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Solange Knowles released her new album, True, last month and it is already receiving positive reviews. Many like the new sound that the singer has produced, which she says took just over two years to create.

“We actually started roughly two years ago. But I really do think that the first six months was just about establishing the sound and making it a cohesive project because we probably worked on about 30 songs.” Knowles’ record features seven songs that are both intimate and exciting.

The singer expects to go on tour with her new songs, though not aggressively. “My son’s in school now and I really try to create an infrastructure of stability and being there. But we are going to do some spot dates. We’re gonna do shows in New York, London, Paris, and Berlin in a couple of weeks,” says the singer.

So what does Julez think about mom’s new album? “Julez texted me earlier. It made me feel like no matter what happens with this record I have won. He basically said he was very proud of me and he loves the album and that he’s so happy that I’m his mom—more valuable than anything else I could experience in this process”

True is available at most online and traditional music stores. Solange collaborated with Devonte “Dev” Hynes to produce her new EP.

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