Sisters Ming and Aoki Simmons prove that two(or more) is better than one!   The pair, who are often spotted at celebrity events with their famous parents Kimora Lee Simmons and Russel Simmons, share more than just great genes. The mini-fashionistas in the making also share a love for fashion.

Mom Kimora has said of the girls, “Ming and Aoki love to sew and make their own clothes. They have a real fashion sense and inspire me creatively.”

Check out the gallery below to see other equally adorable celebrity kid sisters, including the Lumpkins, the Smiths, and much more!

Photo: Twitter

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  1. The sisters are all sweet, shame you missed out the Dash sisters??, Tallulah is just a cutie pie and Ava is the image of her father

  2. I love my sisters, even though they still tease me and treat me like a baby.
    They’re always there for me when I need them.
    Hope all these young ladies remain close as they grow up.

  3. They are some cuties. Sisterly love, I love it. I cant imagine not growing up with my sister for 22 years and not being close. We are 2 peas in a pod.

    Oan: these 2 young cuties were in a magazine. I forgot which one, I think it was either people or Us, anyway they looked like young ladies, they looked too cute and if you didnt know any better you would not have been able to recognize them.

  4. I have two older sisters. When we were younger, they use to spoil me lol. We were all 4 years apart but they always included me in everything. Then when we got older (teenager) we hated each other. Fought all the time, couldn’t stand being around each other. Now that i live at school an hour away, & one of my sister moved out the home, we get along great lol. They’re back to spoiling me! ahaha I love having sisters. I have other sisters on my father side also, but i didn’t meet them until i was older so building a relationship w/ them is a little hard

  5. All the sisters r lovely! I have a sister I grew up with and couldn’t stand her! I have a sister I just recently found out about and don’t care to know her!

    • I too recently found out I have a sister & brother I didn’t know about. My brother wants to have a relationship with me, but she doesn’t. I’m good either way.

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