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Season two of’ ‘Mary Mary,’ the reality show is just around the corner and sisters Erica and Tina Campbell have decided to give fans a sneak preview where tension seems to be the name of the game. Chaos is at an all time high as the Marys run around town hoping to find the perfect outfit for Erica after Goo, the sisters’ stylist and sibling, sends her off to an engagement with clothing that screams “school teacher.” Tina, meanwhile, is dealing with pregnancy woes as her and Teddy’s fourth child together begins to make mommy cramp at a performance. The girls are booked for a multiple city tour, but will they make it to all cities?

‘Mary Mary’ premieres Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 10/9c via Wetv. Tina and Erica are currently taking a break from singing to focus on their families.

Check out the sneak peak of the sisters’ show here!


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  1. I dont want them breaking up,but TINA is a beast and her solo career would certainly blossom cause she sings effortlessly.Erica can but ive seen their live perfomances where Erica messed up so much….well they betta stay together or do solo projects and keep the group!

  2. I love Mary Mary! I actually think, just my opinion that Tina is the better singer! Erica is entirely to controlling she worked my last nerve last season! Like Tia and Tamera though it’s very family friendly and that’s the best part!

  3. Last season erica was pregnant. Now this season tina is pregnant lol. They know they some baby makers !

  4. I love this group and I love this show!!! I hope they didn’t split up… They complete each other vocally and I just can’t see Erica without Tina and vice versa! I think that if anyone would go solo though, it would be Erica because she is the workaholic whereas Tina is more family oriented.
    Mary Mary, please bless us with your gifts for years to come!

  5. I heard these two split up as a group. I hope not, but everybody needs to fly solo some time. Anyway, I really enjoy the show. Can’t wait to watch!

  6. They REALLY need to try for a new stylist. Goo ain’t it. She misses way more than she accomplish’s str8 up! They should call up June Ambros (not sure the spelling)

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