Light up the chimney and pull out the Christmas lights because the Hounsou-Simmons family is ready for the holidays. Kimora recently shared pictures of her and the family decorating their Christmas tree with her blog audience. “It’s my favorite time of year – time to decorate our Christmas tree with the family,” said the fashion mogul. Kenzo received the privilege of placing the star atop the tree while Ming,12, and Aoki ,9, decorated other parts of the large greenery with mom.

PHOTOS: See More Holiday Photos of The Family

Kimora officially announced her separation from boyfriend Djimon Hounsou via Twitter last month.”There have been quite a few hurtful rumors circulating. The truth is Djimon + I have been separated for some time. We have remained happy, loving, co-parenting friends + family. We all have much to be thankful for,” tweeted the mogul.

Kimora and Dijimon never married but characterized their relationship as “kind of engaged.” Kenzo is Kimora and Dijimon’s only child together. The fashion mogul has three children in all.

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  1. Kenzo is cute but I really wish Kimora would explore other options with his hair. I think he would be so handsome with a hair cut with maybe some curls on the top or even braids.. jmo. The girls have always been my faves though every since they were babies. Kimora seems to not be able to keep a man or maybe she doesnt want to. I never felt her and Djimon were a good fit however. All the kids are blessed despite it all.

  2. There is my Kenzo! He is beautiful & I bet he’s a handful. I wouldn’t pay attention to the negative comments about him he is clearly gorgeous!

  3. kimora is full of it, always has. The girls are cute as usual. I didn’t know she adopted a boy from Africa like Madonna.

  4. Im not going to say its so many ignorant people on BCK. Im going to just say straight up, its so many STUPID people on here. You take time out your day to go to the BCK website and specifically click on this post, to write something negative. You are officially pitiful. Thats to anyone who posted something negative. And it has to be because he his dark skinned, because he looks exactly like Aoki, and I see nothing but positive comments about her.

    It suck I couldnt just come on her and comment about what nice pictures these are. I had to come on here to stupidity.

    Oan: these are nice pics. Its nice to see that Kimora and Djimon can peacefully co-exist and co-parent as she stated in the above comment. She cant seem to keep a man, but she makes it a point to be friends with her exs, which is wonderful, since she do have kids with both her exs. GREAT FAMILY PICS!

    • Kenzo is beautiful and so are his sisters & Louis.

      If they were light bright or mixed with softer curlier hair, I bet you guys would see it then.

      It’s a shame people truly do not know what real beauty is anymore.

      • I agree. I recently took up a black history class and the stuff I learned about blacks especially the dark skin blacks was amazing. I watched this documentary called
        “Hidden Colors” it is so good I recommend everybody see it, it tells the true history of black people.

        • Real beauty is beyond skin color. It’s in the features, the eyes, nose, mouth chin and how they are symmetric to each other. How a person’s smile can wake up a room.

          People on here, especially, focus too much on complexion and hair texture for my taste.

  5. Ridiculous! This sounds like when Brandy claimed to be married to cover-up the fact that she was an unwed mother because she didn’t want to disappoint her fans. Remember that? It is what it is… no need to lie about it. Same thing goes for Kimora. In previous interviews (a few years ago), Djimon was her husband and now he’s her boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend? Looking back now, I guess he couldn’t be her husband if she was still legally married to Russell Simmons while she was pregnant with Kenzo. Hmmm…

    • It’s about money! If Kimora got remarried, Russell doesn’t have to pay her any more alimony. Alimony stops when a spouse remarries.

      So by doing this “religious ceremony” with Hounsou she got to get her chocolate cake …and eat it too. And they weren’t together long enough for common law marriage laws to kick in.

  6. This woman has the weirdest relationship with her children’s fathers but they all co-parent so well. Great to see everyone getting in the holiday spirit.

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