It’s a sheer victory for Miami ‘Heat’ player Chris Bosh who won the residency battle in his child support war with ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis. According to the Miami Herald, an Orange County Circuit judge recently deemed the ball player a resident of Texas, affording him the right to pay Mathis $2,600 per month in child support instead of the $30,000 she was seeking.

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Allison previously petitioned the Florida courts for $30,000 per month from Bosh for their 4-year-old daughter Trinity, claiming that $2,600 per month was not enough to raise their daughter comfortably. Mathis even told the courts, as well as several media outlets, that she sought government assistance and was facing foreclosure due to the minimal amount that Bosh was forking out.

Bosh, in return, claimed residency in Texas to avoid paying $30,000 per month, claiming to already pay for Trinity’s medical expenses as well as bills associated with school and extracurricular activities. Trinity is Chris and Allison’s only child together. Bosh has two children in all.

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  1. Trinity doesn’t want for anything. Her father has provided her with an idyllic life. Allison wanted the world to believe that she needed $30k to live “comfortably”. If she needed assistance, perhaps suing Chris, wasn’t the route to take.

    Her dreams of grandeur are now a reality. Having a child with a celebrity doesn’t guarantee a fabulous life. Sadly, she’s not as fortunate (or slick) as Kim Porter.

  2. I love that picture of them two! She is too cute

    I’m glad Chris wasn’t ordered to pay more. Getting $30,000 a month would just be her reason to not find another job. & from what i read else where, the job she was laid off from was her uncle’s business & she was being paid under the table, reason why she was probably able to get food stamps. People keep saying Trinity needs more than $2,600 & that Chris should pay more. But he is! He’s paying for her schooling, her medical insurance, any activities she does, clothes, etc. Plus i’m sure she gets extra goodies when she’s w/ dad. That’s a couple of thousands more. All Allyson has to pay for concerning Trinity is food & that little girl isn’t eating $2,600 worth a food a month. It’s not fair that Chris gets few visitation but is the only provider for his child. Allyson is being greedy. Chris had 1st offered to pay like $4k a month but she decided she would rather have a lump sum of $250k & just $2,600 a month. There is so much Chris has already done for Allyson & tried to do, but she turned it down or don’t mention it to the media b/c she wants to paint Chris as the bad guy. It’s not fair. These baby mama’s are a mess! Of course she’s not getting the full treatment of being a millionaire’s child b/c she’s not living w/ the wealthy parent, but i believe she’s getting treated like her baby brother. Trinity will have just as much fun at her daddy’s mansion as she’s having at mommy’s little house. She’s 4, she doesn’t care about the material things.

  3. I think compared to what Bosh makes $2,600 is too low, however $30k is also a bit much. I don’t really have much to say about the monetary decision; I think it’s beneficial to Trinity to have both of her parents in her life equally. Trinity will get things from Bosh that will mean more to her than $30k a month.

  4. Listen I still think 2600 dollars is unfair! How is he a resident of Texa,s but he spends majority of his time in Florida! 30k is much, but 2600 is entirely to low! This is BS! I’m sure she’ll take him back to court!

    • Chris is originally from Texas. The Judge was going to rule in favor of Allyson until he saw that Chris always pay federal taxes in Texas. He’s just in Miami for basketball. But when its off season he goes back home

  5. I did some research on the their child support case and this is what I found:

    Listening to her side of the story may make anyone believe that Bosh is reacting unfairly to Allison, but not so fast. While she does receive only $2,700 per month in child support, the multimillionaire Bosh pays ALL daycare expense, medical and dental bills, and developmental and extracurricular activities for their three-year old daughter Trinity. In addition, the Miami Heat star has set up a college fund for his daughter. As perhaps the most stunning show of support for both his ex and their child, Bosh gave Mathis a lump sum of $250,000. At this time, there is no word on how Mathis used the quarter of a million dollar gift. Yet, she is claiming that since becoming recently laid off, she can no longer live on the $2,700 per month and she’s in danger of losing her home.

  6. Actually Adrienne Just started posting pictures of Trinity, she wasn’t allowed to at first and chris bosh did have her on welfare

  7. I am glad they did not order him to pay 30,000 a month b/c I dont know any child who needs that much. I’m sure that in addition to child support he spends extra money on her that we dont even know about.

  8. Bosh pays all the medical bills, and her school expense, he is great by me. Im quite sure he spends extra money on his daughter. $30,000 is alot for one child per month. If her cost of living is $30,000 per month she needs to budget her money better and leave the designer items alone.

  9. why would a toddler need 30,000 a month if her school and medical bills are already paid? Is she going to get a new wardrobe every month? eat gold every day? by new toys everyday? why would anyone need that much money to take care of a 4 year old? is her mother not working at all? I’m so confused. Maybe she could have asked for 5,000… Something a bit more reasonable but 30,000 is excessive. I know people who live off of that for the year! I know he’s rich and that’s his daughter but come on… I’m sure she gets everything she needs and wants already.

  10. Well she was the dumb one.When she was dating him and couldn’t get pregnant,she should have taken that as a sign.I mean really who goes out and gets infertility treatments to get pregnant with their boyfriends baby.Also,she didn’t have the money to take care of a baby on her own at the time,and shouldn’t have expected that the boyfriend would stick around forever.Did anyone see the video of her squeeling,when she found out she was pregnant.She sounded like she was 12.Seems like he just wanted the baby,but not her.

  11. I think Allison wants their daughter and herself to have all the fancy and luxurious things in life that Adrienne and her son would have.

  12. $30,000 is to much for one child as he is already paying for her medical bills and private schooling. She is a pretty little girl.

  13. Is this ruling really a win? For whom? For those who say that Allison Mathis didn’t deserve 30K per month…I’ll ask…What about Trinity? Doesn’t she deserve to live in the same standard as her brother Jackson? Mathis wasn’t someone that Chris Bosh fell into bed with. They were in a relationship and he paid for fertility treatments for Mathis to conceive Trinity. Do you think its fair of him to claim Texas as his state of residence to get out of paying Mathis an amount that he probably p*sses away each month?

    Well maybe Mathis should move to California. Their support laws are so screwy that they allow for a non custodial parent like Gabriel Aubrey to sue the custodial parent of his daughter Nahla for child support. Plenty of women here on BCK thought that Halle Berry got what was coming to her but think about it. That’s like your child’s father who sees your kid maybe a day or two in the week and maybe weekends suing you for child support…and winning. Not so fair now…is it?

    All this ruling those is set Trinity and Jackson for further separation. Bosh makes $60,416.67 PER DAY. And he couldn’t give Mathis a HALF DAYS PAY!

    • I agree,and with things like this,the little girl will always think that her dad’s place is better because he has more money and a bigger and better house.If he ever sues her for full custody,he could bribe this little girl easily,and a parents should provide both of their kids with the same luxaries.

      • I try to put myself in peoples shoes (well, except Heidi Klum, don’t like her she reminds me of my dads creepy cousin), I would feel bad if my brother’s had one standard of living and mine was less. Unless Mathis turns into Siobhan Wade, until Trinity is 12 or 13 and can decide for herself, Bosh will not be able to get full custody of her. It’s not fair to give a child that you willingly conceived less than the child you have with your wife.

        This was before my time, but I’ve heard it discussed enough. Sean Combs was giving his ex-wife 3k a month for Justin, while giving Kim Porter, 30K a month for Christian (Kim couldn’t keep her mouth shut). Misa took Combs back to court telling the court stuff like him buying Justin a 100K necklace to keep at his house but only giving her 3k a month in support. Combs countered that he shouldn’t have to pay for Misa and her “other” families bills. The judge didn’t go for that, he said that both of Combs kids should have the same standard of living and awarded Misa the 30K.

        All I’m saying is be fair. Both kids should have the same. The judge could add something like 1/2 going into a trust each month and a pre-paid whole life insurance policy on Bosh. This ruling is going to be appealed and only guarantee a stressful home life for Trinity for the next year.

        Also isn’t both parents permission needed to post pictures of kids on the internet? The judge needs to bar both parents from posting pictures of Trinity. That way none of them can influence popular opinion. This is about what is best for Trinity, not Mathis or the Bosh’s.

        • If Chris really does pay for all of Trinity’s schooling, extra curricular activities, medical bills, etc, than what does Allison need an additional $30 k a month for? I get what you’re saying about quality of living but it’s not all on Chris. He apparently gave her a lump sum of money and furniture. Instead of buying a house she could afford outright, Allison bought a little mansion with a mortgage payment she couldn’t afford considering she didn’t have a job. Trinity definitely shouldn’t have to pay for that mistake however and I highly doubt that Chris would let his child be homeless. However, Allison needs to stop trying to blame him and move on.

          I’m going to get a little personal here for a minute so you can see where I’m coming from. My parents split up when I was a toddler. He makes decent money and so does my stepmother and they have a very nice house. My home with my mom was a one income household other than the bit of child support my dad contributed. My siblings on my dad’s side grew up with more than me and yes I realized it growing up. What upset me more though was the time that I missed with him because they saw him day in and day out and I didn’t. It sucked knowing that I was the center of so much grief and strife between my parents regarding child support and visitation. Money isn’t everything and as long as Chris and Allison need to find an amicable way to co-parent and focus on loving that beautiful little girl.

          • It’s not that Trinity needs 30K a month, but by virtue of being Bosh’s daughter she is entitled to it (Yes, I know it sounds bad when worded like that). Mathis messed up by not buying a home for cash with the 250K but at the same time ONE of the homes Bosh lives in, the one that should have really determined where his residency was has a mortgage of 14 million on it. 250K in GO AWAY MONEY, wow an amount he makes in FOUR DAYS.

            Before going though the fertility treatments Mathis should have gotten IN WRITING what Bosh’s financial responsibilities were to her and their child. I guess they were “in love” and would be together forever. Yeah right.

            I don’t know these people or what their backgrounds are but Bosh doesn’t live in the same financial world as the average BCK reader, so he shouldn’t be treated the same way. One of our employees makes 48K per year but when child support is done with him he “makes” 500 dollars per month (taking home only 6K per year) so because of this he is always looking for other ways to make money and my parents help him out with off the books jobs but he spends so much time working he barely sees the kids he’s supporting and on top of that when his ex sends the kids their clothing or shoes are always worn or too small. Mum gives him clothing and tells him that it’s clothing and shoes my brothers outgrew but the man isn’t stupid, used shoes would at last have some type of wear.

            If the courts are making the average man pay a certain percent of his salary towards child support then all men should pay that same percent. There should be no difference between an average man and a wealthy man like Bosh or my dad. Fair is fair and wealthy men (or women) should not be allowed to manipulate the residency laws to stick it to the ex.

    • I guess he proved that a rich baby daddy,don’t always equal a rich baby momma.I’m glad my childs father is not even close to rich and famous,because I would hate to see him making millions while giving me little to nothing in c/s.

  14. Good ruling in this case because 30 g’s is a lot of money. But I see why there were so many pics being posted with them as a family lately. Those pics actually won this case… Andrienne SMH….

    • Adrienne is just being Adrienne. She loves to post photos, period. She enjoys having a little girl around. Adrienne is a girly girl and loves doing that kind of stuff. Trust me. If Jackson had been a girl, she would’ve went OVERBOARD. Boys are cool, but girls are even better. You can do so much with girls. Lol.

      • I agree. You can tell Adrienne loves all that stuff and having a little girl around to share it with. I think it’s cute and I like that she includes Trinity so much.

    • Before they weren’t allowed to have Trinity in the media. They weren’t allowed to show her face in pictures (reason why when she was featured on here, it was only the back of her head in pictures). I believe after the last court ruling, Chris got more time w/ Trinity & everything changed about pictures. I doubt those pictures helped anything. Any body can be a photo’op parent. Adrienne seems like a sweetheart, & has a little girl she can do girly things with. I’m sure if Trinity weren’t in any pictures, you all will be complaining

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