Heather Headley gets a makeover from her son, John David. The tot paints mommy’s face with all intensity as Heather sits and observes.

Headley and her husband, Brian Musso, celebrated their son’s third birthday on December 1, 2012. In honor of her little one hitting the big three mark, Heather wrote and produced a song called ‘I Wish’ that is featured on her new album Only One In the World. In the song, Headley talks about everything that she hopes her son will experience in life. Unlike some parents who wish only for sunny days, Heather hopes that her son experiences a little rain in life so that he will better appreciate the sunshine.

In addition, Headley rang in her son’s birthday with well wishes on Facebook saying,

“Three years ago you allowed me to have membership in the the greatest club in the world: the Mommy Club. I feel like it was just a few months ago that you looked into my eyes for the first time and snatched my heart. Your daddy and I have
the great commission to raise you to be an amazing, God fearing, respectful, compassionate and loving man and we’re going to try our best to do such. You’re already showing us that you’re heading in that direction.
Sweet boy! I love you. So much.
You’ve changed my life.
You’ve changed my priorities.
You’ve changed Me!
I wrote you a song before I knew who you were, and I think it says everything I need and want to say today… and always…but, just in case you don’t understand it all, let me repeat myself (and I’ll repeat this for the rest of my life)…
We love you and we’re so proud to be called your parents.
Love Mommy.”

John is Heather and Brian’s first child together. Check out ‘I Wish’ below

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  1. Had lunch with Del and Heins Tuesday and Del showed me a picture of your “2 Things”. What a scene with your Commander and General. They grow up so quickly. Our John David is now 47. Ya’ll have a glorious and grateful Christmas and Happy and Warm New Year. Give us an e-mail if you’re ever in Tampa again. We’re there Oct. 15-Ap. 15. We missed you’re concert last time. The McCorys

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  4. I’ve never heard of her.

    John David is adorable! That name is one of the twins from the Duggars (19 Kids and Counting).

  5. What a BEAUTIFUL song! I looooooooooooooove Heather Headley, such a strong earthly, majestic voice she has. Heather’s husband is gorgeous, just a beautiful family all the way around. I wish them much grace, mercy, joy, and love that their hearts can hold.

  6. BCK, Thanks for the update on Heather. Love my Trini sisters, Love the video. I wish you would feature more European and Caribbean Black celebrities.

  7. I love Heather Headly. I had noooo idea she had a child. He is adorable. I love the song. I know rainy days are necessary for growth and all that but I hope my kids NEVER have any… sighs.. wishful thinking… But I’ll always be there to help them thru it.

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