producers. So I witnessed their experiences, but now I’m experiencing things for myself. It’s cool… downside… I still hang out with my friends. My manager and my Dad make sure that I’m focused but still have time for fun. I get to be 15 outside of the industry. Sometimes there’s a party I can’t got to because it conflicts with my recording schedule, or I have a show, or an interview, but usually there is a way to squeeze everything in.

On why music started as a hobby:

Honestly, the main thing is… music was just something I wanted to try. I loved dancing and rapping, and performing. But I wasn’t sure if it was a job or a career. And I was doing well in school. So you think about going maybe to college. But I wanted to try it, and my parents support me in everything I do. And I’m happy it’s working out so far.

On what’s next:  

My third single should be coming out by Janurary. And then look for my album. I have all the songs for the new album now. We are putting out singles, videos, and I’m doing shows. And a lot on Facebook and Twitter to build up.

On his advice for advice for aspiring young entertainers:

I’d give advice like, you always need to work hard. Being great is possible. He can do it. But you have to go out there and do it. Don’t let other people who don’t like what you’re doing make you not like what you’re doing. And just have fun in life. Have fun with friends and keep a good attitude.

To read the entire interview with Jordan, visit dopemag.net.




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